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Hello from Singapore!

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Hello! I'm a 18 year old guy from Singapore. I've recently bought the Rebel Fitness Guide to prepare myself and to lose weight before my conscription in March (Yes conscription in the Armed Forces in Singapore is compulsory). I'm currently 80 kg (176 lbs) and I want to lose at least 10- 15kg by this year, and keep it off.

I've been following the guide for about a week, not entirely religiously though. I still eat carbs, noodles especially, during the weekends for lunch. (My cheat meals!)

I'm not sure whether its just me but my stomach and my chest seems to be less protruding. Also, my arms are sort of getting bigger and biceps more visible.

Could a week of more controlled eating and exercising following the guide produce such results?

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From what I noticed personally, you will generally see very good results in the early stages if you haven't had a proper fitness regime in place before. This will naturally plateau off once you get used to it and some may find it discouraging that they don't see phenomenal results anymore. The trick is to constantly up the game so that you will still feel challenged (and don't worry, NS will challenge you)((yes, I am Singaporean))(((and yes, I did do a triple bracketing here))).

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