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Buckle down and get 'er done. (Nnimn does the whole30...and a few other things)


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This post will be rather like my challenge: simple, focused and slightly wacky. 




Let's Get Down To Business (can't say that without adding: to defeat...the HUNS)



First order of business: 

March starts the Whole30! So it'll be 3-4 meals a day (depending on if I workout) of meat, veggies, fruit and nuts/seeds.

For me it will end up being a whole60 as I'm doing it next month also so I've got to really get into a good routine that can last me 2 months. 

I'll be posting a pic showing my 3 meals that day as well.

My motivation for the whole30 will be it helping me drop my extra bf from winter as all my training is easier with less fluff. Also it's a huge part of what keeps me in remission -this helps me know my true current strength and endurance limits so I can train accordingly. 


Second order of business:


Obstacle Training - Crush PR's in 6 categories (each of these will be areas I'll be tested on in May)

1) Core -Toe Touches and Planche - just trying to see what my max on these is

2) Pull - Jumping and Half Pull-ups + Chin-ups working toward Full- Pull-ups

3)Push - Uneven Push-ups and Pike/Decline Push-ups working toward handstand push-ups  -Also I hate military style push-ups but I am gonna try to make myself do them since I think I might hate them cause the muscle it works is just a little different from the above variations and it means I probably need to strengthen it. 

4)Squat - Intermediate Shrimp Squat working toward Advanced Shrimp Squat - Also 20"-24" Box Jumps

5)Push-Up- Burpees (Spartan Prep Work) - See how many I can do in a set amount of time and work to increase that number,

6) RUN!!!! I'll be focusing on hills and mountains more than flat areas cause Mud and Obstacle Runs do involve, ya know, running. So yeah, that's gotta happen I guess. Plus, as I've previously mentioned, escape preparedness is never a bad thing, -be it from invading aliens, nefarious villains or just an overly friendly avalanche attempting to give you a hug...



Also for the competition I'll need to remember to get photographic evidence of all my training accomplishments.


In view of the fact that the Whole30 will take a lot of cook time and planning I'm gonna leave it at these two things since I want to give these my all and I need this month to be April and May's foundation.


I'm going to again use climbing and ice skating as rewards for this challenge, it worked really well last time so there we go. My penalty is already in place -if I don't stick with the Whole30 and hit at least some of my goals this month then there's no way I can win in May. 


I will give myself bonus points if I get my studying done each night since I've got TONS of continuing ed for work this year in addition to my already full study schedule. Bonus points will be explained in the next post.  

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Found you, accomplice. :) I just looked up the Whole30 thing, and it looks really common sense and level-headed. I did a version of that, cutting out "food" with ingredients you can't pronounce, and it's funny how it becomes natural after a while. I've been saying "I'll treat myself and have a soda today" for the past two months, and every day, I go look at the sodas and change my mind, because the memory of a soda is delicious, but the actuality of it is just too much sugar. 


How's the first week treating you? Any rogue avalanches on the horizon? 

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Following you kind of late this challenge! I hope the Whole30 is going well.

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