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Owlet's potentially mildly interesting journey type thing


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Alrighty, time for week 4 roundup and a general recap of my first challenge! Week 4 proved to be rather difficult, what with a sprained ankle, rain, another wedding, and other dramas all getting in the way of me meeting my goals. Did pretty well, considering, but I'm not going to lie - I'm looking forward to taking a breather before the next challenge! 



  • Eat at least 3 carb-free meals a week -> 3/3
  • Eat at least 2 vegetarian meals a week -> 2/2
  • Only eat dark chocolate for dessert, if anything -> 4/7

9/12  Did better with the vegetarian meals in week 4, but wedding and family dinner made a dent in the dessert goal.



  • Walk to and from work (2.2 km each way) 2x a week -> 2/4
  • Complete the NF bodyweight workout 2x a week -> 4/4
  • Go for 3 lunchtime runs/walks per week ->  4/6

10/14  Not so great, ran out of time for more exercise.


Level Up Your Life

  • Complete at least 1 painting during this challenge -> (score at end)
  • Lights out before 11:45pm ->  3/7
  • 2x meditation daily, morning and evening -> 5/7

8/14  Bedtimes suffered :( meditation so-so


And now for the overall scores....attempts to add everything up...

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Separate post, because, I dunno, to stop my head getting confused with all these numbers n shit.


Challenge #1 Recap:



  • Eat at least 3 carb-free meals a week -> 12/12
  • Eat at least 2 vegetarian meals a week -> 6/8
  • Only eat dark chocolate for dessert, if anything -> 17/28

35/48  Pretty happy with that, although still room for improvement.



  • Walk to and from work (2.2 km each way) 2x a week -> 14/16
  • Complete the NF bodyweight workout 2x a week -> 16/16
  • Go for 3 lunchtime runs/walks per week ->  22/24

52/56  Stoked with this result!


Level Up Your Life

  • Lights out before 11:45pm ->  18/28
  • 2x meditation daily, morning and evening -> 20.5/28
  • Complete at least 1 painting during this challenge -> (score at end) 4/5

42.5/61 Not so impressive...Bedtimes suffered :( meditation so-so. I didn't quite finish the painting to my satisfaction but it is close, so I gave myself 4/5.


And there you have it! Pretty stoked overall, especially considering some of my goals kind of evolved beyond what I set out to do. Ie going from not eating ice cream to basically cutting out dessert altogether and reducing sugar intake during the day (and refined-carb intake too in fact) Surprised how well I did with the fitness, and how much I enjoyed it/ felt the benefits. Feeling slightly less nervous about the hike next weekend, phew! The hardest goals turned out to be bedtimes and painting, and meditation too a bit, just in terms of actually fitting it into my busy schedule. I'll be carrying these goals forward into the next challenge I think.


So, in a nutshell, I guess I succeeded in my challenge. I wanted to improve my fitness ahead of the hike, start overhauling my diet a bit and set up new habits, and take care of my mental state with the level-up-your-life goals. An unexpected bonus was not getting so bored/frustrated at work. I think knowing that I had other things going on outside of work gave me a sense of purpose and perspective, and gave me a more positive outlook on things. All-in-all, a good experience :)


Thanks for all your lovely comments/advice/support/general lurking, it really helped! Till next time...


P.S. there will be photos of the hike at some point, either here or on my next thread ;)


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Tomorrow is hike day! Packing my bag now, well, about to. Right now I'm actually drinking coffee and eating a hot cross bun. But as soon as that's done I'll be packing my bags like a crazy and rushing off to the airport! Weather forecast is not looking too great, and I'm nervous as fuck about my knee and ankle injuries giving me grief... but here's hoping! I'll let you know how it went in a few days :D

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Hike was a success! We had to postpone a day because it was snowing up on the mountain and gusting 70km/hr, but managed to do it as a daytrip the next day. My leg muscles are still killing me, 3 days later haha. Totally worth it though, it was even more beautiful up there than I was expecting. Knees and ankles were getting pretty sore by the end but nothing too serious thank goodness. I think my fitness level was borderline - towards the end of the ascent, (mostly scree and rock hopping) I was really struggling to keep going, but it was too cold to stop and rest. My companions (picked up a couple of extras haha) were all born-and-raised high country farm girls, so they were in their element. The only parts where I was faster were when we were rock-hopping over boulders - guess my balance/agility is better than my fitness? Making it to the hut though,at 1800m, was the greatest feeling and honestly the whole day made me happier than I have felt in a long time. There's just something in me that needs the fresh mountain air, the alpine flowers nestled in amongst the rocks and snow grass, and most of all, getting high above everything else. Took heaps of photos but the 500MB limit for attachments is stopping me from posting them all dammit. Here's a taster though, taken from the hut looking back along the ridge. 


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Awesome adventure! Being the lowest on the fitness scale for your group (or perceiving yourself that way) and charging ahead makes this so much more epic!


That is amazing!


I think you don't have that limit if you upload to photo bucket and then attach using the "Insert other media" button. :D

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That is gorgeous and amazing. I'm jealous of your fitness level and your trip in general. Glad you had a great time!

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