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I've tried, and failed, a couple challenges in the past. I have a really bad habit of taking on too much and getting overwhelmed. That plus life kicking me a few times has left me not feeling like the best person I could be and so... my motivation: To be the person my dog thinks I am. A little tongue in check, yes, but essentially I want to be the best possible version of myself, and everyone knows dogs are furry little balls of unconditional love.

I'm going to try something with this challenge. I have one fitness goal, one nutrition goal, and one lifestyle goal. I feel like they are totally and completely doable so I want to also have a list of random bonus challenges. You see, I have SO many different things I want to accomplish and do but I know from past experience I can't overload myself or I'll become even more stressed, which certainly isn't the goal. I've been toying with the idea of adding a point system to the bonus challenges, and equating one point to one dollar. With the money that I "earn" through these bonus challenges I plan on upgrading my equipment and splurging on myself.

Fitness Goal: I've started sword fighting lessons (yesterday!) and I had a great time. So I want to keep it up all month at least. The best way to improve on that will be practicing my footwork every day until it's muscle memory. I'm going to use tv episodes as a way to define a session. It's not a long workout but hey, I don't like working out so it's a start!

A: Practice 5x per week

B: Practice 4x per week

C: Practice 3x per week

D: Practice 2x per week

Nutrition Goal: I've done this in the past, and I want to pick it up again for at least a month. Intermittent fasting. I've read up on it pretty extensively and really like this style. It makes me much more mindful about my meals and keeps me from eating too late at night. The timeframe I've found that works best for me is noon through 8pm.

A: Fast 5x per week

B: Fast 4x per week

C: Fast 3x per week

D: Fast 2x per week

Lifestyle Goal: Well, it's not like my dog can be my motivation and I don't have a goal involving her! I've been a bit lax in her training lately, she's pretty good and behaves well without distractions but with distraction she acts like I don't exist. That's a husky for you. My goal is to work on training for at least 15 minutes a day in areas with slightly more distraction than we normally have with training.

A: Train 5x per week

B: Train 4x per week

C: Train 3x per week

D: Train 2x per week

Bonus Goals: These are going to be random, and I might add more later. Most of them are going to be easy and I plan on judging based on the number of times I do them per week instead of setting an A-D scale. One thing I'm really hoping for is to have 100 points by the end of the month because to buy a practice sword of my own it would be about that much, and it's the perfect equipment purchase for an RPG lifestyle. I might need to tinker with these depending on how difficult it is to keep track of all of them versus how often I post.

Take the stairs at work - 1 point

Take lunch to work - 1 point

Complete any challenge goals 6 times - 5 points

Complete any challenge goals 7 times - 10 points

Get rid of 3 unnecessary items - 1 point

Wear mascara 2 days in a row - 1 point

Teach my dog a new trick - 5 points

Get 7 hours of sleep - 1 point

Wake up at 5am - 2 points

Drink 2 bottles of water at work - 1 point

Spend 30 minutes working on 3d design - 1 point

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I started off on a good foot today. Got all three of my main goals accomplished! I chose the dog park as our area of training with distraction today because hey, my dog will do just about anything for the frisbee. If she isn't distracted. 

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Cool!  What style of sword fighting do you practice?  Setting a reward of a practice sword of your own is an excellent motivator.  As is being the person your dog thinks you are.


We love dog pics BTW, if you are inclined to post any :-)


Starting with smaller workouts is a good plan.  Build it into life without allowing it to take over your life.

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Nice challenge! I like the bonus goals idea (and I love that mascara is worth points!), I have the same issue of wanting to accomplish lots, might have to adopt your approach. Looking forward to following your progress!

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