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Liz1729 is getting healthy


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So the last 6 months have sucked big time. I've gotten really ill, been on a series of meds, quit my job and generally need to get it all together again by the summer when I start a new and incredibly awesome job. I've got to work within my limits on these targets

Main Quest

Get healthy!! Give myself the best chance possible to stop being ill and reduce or get off meds. Have more energy, function like a human being and get my shit together.

SMART quests

1. Exercise at least 5 days per week.

This is the schedule.

Monday - Nerd Fitness Angry Bird Bodyweight Circuit

Tuesday - Run Zombie Run Couch to 5K

Wednesday - PopPilates Beginner 2.0 Workout Schedule

Thursday - Run Zombie Run Couch to 5K

Friday - Nerd Fitness Angry Bird Bodyweight Circuit

Saturday - Power Yoga DVD

Sunday - Run Zombie Run Couch to 5K

Being ill for the last 6 months means my exercise has stopped. I've lost far too much weight and have painful joints; I generally feel frail and ache. So I have to take it damn easy.

To tired and achy to run 5k's ---> swap to easing back in with the C25k program I began with (and loved).

Lifting weight with wrists that can't be extended without hyperpain --> slowly build up with a bodyweight routine and do pushups and planks on fists.

2. Eat 4 freggies per day

I've been eating junk due to tiredness and needing a zillion hours extra at home to get my job done. Now with no work I have more time to focus on eating right.

3. Go to bed by midnight every night and get up by 8am 5 days a week. Lie in's allowed 2 days a week. Afternoon naps are allowed as often as required.

Being ill and not working it's really easy to start sleeping weird hours. I need far more sleep at the moment which I should be getting by going to bed earlier. But the illness I have makes me feel like crap in the hours after waking and decent at night so I've been staying up until silly o'clock and sleeping in for the whole morning. Not good habits.

Life Quest

Improve my handwriting.

It's currently crap: messy and illegible, not to mention makes my hand hurt! I've bought a book off amazon for improving handwriting as an adult which I'm going to work through.The 'before' shot of my handwriting is attached for proof and comparisons at the end! :-)


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Welcome Liz1729!


First off my normal disclaimer:


In the two-ish years I've been on the forums one very important thing has made itself clear to me. You get out of it what you put in! Saying that, I encourage you to seek out a couple other members here and follow along with them and offer support when and where you can, together we are all stronger!


Glad to hear that you are feeling better and you're looking to get back into the swing of things. My only concern is that you might be trying to do too much in the exercise department, but you know your body better than we do. I just don't want you to hurt yourself.


I love the handwriting goal! May I ask what made you chose this? Do you do a lot of handwriting? I know mine's a mess when I journal, but that just means that no one will be able to read it when I die <g>.


Best of luck this challenge!

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Thank you very much!

Yes daily exercise looks a lot - but I've quit an active job for sitting around at home. The temptation is to do nothing and waste hours on the internet while my brain turns to mush. So I'm doing something DEAD GENTLE most days. Today's adapted bodyweight workout was

30 chair assisted half squats, 30 wall pushups, 10 5sec hangs and 2 mins plank. The last run I did was mostly 15 sec run 1 min walk. I'll go gentle, you are right that I don't want to overdo it. I've felt that cumulative day to day fatigue before which is not my aim right now.

The handwriting is because I've got a new job in September in middle leadership in a posh private (uk fee paying) school and my current scrawl is often illegible and doesn't help me feel the part! I bought a weighty fountain pen like I used to have, watched youtube videos (CONSISTENCY OF SIZE AND STYLE!) and got practicing.

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Okay I get it - a lot of exercise yes.  But the 3 days of running each contain about 5 mins of actual jogging and 30 mins of walking. The yoga and pilates is about 6-10 mins so I can do more if I want - it's just stretching out on a rest day basically. So how about a schedule of 5 of 7 of:


2x bodyweight workout

3x walk

2x stretching


It's been a relatively decent start.


Monday I got the exercise, 3 out of 4 freggies, practiced AaBbCc with consistency of size being the aim, got up at 9:45 and went to bed at midnight but tossed and turned all night and was wide awake at 5:30. 


Tuesday I didn't exercise as I was househunting (and driving across country) for ages, went to the dentist, tidied my house, did some private tutoring and had a singing lesson which was the whole day gone and I still had 0/4 freggies by 9pm. I got 4/4 with dinner :-) No handwriting. Up at 9:45 again and it's 00:35am on Wednesday here so that tells you all you need to know about my bedtime! 


I hope your challenges are going well! I'll check in on your threads soon! 

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Yes Marbres, it definitely did! Knackeripay a fng and I still didn't get it all done! 


Today's run was lovely. Onto week 2 of the program. I cut a lot off my old running route but still ended up 10 mins from home when the workout ended so I walked and ran a bit further. I really enjoyed it and look forward to sunday's run. 


I also learnt how to do perfect D's and d's for my handwriting efforts. 


Freggies were bad. Ooops. Sleeping was bad - I was still awake at 2am and I slept in til gone 10.


I then spent most of the day doing little of what I was supposed to and feeling guilty.


I did manage to pay to reserve a house for rent - hurrah!! - so that's one massive time sink sorted. I've got a slightly run down place but it's only a mile from my new workplace so I can walk to work!! Yaaaaay!! Way back when I was a student I walked 1.5 miles to uni every day and it did me a lot of good. At my peak I would walk in to uni with my books etc for lectures, food and water, and rock climbing kit. After lectures go climbing for a couple of hours, go grocery shopping and add a few more bags to the lot, and walk home. I'd then eat a WHOLE LOAF of break without stopping. Those were the days. 


I also got a ton of quotes and picked a company to clean the carpets when I move out and got a pesky problem with my phone fixed. So miscellaneous tasks sorted. 


I've written out a highly structured and timed day for tomorrow taking me from 8am to 9:30pm.... I have to be up and out of the house by 7:15am on Saturday so really have to get the sleeping sorted! 

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I've decided to design a detailed scoring system because why not, I love to geek out. It's a weekly score. 


1. Exercise - number of times per week


A+ = 6 or 7 times 

A = 5 times

B = 4 times

C = 3 times

F = 2 or fewer times


2. Freggies - average per day


A+ = more than 4

A  = 4

B = 3

C = 2

F = 0 or 1


3. (a) Bedtime - average of best 5

A+ = by 11 

A = by midnight 

B = by 12:30 

C = by 1am 

F = past 1am 


3. ( B) Getting up in the morning - average of best 5


A+ = before 7:30 

A = before 8:00 

B = before 9:00 

C =  before 10:00 

F = past 10:00 


4. Handwriting - number of times per week


A+ = 7 times 

A = 6 times

B = 5 times

C = 4 times

F = 3 or fewer times


This system with midweek data puts me on track for A's in exercise and handwriting, B for freggies, C for getting up and F for going to sleep. 


The going to sleep one is so bad because I am naturally more lively and awake in the evenings and at night. I used to be mentally exhausted after working so hard all day and would go to bed the moment all my jobs were done, and fall asleep near instantly.Now I am physically weak and feeble but mentally going unchallenged. I'm spending too much time staring at screens and not enough using my brains. I'm also not doing any winding down activities pre-bedtime when I really should. Then I'm in bed too late and my mind is racing, my skin is itchy, my legs ache through lack of use, etc. So a 3 day temporary set of rules to try to improve the second half of the week:


3. (a) (i) Limit miscellaneous internet time to 1 hour per day

         (ii) Do at least 3 hours of mentally stimulating things per day - meeting up with people, master's work, studying for pilot exams, etc. 

         (iii) No internet past 10pm

         (iv) Bedtime routine begins before 11pm with a shower, moisturise, sleepy yoga, sleepy drink and the sunset setting on my fancy light to go to sleep. 

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I like the sound of your wind down activities.  I use meditation...concentrate on my breathing and get that slowed down and deepened then also focus on the softness of my blankets and my pillow, and the warmth.  That usually puts me out within a couple of minutes.  I am curious about what your sleepy drink is?

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I really struggle with getting to sleep too so I'll be following to see your progress/get tips :) I think my problem is I get far more stimulated by doing my own thing than sitting at work, and unfortunately that means I am wide awake in the evenings. Plus, the sooner I go to sleep the sooner it will be morning again and time to go to work arghh. But sleep is so necessary. I'm finding it easier to get up in the morning if I've given myself specific things I must achieve before work, so hopefully that'll make me fall asleep earlier. I think you've got the right idea with getting a good bedtime routine going, I need to focus on that too. Good luck!

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At my peak I would walk in to uni with my books etc for lectures, food and water, and rock climbing kit. After lectures go climbing for a couple of hours, go grocery shopping and add a few more bags to the lot, and walk home. I'd then eat a WHOLE LOAF of break without stopping. Those were the days. 

This ^ is exactly what I was like. I studied Physical Education and played a bunch of sports, so I got in about 40 (40!) hours of excercise every week. When I got home in the evening, I'd put 1kg (more than 2 pounds) of Mac&Cheese in the microwave, eat that, and finish with a 200g bar of chocolate.


Unfortunately, I kept eating like this when I had to stop excercising completely. Woops.


As for feeling guilty: don't! Just keep looking forward, and try to stick to your challenge the next meal/day. With everyone here rooting for you, I know you can do it!

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It's the best, isn't it Marbres. I was nearer 15-20 hours but being a very active and very hungry person felt very natural and correct. I didn't think about macros, calories, type of activity, etc I just did what felt right and got a kick ass muscly body and boatload of sparkling good health in return. 

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Glad to hear you're feeling better. Looks like you've got things under control now. I'm definitely going to be watching to see if the bedtime routine helps. I may have to steal it!

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Well yesterday didn't go so well. I'm having trouble househunting and am getting worried I'll end up homeless (or living with my parents 70 miles from my workplace). I expanded my search to any place of any size up to £800 a month in commuting distance of work (n=about 100). I narrowed by those that allow pets or didn't mention pets (n=10), I phoned to arrange viewings (n=0). I then wallowed in self pity feeling stressed out of my mind, was sick, didn't eat all day. So zero freggies and zero everything else. Did my exercise and writing. I'm just emotionally drained and at the end of my tether with this house hunting thing. The system for getting a house is that the estate agents arrange viewings, loads of people want each house, loads apply, one gets picked. The losers have to try again. This is a nightmare when I live an hour away from my new workplace. It's not like I can even stack them, as it's on the estate agents schedule. I did one last week. I have one tomorrow and one thursday. Imagine if I also had to go to work! (Incidentally, you cannot rent a house without a job. The system is so broken.)


I slept badly, woke late, feel sick. Ate some fruit. Can't stomach much else. 

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hugs! Sorry to hear the house hunting is not going so well, it is horrible when it feels like things are out of your control. Remember though that your situation can go from terrible to brilliant in the blink of an eye and this is not forever. Hope you find somewhere really soon, but in the meantime try not to lose hope and keep up your routines as best as possible (well done with exercise and writing :) ) as this will give you a more solid base to work from. That said, don't stress out if you're not meeting your goals, since stress is only going to make things harder. When all else fails, a cup of tea and a good book can work wonders for peace of mind, and know that we are all here cheering you on! You've got this!

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Thank you Owlet and Marbres, I was a proper grump yesterday. 


So the weekly summary:


1. Exercise: A+


Good nerd! Well done me! 


2. Freggies: B


On Friday, I designed a new breakfast of fruit drizzled with honey and scattered with sesame seeds which is lovely and nets me 3 in one meal that used to score 0. Also a lovely refreshing start to the day. 


3. (a) Bedtime: C


Saved by the best of 5 with a time of 12:58! It was worse than this grade implies and my quality of sleep is reduced. I think it's sleeping in too late in the mornings that is doing it. Taking the bedtime routine seriously though and that helps. I have a dreamy voiced yoga video to do and camomile tea (okay I drink this at any time of day but it's supposed to be good before bed too!). I also reinstated an old oddity: 

1. Lie in bed and chose your sleeping position. Make sure you really like it as it's not changing. 

2. Breathe slowly and deeply and count your breaths.

3. Ignore all other thoughts. They'll appear but don't reply. Just say no and the next number. 

4. If you aren't 100% sure of the number, start again. I regularly can't remember if the number is the breath just gone or the one about to start. 

5. If you chose to move at all, start again. Sleeping people lie still. So scratching, changing position, adjusting the covers all forfeit the count. 

6. If you get to 1000, get up, eat chocolate, have a party, spend £100 on something nice and don't feel guilty about any of it. 


I've never got near 100 before being asleep. 



3. (  B) Getting up in the morning: C


Just about made it with a 9:58 average of best 5. I really think this one is critical to get the sleeping correct. 


4. Handwriting: A


Good nerd. 


Coming up:

Exercise and handwriting I just need to keep up the good work. Freggies are getting there. Sleep routine needs maintaining until it's consistent. Wake up routine needs a bit more incentive to move my ass. I managed to be up at 7:20 today to go view a house 1.5 hours' away so I can do it with enough incentive. 


The eBay/Amazon fund:


This is my incentive. Rather than begin the day with housework, Master's study, paying bills etc, it begins with super-exciting frivolous spending time!!! Between the time of 8:00 and 8:30 only, I may peruse eBay and Amazon for things I would like but don't need. Pretty clothes and fancy stationery are my weaknesses. Every day I am up by 8am, I add £5 to the fund. I may spend any of the rest of the half hour reading buzzfeed and watching pointless youtube videos. I may not go on ebay, amazon, buzzfeed or youtube at other times of the day.

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Day 1: Super exciting frivolous spending is not enough and I slept instead until the phone rang at 9:30. :-( So the fund sits at £0. 


I then did next to nothing, no exercise, none of my daily tasks, forced myself to cook a bit of pasta to eat and have a horrible headache. I just feel miserable and stressed about my house hunting. The landlord likes lots of the applicants and wants to meet each of us before he decides .... he wants me to give up hours and drive 120 miles through traffic to spend about 15 minutes on him being excessively fussy just to be in with a chance of getting the house? I'll have to give so much and it will genuinely be personal if I don't succeed. I think I'm going to go with my back up house which is clearly overpriced, broken and with an awful landlord. Good times! 

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House hunting really sucks, I know. I spent a lot of time stressing, shouting and swearing over my last move. But keep pushing on and you will end up somewhere good; and then you'll be glad you did it!


Good tip on the plan to get to sleep. I have sleep as one of my goals too, so will definitely give it a go. Speaking of which, it must be my bedtime!

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Well the good news is I didn't have to drive 120 miles for some stupid landlord. He met the other couple earlier in the day and picked them without even meeting me. I can't explain how upset and filled with rage I am. This whole process is inherently unhealthy. My whole life is on hold and I can't focus on anything or do anything productive until it's done. 


Jarric - how did you do that cool progress thingy at the bottom of your post? 

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