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The Third Regeneration of RittenRemedy


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Holy craaaaaap.  Um, well, its not like more shit has hit the fan than any other time, but yeah.  At least I haven't eaten gluten!


What's the count??


Do physical therapy:  3/28

Eat gluten free:  3/28

Write good things:  3/28

Do stuff:  2/16


Been calling these two offices, but no one ever picks up.  One is medical, one is transition.  Story of my army career.


And why is it Nerd Fitness kills my scroll bar so I can't just copy and the paste doesn't work anyway?

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It looks like your numbers are looking great even if the shit has found the fan. Hope your calls get though eventually. It always happens to me when I'm least expecting it and am totally not prepared to actually talk to someone and I end up sounding like a moron; don't be like me :)

Current Challenge

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1. Do physical therapy




And why is it Nerd Fitness kills my scroll bar so I can't just copy and the paste doesn't work anyway?


Works fine for me using Firefox or Chrome on multiple computers.  IE gives me fits on NF though.   So, maybe browser?  Whichever you're using, try a different one and see if you get the same problem still.

You haven't seen my Final Form

I Stand With Gina Carano

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Here is my goal:


Here is technically my short term goal for this line of challenges:


Here is more realistically where I'm at:



If you notice, that is supposed to be a max of 3 months post op. I am more like 15. Lesson to be learned, don't get surgery while in FORCECOM.

The general idea from staring about now: I've finally convinced a doctor to see me again (that took some time), and I've managed to get a referral to physical therapy. I'm hopefully getting out of the army in the next couple months, and I'm wanting to get what little time I have left with the therapist and continue building on that as a civilian. Hopefully this year I'll be able to actually not mess myself up and heal.

This year's totally self made goals are 90% ROM, 10 full push-ups, able to swim, and blue bands (level 4) for resistance exercises.

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I hate those days when it feels like you did 10,000 things off your list, but it turns out you only did a few. I usually end up adding those things to the list and then checking them off :P

I actually felt pretty accomplished even though it wasn't 1,000,000 things. It was a few I had been putting off for awhile. At least my steering wheel looks like new now!

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