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Hey folks,


Chinchilling with the warriors for the March challenge and going for a minimalist theme (spoilers: there is no theme).


Challenge #1 – Track all the Füds

Looking to hit some daily macro goals and that means MFP-ing everything I eat for a month or so until I get a better handle on what eating that much protein and fiber looks like. Doing two meals a day, intermittent fasting makes tracking easier, but cooking most meals paleo from scratch does not.


Challenge #2 – Track all the Progress

Did Stronglifts for a decent while and my eventual plateau was more form related than the end of newb gainz. I switched to circuits for a bit to tighten my form on lighter weights, now I’m starting Stronglifts again with intermediate numbers. Round 1 of stronglifts saw me make fast newb gainz and also eat all the things to gleefully fuel my progress; I gained heaps of muscle and regained some fat. I quickly saw the scale alone was inadequate to track my progress, but I didn’t bother with body fat % or measurements. This time I’ll be recording weight, skin fold, and measurements every Thursday morning. As a bonus, I'll be posting workout results to keep up with a sidekick. 


LUYL – Track all the Monies

Starting a new job in mid-March and that includes a new budget. I’ll be categorizing every transaction I process through debit/credit cards that same day in Mint.  Not the sexiest goal but somebody gots to do it.

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Hey folks, thanks for the well wishes and memes, they make the DOMS stop. Sorta. Not really.


Tracked the foods - Yup for Monday, Tuesday and (so far) today. Hit 160g of protein yesterday (aiming for 150-180) and enough fiber to keep my poop floating this morning. #thestruggleisreal #aintnotmilikepooptmi


Gym update - 

5x5 230lb squats (lower weight isn't exactly easy, but the depth is hella better than last time and it's a good hurt)

5x5 100lb OH press (easy weight but I had a hard plateau in the 145-150lb range that had me push pressing)

1x5 295lb deadlift (my last grip plateau was 315 and I switch to wrist straps and kept going. Planning to just hangout where ever DL plateaus this time until my grip catches up)

5x5 15lb weighted chin-up (might repeat this weight, head above the bar on the last rep of each set, but not quite to my collarbone)

2x8  BW hanging leg raises (new to this one, I'll try straight leg next time)


Track the Monies - leaving your wallet at home makes tracking transactions a snap. Suck it mint, I'm panhandling for gas money but I didn't swipe dat plastic all day!

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Ahh this is where you are! Took me a while to find it :tongue: (tapatalk is a little bitch sometimes)

*stalks along*

Tapatalk is always a lil' bitch.




How's the poop today? Firing off floaters or sinkers? Lol


I rediscovered pollock last night and accidentally hit 225g by last night. Still, a solid lb of broccoli keeps everything working shipshape and that includes ship like buoyancy. As a bonus, I'm not posting pictures.

No gym on Thursdays so not much else to report, transaction (singular - still a cheap bastard) recorded, lunchtime bucket of yams, broccoli and eggs still gathering weird looks from people that object to me wearing a feedbag at my desk. Fascists.


Edit - oh yeah, took measurements and such this morning. Perhaps some progress? Perhaps some inconsistency in how I'm measuring? I won't sweat it until I have 3-5 weeks of numbers and some consistency of measurement sites.

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Might as well report in - Stronglifts Bench day today and, big picture, I forgot how much time 5x5 eats up. It's a solid 1.5 hours with warm-up and stretching, even taking shorter rests whenever possible. 

Squat 5x5 235 (pipe dream of doing the 50/50 challenge today after I finished my scheduled stuff but I barely made it to work on time as is)

Bench 5x5 195 (shaky but full range of motion and only a back arch on the last rep of set 4 and 5)

Row 5x5 145 (too light still, but I'm going to kill that pesky hip shrug thing than ruins my form right around 185)

Dip 3x5 bw+25 (waay better ROM than last time I tried weight dips. Amazing what months of high rep BW dips will do. Now to keep a full ROM as the weight increases)

Plank 45sx3 (I resent planks. They're stupid, it's empirically true. But if my zumba co-workers can plank challenge, I can plank challenge. Now to balance my protein shakes on my back so the violent trembling will at least mix up lunch)


Tracked all the calories yesterday and hit my macro and fiber targets; hope floats and so do other things. Pizza night tonight so I'll be hitting all the stairs to try and make protein/fiber targets and not break my calorie goals.

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Deadlift day and holy crap, I made some form improvements.

Squat 5x5 240

Press 5x5 105

Deadlift 1x5 300 (re-read through mehdi's guides and, while arrogant AF, also helpful AF. Made some grip adjustments and took only a second between reps, instant improvement. 300 felt easier than 275)

Chin-up 3x5 bw+15 (last rep of each set still has a pause in it, but I'm over the bar, time to move on)

Hanging leg raises 2x8 bw

Tracking monies and macros - Mint are going, dunno if it'll ever be sexy. Macros are pretty easy once I started tracking. It helps that I like good food, but I'm not afraid to eat like a medieval peasant on occasion if it saves time and money. c2b84dfd3a0cc0782e2c001e93aae35d.jpg

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