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Thewolf88 releases the inner beast for training...


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Hi guys this is my second challenge...


As you probably know my main goal over the next few months is to get fit enough to join the army reserves... I am already going through the joining process now but after I have passed basic training I want to go on to earn my green beret straight after.



☆So this month I am going to try intermittent fasting.

☆I am also going to "not eat like a d**khead" (to steal a term from someone else 😆) basically eat what I want but as part of a balanced diet


So this month I have a 4 hour long martial arts grading and I'm doing a 10k obstacle course for charity, So I'll be doing extra training for these, doing my normal fitness routine and adding to it.

☆Do a military fitness workout at least 6 times this month (normally do at least 8) but as I'm normally in the group with "good fitness levels" I'm going to push myself to do 2 of these as part of the "elite fitness" group instead (I gave this a go on Saturday and it definitely... pushed my limits ðŸ˜)

☆I am also adding swimming to my weekly workout routine, which I will be doing before work

1st week at least 2 times

2nd week at least 3 times

3rd week at least 4 times

4th week at least 5 times

Aiming for at least 1000m (1K) each day.

Level Up Your Life

☆start drinking protein shakes after workouts again.

☆dust of my library card and use it!

Any advice or tips along the way would be greatly appreciated and I'm happy to offer advice etc too... look forward to talking with you all soon

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Following along for lupine awesomeness!


"Daddy needs to express some Rage."

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Wild Wolf

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Hi guys thanks for the support not sure what books yet probably going to teach myself about sports nutrition and learn a bit more on sports raining and performance... and maybe get back to read some of the classics.

Anyway it's 4:55AM here and I'm just about to leave for swimming so I'll get back to you later

Thanks guys 😊

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Right so today's been pretty good I got up at 4:30am to go swimming... I didn't manage a whole 1K swim... but forgot to take into consideration that I haven't been swimming in almost 5 years haha but 750m wasn't to bad for first try ðŸ˜

Just got back from martial arts so gonna grab so sleep now then hopefully I'll destroy this 1K tomorrow 😆 night guys

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If you are looking to go GB, you should check out GORUCK and sign up for some of their tougher events. A large amount of the Cadre are former and some are current GB's. You can easily make pretty good friends with them after doing an event with one as well.



2 X IRONMAN, 3 X half IRONMAN, 3 X GORUCK Challenge, 2 X GORUCK back to back, Way too many GORUCK lights

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Hi guys... right so two weeks to update you all on...

Tuesday the 1st - didn't go swimming as had a pretty tough krav session Monday night did the usual 2 mile run and then went to reserves training after that as usual.

Wednesday I got up at 4:30am and went swimming again I only did 750m, and after work I had my last krav session before grading!

Thursday I took it really easy and only did a little 2 mile run and Friday I did nothing as I had grading coming up on the Saturday.

Saturday I did a 4 hour long krav maga grading... Which I had been working towards for months and I aced it! 😆😆😆

Sunday morning I did military fitness as usual and then went for a 7 mile cross country run in the afternoon.

Monday the 7th got up and went swimming but only managed 500m as was still feeling the after effects of the grading in my shoulders and didn't want to over do it, then did krav in the evening as usual.

Then my evening training stayed the same but I didn't go swimming again until the Friday (yesterday) so 2 swims in week two so far... I did military fitness again this morning and went for a little walk in the afternoon as we actually had sun 😲

I'm going to check out the swimming pool schedule for Sundays now and if I can get a swim in before military fitness tomorrow morning... I went to the library this morning but as they are in the process of moving to a new building at the end of month I couldn't seem to find the sorts of books I was looking for - but I managed to find one on circuit training aimed at teaching personal trainer's how to make up circuits for their classes and another on bodyweight exercises so I'm going to use these to come up with some ideas for next month 😊

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Sorry guys I did a 10k obstacle course for charity and it was Easter last weekend and I normally only get the chance to update this at the weekends 


Week three went great I have started swimming 3 times a week before work which is the maximum I'm going to be doing for a while (I have to get up at 4:30 am to go swimming before work!)


I have been reading alot more on general fitness, bodyweight exercises and general healthy eating and nutrition as well as how to create fitness plans and military fitness, which I am finding really intresting.


I  also managed to fit in a few hundred push ups, squats, sit ups and even more lunges in week 4


So all in all pretty good month, I'm going to be looking to expand on my strength training as well as concentrating on nutrition for the next 4 weeks... I'm still looking into the possibility of taking a week off work in April and visiting family and really smashing the military fitness workouts and martial arts training during the day while they are at work and spending some time with them in the evenings... but that's still to be confirmed.

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