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Cephalopod_Dreams Rededicates Herself

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Okay, Challenge summary time.


Quest 1

Go to Karate 3 times a week. 

Goal: A = 3 lessons a week. B = 2 lessons a week. C = 1 lessons a week.

Reward: A = +2 Str, +2 Dex, +1 Sta. B = +1 Sta, +1 Dex. C = +1 Dex

Result: A firm B. Not once did I go three times a week. But I did find other stuff that is active and which I enjoy, so I'm not counting this as a failure. Instead I am acknowledging that my fitness routine might look different to what I imagined at the start of this challenge.


Quest 2:

Strength training twice a week. 

Goal: A = 2 gym sessions a week . B = 2 sessions a week (home/gym). C = 1 session a week.

Reward: A = +2 Str, +2 Sta, +1 Dex,. B = +1 Sta, +1 Str. C = +1 Str


Result: I'm going to give myself a B for this challenge. I haven't been weight lifting twice weekly, but I have been weight lifting once weekly and 

I've been to pilates twice a week for most of the duration of this challenge. So again, not a failure, just not what I had in mind. 


Quest 3:

Have a least 2 alcohol-free nights a week. 

Goal: A = 3 nights a week free. B = 2 nights a week free. C = 1 night a week free. 

Reward: A = +2 Wis, +3 Con,. B = +1 Wis, + 2 Con.  C = +1 Con.


Result: B. The easter bank holiday week was a bit of a mess with too much indulgence, so I'll have to make sure I break that habit now that things are back to normal, but overall I think I did reduce the amount I drank.


BONUS: continue mood tracking. 


Result: I did actually continue, but I've been lazy and not tracked every day. Must track every day, as there have been incidents where recording the data would have been helpful.


I still haven't lost any weight at all since I joined NF in OCTOBER last year. But I think my body shape is changing and I look a bit more toned, so that's ok. I still would like to shed some body fat though. Clearly I need to work on the Food part (I wont say Diet because it's not a diet) of my plan for world domination. 


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