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Greeting fellow NERDs,


So I am the quintessential fat nerd guy. A lot of people do not notice this for two reasons: one, I hide in the dark a lot; and two, I am 6' 5" with an enormous frame.

But I know.

Yes, I know I'm fat, unhealthy, balding and looking down the barrel of 35. If I'm not in shape by the the time I need prostate exams, I will be very sad. And possibly dead.


I'm on disability for a non-physical issue, so money is tight. Also they do not let me drive anymore. So all my workouts should be done at home, with body weight. Since I have 280 lbs of it, I should be able to make a go of it for quite a while using only me as resistance.


Looking forward to comparing ideas with all of you.




Truth, justice, &...TIGHTS!

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Welcome to the rebellion Arcelas!


I just started here too.  I've found that just going along through the academy is a good way to get started.  The nutrition stuff has really been eye opening for me.  I feel like I'm so used to trying to losing weight through exercise only... Or those terrible diets that make you eat like a bird for 4 weeks... I've been going through the academy for about half a week and I'm JUST getting to my first workout tomorrow morning!


Anywho... I'm sure we'll be seeing each other around.  Just wanted to drop by and say hey.

All my stats & logs are over @ http://fitgame.online/

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