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The Epic of Flagwaver

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The Epic of Flagwaver


Holy Crap, What Did I Get Myself Into


My epic quest is centered around that which I love to do but have convinced myself that I have neither the time nor motivation for.  These involve costuming for both charity and education, studying philosophy, getting myself into better shape, and my various kinds of writing.


More long-winded description to come!



Complete Great Body Guaranteed! program (5 XP)

Complete P90 program (10 XP)

Complete Power Half Hour program (15 XP)

Complete P90X3 program (20 XP)

Complete P90X program (25 XP)

Complete P90X2 program (30 XP)

Complete P90X One on One program (35 XP)

Complete 22 Minute Hard Corps program (40 XP)


My beachbody quest is the primary questline for my HITT and Run fitness program.  I’ve used the various videos in my workouts in the past and have included them in fitness programs for soldiers I was advising.  Each program is a step up in intensity from the previous.  The odd one out is the last program which is technically a Beginner/Intermediate (level 2) program that I plan to run while doing CrossFit at my local CrossFit Gym.




Complete hitatare sugata (samurai garb) (10 XP)

Obtain wooden daisho (20 XP)

Attend Renaissance Faire as samurai (30 XP)

Join SCA as samurai (40 XP)

Obtain real daisho (50 XP)

Complete full gusoku (armor) (100 XP)


One of the things I love is Japanese history.  My martial art taught me Bushido.  I am planning on creating a persona to join the SCA with.  Part of creating a persona includes the creation on historically accurate garb.  Besides the garb and weapons (first wooden and then real), I am also planning on creating a full suit of gusoku or Samurai armor.




Attain Apprentice ranking in Jedi online academy (10 XP)

Learn Form 1: Shii-Cho (20 XP)

Create Jedi garb (30 XP)

Meditate for 1 hour (40 XP)

Attend Jedi Gathering (50 XP)

Attain Knight ranking in Jedi online academy (100 XP)


On the philosophical side of my quests, I will be entering myself into one of the older and more reputable Jedi Realist academies.  Having a Master’s in Philosophy of Religion has left me wanting to look into the Jedi religion and immersion is a great way to do so.  Besides studying, I am also planning to teach myself a physical sword style based on the Jedi martial arts practices, create a garb, and attend one of their annual gatherings in the U.S.




Plot my first novel (10 XP)

Finish rough draft of novel (20 XP)

Finish first draft of novel (30 XP)

Finish proposal letter of novel (40 XP)

Submit novel for publishing (50 XP)

Publish first novel (100 XP)


Of my many pursuits, I am also an avid author.  I have several fan fictions to my name but am looking to expand into the full world-building and experience of authorship.  I have the idea in my head for a novel and will be putting it onto paper.  This will help motivate me.




Begin NF Level 1 (5 XP)

Reach NF Level 2 (10 XP)

Reach NF Level 3 (15 XP)

Reach NF Level 4 (20 XP)

Reach NF Level 5 (25 XP)

Reach NF Level 6 (30 XP)

Reach NF Level 7 (35 XP)

Reach NF Level 8 (40 XP)

Reach NF Level 9 (45 XP)

Reach NF Level 10 (50 XP)

Reach NF Level 11 (55 XP)

Reach NF Level 12 (60 XP)

Reach NF Level 13 (65 XP)

Reach NF Level 14 (70 XP)

Reach NF Level 15 (75 XP)

Reach NF Level 16 (80 XP)

Reach NF Level 17 (85 XP)

Reach NF Level 18 (90 XP)

Reach NF Level 19 (95 XP)

Reach NF Level 20 (100 XP)


I’m incorporating the Nerd Fitness level into my overall progress through my Epic Quest.  It’s part of who I am and something that I can physically track.


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