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Fridelisan learns to trust her body


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It is hard. Just keep on doing the bits that you can do and you can build on it from there. 

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Cephalopod Dreams

Halfling Monk

Challenges: Level 4 | Academy: Level 10

Str 4 | Dex 4 | Sta 4 | Con 7 | Wis 5 | Cha 2


My Character


I'm aiming for my black belt in Shotokan Karate, training to defeat the monster that is chronic pain.


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Hi! I'm just stopping by to remind everyone that the Assassin mini challenge has some quests ending soon and we could really use your help! (You are on the same team as me!)


In the words of our mighty leader:


Also, don't forget - construction ends tomorrow!  You're better off doing this yourself then having a lightsaber constructed for you, trust me.  Even if you got off the shelf components of any kind YOU CAN STILL COMPLETE CONSTRUCTION.


Don't know where to start/suck at meditating?  If you search youtube for "guided meditation," you will find dozens of videos in the 10-20 minute range.  Take a little coffe break, close your eyes, and construct your lightsaber.


And the yoga mini is pretty quick and easy to get a few points on. Even if you only add one point, it really gives our team lots of points as everyone with points on the board already will get extra points from you too. Let me know if you need any help navigating the mini. :)

Race: Elf   ~   Class: Druid Apprentice   ~   Level: 12

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2018-2019 Challenges: (first one in progress)


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