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[weaver] Only the good stuff.


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I keep fading out of challenges! And then I skipped all of the last challenge. Long trips, as wonderful as they are, really throw me off my game.


I'm going to make this challenge super duper simple. At the end of each day (or occasionally the next morning), I'm going to come here and list the good stuff I did that day - accomplishments, things I can be proud of, and steps in the right direction.


There are a lot of things I want to work on, like always - eating better, moving more, being more productive, etc. - but since I'm still trying to catch up on life, right now I just need to focus on what I need to prioritize each particular day and feel good about what I accomplish.


Day 1: Monday, February 29

  • I used my lunch break to go for a walk and run some errands. I haven't been getting out of the house all that much lately, so this felt extra good today.
  • I did a task at work that I've been putting off for...a long time. I'm a little embarrassed about it, in fact. But I finally did it today, which means it's not dragging on even longer! My work mind immediately felt a little clearer.
  • I'm making a big pot of vegetable soup right now - just have to blend it up still. I'm about to have a bowl of it for dinner, so combined with the leftover zucchini that I had with some pasta for lunch, I'm getting in more vegetables than I have been lately.
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Trips long or short can definitely throw you off. I like your challenge plan! Sounds like it could be both doable and helpful.

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"You see, what you've got to consider is: are you going to be the hero of this 'ere adventure, or ain't you? You can't 'ave it both ways."

              - E. Nesbit, The Magic City


Challenges:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15


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W1D2: Tuesday, March 1


Non-stop sneeziness has descended upon me. It was so strange - last night I went from feeling perfectly fine to a crazy runny nose and violent sneezing over the course of about five minutes. Weird! Then it was hard to sleep and I had to get up a little early for an appointment, so I didn't get enough sleep to nip it in the bud.


Good things today:

  • I focused on what I needed to recuperate. After trying to work for an hour or two, I decided a sick day was in order - I've worked in this state before, and you don't have to worry about infecting other people when you work at home, but sometimes you just need to give yourself a break. I also went for a walk because I felt like the fresh air and sun would be good for my body and mind. And although my water level still wasn't where it should be, I drank more than I have been lately.
  • I made a big pot of chili (and added zucchini and eggplant - mooooore vegetables!). I don't have any intention of strictly following Whole 30 any time soon, but I'm trying to make more recipes that are compliant because I know they tend to have a lot of other vegetables and other good stuff without anything too questionable.
  • I've eaten pretty well today and will have five servings of fruit and vegetables by the end of the day - a good two servings of vegetables in a bowl of soup, spinach in an omelet (thanks, boyfriend!), an apple with peanut butter for a snack, and soon a bowl of that chili with extra vegetables.
  • This is a hopeful one rather than an actually accomplished one at this point, but I'm planning on being in bed by midnight at the latest and won't set an alarm tomorrow so I can get a good night's sleep. Tomorrow I need to feel better so I can take care of everything I didn't do today!
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W1D3: Wednesday, March 2


  • Felt a kajillion times better today. The focus on recuperating yesterday worked! (Was actually in bed by 12:10 and woke up a little earlier than I wanted because of the cat, but still got a decent night's sleep.)
  • Took advantage of chunks of "free" time throughout the day to take care of three tasks for a freelance project.
  • Got some vegetables in with more soup and chili.
  • Spent some quality time cleaning the kitchen. Not to kitchen counter zero yet, but lots of progress!
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W1D4: Thursday, March 3

Today was one of those "a full-time job sure does take a lot of time and energy" days. Not as many accomplishments as the last few days, but still some!


  • Continued to eat vegetable soup and chili. That's all pretty much gone now, though, so I'll need to cook up more batches of things this week. Still need to make the quiche that I've been planning on making!
  • Took some time to read articles and watch videos that I had open in a bunch of tabs. Not necessarily the most productive thing I could've done, but it's always good for the mind to have fewer tabs open. Also processed several e-mails, which also feels good!
  • Also took some time to type up a list of everything I need to do. I'm sure I'm forgetting plenty of things, but it's helpful to at least not have these floating around in my head. I'll continue to add to the list as I remember things - and hopefully reduce the list as I take care of things!
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W1D5: Friday, March 4

  • Besides having a relatively good, productive day at work, my main good thing was spending time with people I care about - I had a dinner date with my boyfriend and then went to see a friend's concert. I haven't been getting out of the house and seeing people as much as I should be lately, so it was really nice to head downtown on a Friday night and hang out with friends.
  • I'm also doing pretty well with cutting out alcohol (except for a few sips here and there - never my own drink, though). My boyfriend and I would like to do the whole adding-to-the-family thing sooner than later, so I'm stopping alcohol now so people aren't as suspicious when I do it for the real reason. (Although...I think they're plenty suspicious now, anyway.) It's weird not to have a glass or two of wine with dinner out, but ohhhh well! For a good cause, I suppose.


W1D6: Saturday, March 5

  • Did some dishes.
  • Did a load of laundry.
  • Made a vegetable quiche. I made some mistakes that meant it wasn't as good as it could've been, but good enough for it to be worth another try without the mistakes. I did all three of these things before even turning on my computer (except to access the quiche recipe)!
  • Worked a bit on my current freelance project.
  • Went to a dinner party with good friends, and my boyfriend and I walked there and back, about 40 minutes each way.
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W1D7: Sunday, March 6

  • I proofread six texts for my freelance project. They took an average of an hour each, so...that was most of my day! I'm looking forward to this project being over somewhat soon...
  • As soon as I post this, I'm flossing, brushing my teeth, and heading to bed, so I'll be in bed shortly after midnight. I just remembered I have to start work earlier than usual tomorrow, so I won't get a full night's sleep, anyway, but being in bed by midnight-ish is a good habit to try to build!
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W2D1: Monday, March 7

  • Well...I got a lot of sleep. Woke up at 6:50 a.m. to jump on the computer for a work thing, then went back to bed around 8 and set the alarm for 10. At 10, I turned the alarm off, thinking I'd lounge in bed for another half an hour. Ended up actually waking up at 11:45. Not quite what I planned, and it meant that I had to work through what would've been my lunch break...but I'm guessing I needed that sleep!
  • Loaded up on vegetables and didn't go for a second portion of pasta at dinner.
  • Made some progress on a task for my running group that I've been putting off for far too long. More tomorrow! I think I won't do anything else until I've completed this task - that should ensure I finish it as soon as possible. Well, I'll work and go to the dentist tomorrow, but no working on my freelance project and other side things. Those are important, too, maybe even more so, but if I don't finally prioritize this, it'll never get done, and having it off my plate will help me take care of the other things with a clearer head.
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W2D2: Tuesday, March 8

  • Really feeling good about how things are going at work at the moment.
  • Walked part of the way to and all of the way from the dentist. And he said that my teeth look great!
  • Lots of vegetables with dinner - I made broccoli and my boyfriend made some sautéed zucchini to go along with our steaks.
  • Essentially finished that task for my running group - just waiting until tomorrow to post one last thing to Facebook, when more people are likely to see it. I still have some organizational stuff to deal with for them, but it's nice to finally not have this particular task hanging over my head. Tomorrow, back to focusing on the freelance project!


Miscellaneous notes:

  • I've felt almost constantly super hungry the last few days. I've been mostly ignoring it and eating normal amounts, but it's weird! Even immediately after eating a good-sized meal, I still feel hungry.
  • My boyfriend's mom got me an immersion blender for a belated present! I'm very excited about it. It'll be even easier to make soup now - I'm going to try to make some tomorrow, partly because I need to (to use up vegetables and have something easy and healthy around to eat) and partly to try out the new immersion blender! Woooo, immersion blender!
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You weren't kidding when you said this was going to be good stuff!  It's so inspirational reading about all the positives.  Love all the veggies you've been eating, time spent with friends, worthwhile work done, and thoughts of adding to the family.

suzyQlou * Ranger    

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Thanks to both of you! It's weirdly tempting to also talk about areas where I didn't do as well as I would've liked, but then I remember that that's not the point of this current challenge! Although there are lots of ways I can improve, it's helpful to remember and focus on the positives, especially when things are so hectic. (I don't think I've mentioned yet that my boyfriend and I are heading to England on Saturday for a somewhat last-minute long weekend to visit his cousin who recently moved there. I'm really looking forward to it, but it's messing with my schedule for my freelance project, which is wrapping up soon. Ahhhh!)


W2D3: Wednesday, March 9

  • Made a big pot of vegetable soup over my lunch break. The immersion blender lived up to the hype - it's even easier to make soup when I don't have to put it in the blender in batches. I had a big bowl for lunch and another big bowl for dinner, along with the main course of pasta with sautéed vegetables. Vegetables all over the place!
  • Spent some time on the kitchen. It needs more attention, but I made a good dent in it!
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W2D4: Thursday, March 10

  • I haven't been drinking enough water lately, so last night, I challenged myself to drink at least eight glasses of water today. And I did it! Perfect timing, too, because I woke up all sniffly and sneezy this morning - so extra water is a good thing!
  • Was mildly productive outside of work - did a load of laundry, ran the dishwasher, and finished a couple texts for the freelance project.
  • Going to bed as soon as I post this, much earlier than the last few nights. Sleeeeeep!
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W2D5: Friday, March 11

  • Felt much healthier today. The strategy of attacking an early cold with lots of water and a relatively good night's sleep seems to be a good one. This isn't exactly groundbreaking, but still...
  • Didn't get eight glasses of water in today, but I was much more conscious of it than usual and made an effort to get more in.
  • Vegetable soup for lunch and a big spinach salad with dinner.


Going to England tomorrow for a long weekend and probably won't have much time to come here (especially because when I do have some computer time, I'll need to spend it proofreading!). I'll still try to make some good choices and keep track of them, though, so I can update when I come back at the latest.

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W2D6 - W3D2: Saturday, March 11, to Tuesday, March 15

  • Got at least 10,000 steps every day of the trip (except yesterday, when we flew back early in the morning and then I spent the rest of the day catching up on work).
  • Made some good food choices, like getting my curry with vegetables instead of meat when we went out for Thai food (more vegetables, less potentially factory-farmed meat!) and, on another day, thinking about getting a cupcake but then realizing that I didn't really have any strong desire for one at the time and therefore walking away without getting it.
  • Managed a good balance between getting urgent freelance work done and spending time hanging out with our friends and seeing the city (and occasionally sleeping!).
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W3D3: Wednesday, March 16

Absolutely bonkers day at work. Bonkers!!! But soon enough it'll be the weekend, and my freelance project will be done by the end of that weekend, and maybe life will finally be a little less crazy. Things to look forward to! Also, a good thing today:


  • Got 10,000 steps from setting a course for my running group (even though there might not be enough people tomorrow to actually have the run - but at least I got a nice walk out of it!). (Also, on that walk I discovered a gym less than a ten-minute walk from my place. It looks pretty commercial without much serious weightlifting stuff, but still good to know about for the future!)
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Thanks for checking in, suzy and Jess!



W3D4: Thursday, March 17

  • Cooked lunch and dinner and included plenty of vegetables in both (zucchini at lunch and broccoli and bell peppers at dinner).
  • Had to go grocery shopping anyway, but took the scenic route there to get extra walking time. (The run didn't end up happening tonight.)
  • Got to very nearly kitchen counter zero.
  • So very very close to being done with the big freelance project. Just a little more work over the weekend. I'm going to survive!
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  • So very very close to being done with the big freelance project. Just a little more work over the weekend. I'm going to survive!


Yeah, surviving! I'm jealous of your vegetable consumption ... real food sounds so good right now.



"You see, what you've got to consider is: are you going to be the hero of this 'ere adventure, or ain't you? You can't 'ave it both ways."

              - E. Nesbit, The Magic City


Challenges:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15


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On 3/18/2016 at 1:15 PM, stealthstitcher said:

Yeah, surviving! I'm jealous of your vegetable consumption ... real food sounds so good right now.


Surviving is the best, and we're doing it!




W3D5: Friday, March 18

  • Extended an errand into a longer walk.
  • Vegetables! Spinach at lunch; leftovers from Thursday's dinner with extra broccoli at dinner.


W3D6: Saturday, March 19

Woke up all sneezy and sniffly again. This is the third time in the three weeks of this challenge. Something's not right here! I need to take better care of myself. But I still managed the following good things:

  • Finished a tough task for my freelance project.
  • Got to kitchen counter zero.
  • Made pancakes! They're not super healthy by any means, but my boyfriend and I are trying to do pancake Saturday most weeks as a ritual to spend some quality time together after a busy week. This time I put walnuts and banana slices in them. Banana always goes well with pancakes, but I especially liked the walnuts - they add some crunch, something to chew, that you don't usually get with pancakes.
  • Spent the rest of the day lounging on the couch and drinking water in an attempt to feel better as soon as possible.
  • It hasn't happened yet, but I'm planning on going to bed early tonight to give myself an even better chance at being healthy again tomorrow (and because I need to get up early tomorrow to re-set the course for my running group, since the run was postponed to tomorrow and it's rained since I set it - with chalk - on Wednesday).
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W3D7: Sunday, March 20

  • Felt a kajillion times better today!
  • After re-setting the course, actually running it with my group, and walking home, I ended up running or walking a total of 14.5 miles / 23.5 km today. That's more than a half marathon! I think my legs might be tired tomorrow. (One of the women in my running group told me about another running group she's in that meets three times a week [rather than once every two weeks] and focuses more on technique [rather than beer]. I might look into it as a way to get back into more regular running...)
  • Finished the freelance project!!! I have other side projects I want to work on now (for friends and for myself), but they won't be as time-consuming or constantly urgent, so I'll still have time for doing other things that are important in my life (including having leisure time!).
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W4D1 Monday, March 21

  • Walked to/from "mother-in-law's" house and had dinner with her.


W4D2: Tuesday, March 22

  • Went to that more serious running group yesterday (and walked to/from it)! Could only keep up with them for about 20 minutes and then let them go ahead and leave me in their dust while I went back to my usual run/walk combination, but it was good to be pushed like that for a little bit - and to have a set time for going running. Think I'll keep going!


W4D3: Wednesday, March 23

  • Went out to dinner with a friend and my boyfriend. Social time!
  • Had two or three bites left of my meal when I decided that I was full and didn't really want the rest of it - so I left it.
  • Walked part of the way home.
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