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Another bgvanbur challenge.


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Last challenge was a bust for me.  Did 2 weeks good and completely fell off the wagon (no lifting, little running, poor food choices).  Kind of like I am stuck on the 6 week format so my 4 week January and 2 weeks in February was all I could keep doing.  Part of it was craziness in life.


Will determine specific goals tonight hopefully.

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Looking forward to the goals.

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I keep thinking about goals but I am not coming up with anything.  I feel kind of wiped out.  My wife is having heart problems, which means I can't leave her alone, have to work upstairs 90% of the time next to a screaming 3 year old and do most of the chores.  This is super stressful and I feel quite down.  She has surgery scheduled on March 11 that hopefully provide some answers.  But for now I can't go running unless the kids are in bed and haven't seen my friends in over a month (and since I work from home never see my coworkers).  As much as I want to run the 99 miler again, who knows if I can this year.  I have no races signed up since she can't watch the kids by herself even for a 5 miler and no one wants to help watch her and the kids.  Having a race really motivates to run in the cold months and without it all I do is single miles with the dogs (30 miles total for February compared to 120 in January).  And other things are slipping such as eating well and getting enough sleep.  So I am just going to go real simple and just have a single goal starting yesterday (since I ran yesterday morning and this morning).



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hang in there, I know what it's like to have issues like that and be super busy all the time; not fun. One thing that helped me through when I couldn't run was the body weight work out, it made me feel like I was at least doing some work out it, it also helped ease some of the stress.



without sounding like some stupid pyramid scheme salesman ( I have no interest in the company) the Gorilla gym is awesome, it hangs up on your door way without having to be bolted in can be put up and taken down in a minute without leaving a mark, what I love about it is that it's sturdy enough that I can get a really good work out on it, they also sells attachments that turns it into a playground for kids, though what I did was buy an infant swing and attach that to it, so the little one can sit and swing while we are getting stuff done around the house; she actually fell asleep there a few times. Not trying to sell anything just give you a device that helped me de-stress a bit.


Also I don't know where you are, but it's almost jogging stroller season around here, both my kids love going out running along the river and normally end up taking naps while out. I just think of it as an extra strength work out while running.

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I have a pull up bar in my basement but it is kind of out of the way.  I don't think the wife would like one on the main floor of the house.  Also we have monkey bars in our yard (left by previous homeowners :) ).  But I have been doing random crow poses and headstands lately.  Maybe more body weight stuff would be good.


And I took the jogging stroller out for first run of the year.  Required air in the tires and the hill by my house was way tiring.  Can't wait for more warm weather.


I have ran every day for the past week.  Doing well on my single goal.

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You've done every run!?! THAT IS AMAZING! Especially given all the pressure you're under. You are very motivational. 


I have always been curious about the running stroller thing. We're thinking about procreating, and I will likely get one. Pros and cons about the running stroller? 

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Hey b, how goes things? You were talking about body weight workouts and I always go, 'yeah, I wanna do that.' But I often flail around without getting a groove going. Maybe this time. How about you? Are you running and such?

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