It's that time again! The Scottish Nerds are putting on a European meet-up and inviting everyone else to come play with us.

There will be lifting and yoga and walking and gaming and drinking and eating and cooking (and hopefully some sleeping) and all in the gorgeous and fantastic city of Edinburgh.

The dates are provisionally 7-9 October following a Doodle poll and ideas for the weekend are currently running as follows:
  Friday night: meet, eat and game - Possibly at Wings Edinburgh (they do have veggie options, but the main thing they have is multiple retro gaming consoles and lots of very unhealthy foods and drinks) Saturday: options for lifting, yoga, walking, climbing, running, cooking and eating Sunday: brunch and farewells. We'll be putting together a little organising committee (and will add their names to this post once confirmed) but there's no limit to the fun we can have!