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3 hours ago, Darth Yoga said:


:o I have mixed feelings about this victory... Anyway, good game!



This is one of those things I didn't understand until it started happening to me. When I was younger, I actually had to DO SOMETHING to hurt myself. Usually something pretty stupid and avoidable. I was not prepared for randomly having serious pain from no particular cause. I mean, sometimes you can look back and say, "Okay, I see how this and that might lead to the pain I am in now" but it isn't like, "I fell out of a tree" or "I burned my hand".


For my husband it was 'I held mostly immobile for 4 hours in a large metal projectile going around 120 kilometers an hour...'

I still have no clue how I irritated a nerve in my shoulder, but it went away just like it showed up, all on its own with no help from my forebrain whatsoever.

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