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Hey everybody!




Part of my challenge for March was to integrate more with the community by posting something to NF everyday. Additionally I have been looking to leverage my natural love of peoples and encouragement to fuel my own and hopefully some other heroes progress. So I wanted to post up the idea of a once weekly group call. Well sort of a call I host an incredibly advanced piece of connection tech called Teamspeak. This will allow us to bypass teh demands of our evil corporate overlords and 





So I wanted to put out a shout to those special people today who are in need of a voice of encouragement and accountability. I have initial openings for up to 8 and will happily assist or publish a howto setup Teamspeak video. I should also note that there are free apps for it on android and iphone. I am also open to the more traditional options of skype and hangouts if it's what the New Justice League desires. 


Please post below and I will PM you details  :)


Sincerest Regards



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