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Yasha holds on tight


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Ok we’re back. Everything in my life at the moment seems to be wildly out of control, so while I write this with optimism we shall have to wait and see how we go with actually hitting these targets. While my RangerBrain wants me to commit to 'all the things!' I feel it is more reasonable to pick a couple, solidify those and then increase the difficulty after that. At the moment I have a lot on my plate work and study-wise, as I am training a batch of new casuals, in charge of organising statistics, rostering as well as my 'normal duties' of serving students. With study I have one class on Thursday afternoons and I only have 2 classes left of the intensive (all day Saturday for the first two weeks). As I'm currently on the 15th day without a break, and Sunday is the next break for me (it's currently Tuesday) I am a little bedraggled, but shall pull through.


Food: No fizzy-drinks on week days and don’t go wild on the weekend either. Healthy snacks only while studying (I’m looking at you candy!).


Exercise: Sign up for the “March Chargeâ€- swim every third day or twice/week


Studying: Homework and Revision every night except Mondays


Realignment: Do one ‘good deed’ each week to start inching from true neutral towards good. This can take any form that I know deep down is good, some ideas may be donate blood, beach clean, volunteer for something. 


Domestic Rangering: 1.5hrs/week of housework, this can be spread a little over each day, or all together on the weekends, whatever ends up suiting best.


Rewards: Sanity? I didn't hit the targets last challenge, so the rewards will carry over: NerdFitness Subscription and/or belly-button piercing.

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Day 1(Tuesday to keep in line with everyone else, and because Monday was meh)

Food: no fizzy, grapes as snacks. Tick :)

Exercise: not yet.

Studying: read 2 chapters, answered 10 revision questions. I have taken today (wed) off work to study for the exam tomorrow (thurs) Tick :)

Realignment: nothing yet, but got my eye on a few things.

Domestic rangering: nothing yet.

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Day 2, Wednesday. I shuffled some rostering and took the day off today to study for my exam tomorrow. I feel like having a chance to sleep as long as I needed to will be equally as good as the studying I did. Started the day with such a picturesque breakfast that I took a photo even though that isn't part of this challenge.


Food: no fizzy, no snacks. Real food with the exception of fish and chips for tea. Tick :)

Exercise: swam a km, 20laps. This was incredibly refreshing considering how hot it was.

Studying: study day today, read over all my practice questions and answers and recorded myself reading out half of them to listen back to. Tick :)

Realignment: I had the opportunity to go to a beach bash with a group of other people, but it was stinking hot so I went swimming instead, there will still be time to sort that good deed by the end of the week.

Domestic rangering: half an hour a mix of dishes and laundry.

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Excuse you. Now I'm hungry but I have a lot of school work to do today! 


(2 chapters to read for Political Science, a project proposal to re-write and 2 articles to read and write responses on for Anthropology, as well as an assignment to write up for Drugs and Behaviour).

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Thursday: caught the bus to work, it was totally full and none of the windows opened and the aircon wasn't working, it was super muggy, thankfully it's only a 7min ride in the bus. Hoping to get back to walking more, aiming to walk tomorrow. Exam day today. My dad came down to help fix our broken door handle in our room, ended up needing to be replaced, which is good because if I'd just been doing it wrong I would have been upset.

Food: realised I was drinking fizzy on a weekday a couple sips into my mt dew. I have put the rest in the fridge for the weekend. No snacks.

Exercise: a little tiny swim, like 3 laps maybe? My dad wanted to swim in the salty water, who was I to refuse?

Studying: crammed a bit in the morning, a bit in lunch because exam day- done now and I think I did pretty well, except perhaps for one of my answers which ended 'and the sixth example I can't remember'

Realignment: nil

Domestic rangering: nil

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I'm here for all of the delicious food snapshots again!

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[Level ??] Rurik, the Wayfinder

Class: Gloomfall Gunslinger  (Artificer/Gunslinger)


Equipment: The Alchemist greatcoat armor, Longshot adventuring rifle, Slicer & Dicer dual blades, with adventurer's pack containing an alchemist's kit.


"Rangers have to at least give up on pants. It's a special rule we enacted after Rurik became a Guild Leader.” – DarK_RaideR

"Did I just get my ass kicked by a member of Metallica meets History Channel's Vikings?" - Wild Wolf

"By the Well-Oiled-and-Meticulously-Groomed Beard of Rurik!" - Tanktimus the Encourager

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A late update, but an update all the same~

Day 4, Friday: I was walking to work when a workmate drove past and reminded me that we had a morning meeting, I got a lift in with her so I wouldn’t be late, a half walk is still better than no walk. I trained the newbies in the morning (nothing quiet like talking for four hours straight to give yourself a headache), then buddied them up with other workers for the rest of the afternoon. It was busy, but not manic, now that uni is back in session I expect it to continue steadily until the first round of exams, which should give me time to get these newbies up to scratch. After work there was a welcome drinks do at the local brewery to welcome the new team members and have an informal gathering, I stayed at work an hour to prep for my assessment on the following morning then headed out to drinks with the full intention of coming back to do a little more studying before going home. That didn’t happen. Met Mr after work and walked about town for an hour before heading home. An OK day all round.


Food: No fizzy-drinks, no snacks. It was hard to resist the fizzy beverages at the brewery, but I asked for a bottle of table water to have with food and then I just didn’t return to the bar, nobody noticed or put any pressure on me to drink something other than water which I had been concerned they would. Tick :)


Exercise: Walking about a fair bit, but no swimming or dedicated exercise, still a little bit of week left to get that second swim in.


Studying: Revised for an hour after work in preparation for the in-class test/essay plan on day 5 (Saturday). Tick :)


Realignment: Nothing yet


Domestic Rangering: Nothing this day.

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Doing a double-update for the weekend, I expect the update for today to follow on shortly after once I eat some dinner.


Day 5, Saturday: Walked in to work, did a little pre-study for my in session assessment essay plan, sat the assessment and then was free~! Ah so nice to walk around in the daytime outside. I walked home then headed in to town with Mr where we drank whiskey and played scrabble and jenga at the bar, it was very nice. We headed back and he went to work and I had a bath and watched a bunch of movies.


Food: I did not snack while studying, I did drink an energy drink and a vodka and lemonade. Neither were particularly nice, hence my beverage choices on Sunday (below).


Exercise: Signed up for the “March Chargeâ€, didn’t actually do any swimming.


Studying: I did a revision in the morning, and then for that subject I just have to get feedback before I do any more work on it (I should receive this feedback by Tuesday). I still have more study to do for my other subject, so I’ll find homework to do :P


Realignment: I have signed up to go to a ‘boomerang bags’ event on Wednesday, boomerang bags is a group that makes reusable bags to leave in places where people always wish they had an enviro bag but always forget it (like markets or fetes or the like). I expect I’ll be doing some sewing or cutting patterns or something… In case the signing up itself doesn’t count as a good deed I’ve also been picking up any straws I see (random other rubbish too, but particularly straws) – I know they’re one of the big contributors to ocean waste and they go down the drains too easily. 


Domestic Rangering: Loaded the dishwasher, forgot to run it.

Day 6, Sunday: A weekend!!! *party* I slept in, then headed in for a game of DnD, I’ve really missed my half-orc barbarian, so it was good to get back to the battle-axing, we dealt with some hags and it was a near thing, two characters dropped to death saves and Duunak (me) dropped to 8/68HP, luckily our kobold cleric banished one of the hags which broke the power of the coven and we were able to deal with the others. After the game Mr and I went into town and splurged on a massive Mexican feast, it was lovely (pic below).


Food: No fizzy (on a weekend too!) Snacks at DnD were all healthy except for a half a pack of corn chips, I had a few of those, but focused on the carrot sticks and snowpeas. I did have 2 cocktails, however they were milk-based.


Exercise: lots of walking, but nothing dedicated


Studying: Nil, I was too busy enjoying my first day off in more than a fourtnight. I’m not even a little bit sorry…


Realignment: nothing, unless you count inspiring my Mum and little brother to collect 7 bags of rubbish and 2 milk-crates of recycling (today was official ‘Clean Up Australia Day’). I fully intended to get up early and do a beach clean for CUAD, but when that alarm rang neutral won out to stay in bed.


Domestic Rangering: Washed a load of laundry, didn’t hang it.




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Day 7, Monday: Walked in to work, trained all the newbies in the morning, buddied up with one in the afternoon. Caught the bus home as I feel pretty icky, upset stomach and very dry mouth and sore throat regardless of how much water I’ve guzzled (so far I’m at about 6Litres). Ate some leftover Mexican and off to bed with me. Standard DnD game not on, so I tapped out of boardgames/observing the boys’ game in favour of getting some rest, I really don’t have time to be sick right now…


Food: No fizzy, no snacks. A bucketload (ok, half a bucketload) of water.


Exercise: Nix


Studying: Nil, but Monday is my standard ‘no study day’ so I’ll allow it.


Realignment: Nothing today, perhaps I’m doomed to neutrality forever... 


Domestic Rangering: Ran the dishwasher.

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Rest up, I hope you feel better soon. I recommend ginger tea if your stomach is upset. Peppermint is a good, relaxing option as well. As for your alignment: i) there are worse things to be than neutral, and ii) these things take time. There are a lot of habits to break and new ones to establish. It's not always about big gestures and saving the planet in a single bound; it's the little things, each day, that add up to a lot of good. And you encouraged others to do good as well! That doesn't sound completely neutral to me. :) I believe in you, so don't beat yourself up to much okay?


(I'm reviewing Supreme Court of Canada cases on self-defense pleas of victims of domestic abuse for an essay; enjoy your study-free day!)

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Hi Yasha! Here to stalk and be every hungry with your...




Oh, you're a woman after my own heart! 





Wild Wolf

Class: Peerless Scarred/ Height: 6'2 / Weight: 188#

Instagram: @ryanwolfbell / Facebook: Ryan Wolf Bell / Bible App (YouVersion) Ryan Wolf Bell

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Know, O prince, that once the sun burns out and the earth's core becomes solid and cold, there will come a man to provide the endless energy needed to sustain life and for the planets to keep moving. He is the source of light and the warmth of hope back into the hearts of humanity...." - Dark_Raider


A wolf rises in my heart; against my darkness; against my demons; against my despair. I DECLARE WAR!


Romans 8:28 (CSB) We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God, who are called according to His purpose.


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Day 8, Tuesday: I knew from the moment I woke up it was going to be a tough day, still feeling sick and tired and I woke up to Mr saying he found the source of the mystery stink, rotten potatoes. If you’ve ever smelled rotten potatoes then you know why this would ruin my morning, if you’ve never smelled rotten potatoes imagine the worst smell of swamp mixed with standard rotting vegetables and you’re pretty close. Mr has a pretty sensitive stomach so when he picked up the bag and stinky rotting juice came pissing out the bottom he was out, heaving in the bathroom while I dealt with it, not a brilliant start to the day. I got a lift to work as we had an early meeting, meeting was dumb and we started half an hour late because the person running it forgot it was on. I dragged myself through a couple of hours of work, then called it and went to the drs at 2pm. Doc thinks I have an infection brought on by food poisoning, I’m blaming the chicken salad I had at the bar on Saturday. I’ve taken today off work to beat it into submission. After the drs I picked up the script (I had to take 5 tablets) and grabbed a few groceries then came home and went straight to bed at 5.30pm. I slept for 13hrs and still feel pretty crummy this morning. I haven't developed any plague protocols, but I expect today will be spent in bed, reading my textbook if I can. 


Food: No fizzy-drinks, which was an effort because it’s really hard not to have them when I’m sick. No snacks.


Exercise: No


Studying: I watched the recording of the lecture, I’m not sure how much of it I retained.


Realignment: Nope


Domestic Rangering: I dealt with the god-awful potatoes, that was all.

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Day 9, Wednesday: spent the whole day in bed, sleeping or watching YouTube. Suspect it is not the 12hr food poisoning since I've started sneezing and headaches, I write this at the Drs waiting room, I'm going back to see the same doctor to hopefully clear things up. I also knocked a glass of hydro-drink all over my laptop, it's upside down filled with paper towel to hopefully avoid the worst of the damage.

Food: no fizzy but I did have 2 glasses of cordial, no snacks, being sick seems to have done something to my tastebuds so I ate some strawberries and a bit of pide Mr brought home for me, but with no flavour eating is too much effort.

Exercise: I only left the bed to fill up my water bottle and use the bathroom.

Studying: nil

Realignment: I kept my germs at home, that's the best I could do.

Domestic Rangering: nope

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