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Any Karate Kids in the house?


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OSU everyone, I am Sidney from sunny Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Any Karate-ka's here? I have been in and out of practice for the past 3 years :(

I plan to start in a big way this March - would like to have a small thread for Karate exponents to discuss the various katas, etc.

I used to be a 9th Kyu - aiming for a Shodan in the next 3 years or so. This means I need to train doubly hard.

I was in Okinawan Shorin Ryu before moving jobs (and having no time to go to classes). I did some Kyukushin and Goju Ryu for a bit.

I will return to Goju Ryu - I just didnt feel the fun in Kyukushin class.

Other karate-ka's - please do share some notes :)


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Interesting. I have done Shobirashi Ryu. My trainer was 3 generation out. He was really big on that. The history and legacy of what he was teaching. I loved going, I just could not afford to anymore. In the mean time, I still practice the katas, and I still train my mind and body the way that was shown to me in class so that I am able to strike better, withstand more punishment, and improve my speed.

Good luck to you, and happy training

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I train in Shotokan, in the Kenkojuku system. Our training methodologies are rather similar to those seen in Machida-ryu, the style that Lyoto Machida uses in the UFC - not a lack of emphasis in traditional forms but a re-interpretation. Kata to us means perfecting the form of applied technique - throwing from the hips and maintaining posture even in high-pressure situations. Kihon is hitting pads, and kumite is throwing the techniques in a pressure situation. Higher pressure is better, but lower pressure is necessary too sometimes.

So, yeah. Good to see some other karateka in the area. You ever find yourself in Raleigh, lemme know. :)


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I gained a nidan in Goju Ryu back when I was in High School but eventually discovered Judo and then moved to Thailand and started doing Muay Thai. I have to say, while I discovered I crazed the more physical action in Judo and Muay Thai it was Karate that got the ball rolling for me as a kid (that and I know different schools and instructors will have different contact levels). And I've always dreamed on entering a Knockdown Karate Tournament.

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I used to do National Karate. It's a northern mid-western US thing. I trained for 4 years and got my black belt during middle and high school. I decided not to continue because of how expensive it is but I miss it SO much. I always enjoyed doing forms (or katas) the most. If I ever have enough time and money I will get back into it. It's been 4 years since then and I'm feeling pretty rusty. Now I am located in Montana so I can't continue in National Karate. Any suggestions on what style to pick up?

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