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Arcelas the n00b

Checking in from the long lost city of Atlantis-I mean Lincoln, NE

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I'm Bipolar and Manic-depressive. I was also born without feelings. Probably Aspergers. So on somje days I will be your greatest asset, the greatest motivator you've ever seen. And some days I'll be thinking about removing your skin and using it as a cape. Skinman. No powers, just a  lot of explaining to do.


So we should probably keep this online and safe. So take the mace out of your purse, (Wow it's an actual mace, is that a morning star?) +3 to awesome.


I need an equally evil but fair taskmaster to keep me on the straight and narrow. For example, I ate an entire family-sized bag of peanut butter M&M's last night. Feeling lethargic today.


So if you haven't already called the police and went to the panic room, let's talk.

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