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Dotonbori Raider and Co. #2

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Well, I have learned some things from the last challenge, first and foremost is that diet is my cave troll, it can be dealt with but it will be a tougher foe. Can't forget training though, first race date is in roughly 2 months.


Mission #1 - Meal Plans


I already have a meal plan that actually works fairly well (putting on muscle and losing bodyfat) but the problem is that its boring as sin to eat tofu and quinoa every day. I made an excel spreadsheet of various meals and foods with their nutrition info. My goal is to put together  3 new meal plans, bonus points if I can cobble together an extra one to give me 4 total to choose from.


Mission #2 - Food Prep


I actually will generally eat my meal from my plan even though its kind of meh, if its prepared ahead of time, and while I generally take lunch to work, I am working late this season and dinner is usually where i blow it meal-wise so I goal two is to prep both dinner and lunch for work every day. Not sure if this will work, but its worth a shot, and I imagine if I am completely stuffed I might say no to taco bell and tim hortons.



Mission #3


As I mentioned before, doing several spartan races this year, and each obstacle failed is a 30 burpee penalty, so why not make some kind of a burpee goal to prep a bit. Nothing to crazy for now, gonna try for 30 per day in 3 sets of 10.



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Having a little trouble getting the table to show up properly so this is basically the summary of the foods and the total macros, but here is a first draft of meal plan alternative #1


PB&J Oatmeal

Double Chocolate Protein Smoothie

Apple Cheddar Panini

No-Bake Almond Protein Bars

Vegetables 6oz

Isopure Rice Milk Shake


2046  CAL

205 PRO


49 FAT


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So far burpee'd and prepped/brought meals to work all the days! I feel like bringing the food is helping, as typically I don't grab meals when coworkers run out on a food run since im stuffed from my early home brought dinner. The downside being that doing it this way i do get a bit hungry by the time i am home, but usually its 200 calories at most that i eat after i get back, which is better than two 490 calorie gorditas earlier in the day. Happy so far, slowly gonna ease in the 2nd meal plan a day or two next week to try it out.

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Missed Burpees Today, but have hit the gym every single day this week except today so im not too worried. Food goals doing muuch better than last challenge. Have prepped the meals every single day since the challenge began, and spent most of today prepping a few days out for the above referenced 2nd plan. Tastes are ok, but godly compared to constant tofu. I was surprised at how expensive the protein bars were to make, probably almost a dollar a bar, which is what the kind or cliff bars sell for in stores. Mostly it was because the recipe wanted fancier versions of things that would work just as well. Almond butter vs peanut butter, brown rice syrup vs agave syrup etc. I'd have to see if there is a major nutritional difference, but anyway live and learn.

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Lack of update for a few days but I've been keeping along with the goals. I started meeting with a trainer who has done a few of these races before and sadly for my body she has upped the burpee requirement, adding one extra each set each day. We are doing other sorts of training to get ready as well, and I am quickly losing the illusion that this will be as easy as I thought at first. The next meal plan is almost done, and it includes (gasp) pasta!! Even though its an awful brown rice whole grain etc version, its sort of like normal food..


Mocha Oatmeal

6oz Vegetables

Chipotle Brocoli & Tofu Stirfry

Mediterranean Broccoli

Isopure Rice Milk Shake

Walnut Penne Pasta

Speedy Pita Pizza

2 tablespoons peanut butter

Chocolate Whey powder shake


Total 1886 Calories, 167g of protein 200g of carbs, 51g of fat.


This is a little lower than the other ones, and I will likely only be bothered to prep this on days I don't work out or weekends. That being said haven't tried this one it may be too bothersome, but several of these recipes seem to be simple enough that it should just take a few minutes.

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food prep still going strong, cooking a few days forward in big batches. The most recent plan is unlikely to be feasible unless most is prepared ahead, I gave it a try and I'm coming to find I may just vary pieces from one or the other each day and use small simple items like steamed veggies/peanut butter to fill in the gaps, the macros won't be exact but as I put all these foots into my fitbit I can easily see through the course of the day how im doing. Up to 3 sets of 15 burpees as of today.

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ran the race yesterday, I managed to finish, but have heaaaappps of room for improvement, failed 4 of the obstacles, most of which were hanging based (monkey bar, rings, and rope climb), and the spear throw which is just bad luck I couldn't get it to stick into the target. This tells me exactly what i need to work on, gonna try to shave off 20-30 minutes for the next one which is in july.

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