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Moving to Japan

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Hi all,

I'm sorry for the belated thread addition! I've been living in Japan for over a decade now.

I'm a permanent resident in Mie, which is between Nagoya and Osaka. I used to teach, but now I'm a freelance writer.

The backwoods of Mie is nowhere near Tokyo or Hiroshima, but it's good to know there are others out here.

I've been doing the primal blueprint for the last month or so, so it wasn't a big jump to NF.

For hiking, there are a lot of mountains in Central Japan, too. Gifu has some nice trails.

A really scenic hike I went on recently was between Tsumago and Magome.

http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e6077.html (Tsumago)

http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e6076.html (Magome)

http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e6078.html (trail)


- QB

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Hello everyone,

Just discover this hidden gem and am calling out to our Japanese Rebels here.

Seems like we are only few and scattered living in the land of the rising sun.

I would love to organize a get together though (maybe hiking or smt along this line).


Hit me up via PM with your Line ID if you are interested and we can create a group chat for Japan Based Rebels.



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We definitely plan to! ;-)
Feel free to contact me via PM to establish contact before hand (Facebook) or join our Line Group Chat (the most popular instant messaging app in Japan).

If anyone else feels like joining us, simply scan this QR Code to join our groupchat :)

NF Japan - Line QR_7095.jpg

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I literally just got back from a year study abroad in Japan. So sad about not checking this thread before I left :( I want to go back!! On a side note, I read someone here was currently teaching with JET? I'm a Japanese Major so JET is kind of post-grad goals at the moment, and I'd love to know more from someone with first hand experience.

Liveforwonder's Quest Log

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Walking to Mordor - Hobbiton to Rivendell: 97.1 miles out of 458

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Should have joined up here sooner :( My fiancee and I are both in Japan, in Osaka! I came here as a JET in Okayama, then at the end of the first three years I switched to Interac because my school board couldn't afford the salary increase for 4-5th year. Then Interac lost every contract in that city, as well as a bunch of other contracts across Japan due to some controversy, so we moved to Osaka where she works as a teacher still and I work part-time as a private high school English teacher, part-time as native staff at Kindai University (it's not teaching, we basically get paid to talk to people all day), part-time writer for Izanau pop culture, and I'm working on getting more paid performance jobs rather than just the casual ones now that I am not limited to a teacher's schedule. If anyone else is ever in the area, please say hello! :) 

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