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The weekend is here.  I ended up moving hotels yesterday. This new place is much better even though it is a bit farther out. Better room, full size fridge, small stovetop and better microwave!


No work this weekend and it seems like the holiday schedule is working till Wednesday this week, then going home for Thursday till Sunday, then we have to be back that following Monday. Which to me does not make sense…. Sunday is Christmas and Monday we have to be back at work, For all the people who live out of town, that means they will be traveling on Christmas day.   The should have given the Monday and Tuesday off instead.  But… I am just glad to be working again.


Yesterday I did end up using the fitness center here, which is a little better than the place I was at. However, I don’t trust that machine for weight lifting because it looks a little iffy, haha so I only used it for one exercise  (bicep curl, because I don’t have a pull up bar for the room… yet!) the rest was pushups, planks, lunges, crunches.. no handstand stuff.  I am sure the hotel staff would not like me putting my feet up on the walls. Haha!


I am looking forward to going home for a few days. I have been gone a little over a week and I already miss my family a lot. =(    I hope January comes around and can bring something new to the table.  


I am sure whoever reads this is tired of hearing me complain over and over and over again. But it is what I feel and when I look back on this a year from now I can remember how bad it was, but also how lucky I was to find something.

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And not even 4 hours later… I get a phone call…..


“We got bad news but we are going to send almost everyone home. So go ahead and check out of your hotel and we will call you when we need you.”


  They are sending about 80% of the workers home for the holidays. Including me!


 When I asked about when to return.. they said it probably wont be till after the new year, but we will call when we need you…..



DAMN!!!!      :mad-new:  :mad-new:  :mad-new:  :mad-new:  :mad-new:  :mad-new:  :mad-new:  :mad-new:  :mad-new:  :mad-new:  


 I guarantee you I will be at home for another 3 weeks at least because I KNOW….. they wont call till at least after the 7th of January.


So  home 5 weeks of no pay.. work a week, then home for 3 weeks…   so I will work 1 week out of 9 weeks..  yea… this sucks sooo bad!



So pissed right now!!!!!   I vent a little more in the are below.



FUCKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!    This Fucking sucks!!!!!  I have been home.. waiting for over a month! FINALLY get sent to a job, work a little over a week and a day. And then Boom.  Screw me in the ass with another “sit at home and wait!”  Screw them! I hope to God, I get another job offer soon! Then they will be “busy” with one less person to lead around and run circles. first chance I get I am out of here.  Fuck these people!




Anyway.. got to start packing..... 


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If I were you, unless things are just flat-out dire in January, I wouldn't bother going back with this company. They've showed their lack of integrity, and I wouldn't hold out much hope of that changing anytime soon moving into next year. And that's if they even call next year.


Just continue searching and doing what you can. Take this as some needed time with your family and soldier on like you have been. Things will work out.

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I completely agree with you Jor.

I have been continuously job hunting even when I got hired on with these people. So far I have not had any other offers… still just a lot of people who are interested in me, but cant offer anything at the moment.


Yea, first chance I get I am going to switch companies. I know this is the “slow season” but still.. I need something consistent.  I do not what to go back or wait around for these people, but until something else comes along, I am kinda stuck.  I am not hoping that they will change (because I am sure it will be just more of the same) and this is not a job I want to do, or the type of people I want to work with.


I hope that these other places can take me on come January.  I guess I will have to wait another week or two and see what these other places have to say.

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So it has been a while since I posted. 


Not it much has changed. The holidays were good. I ended up getting Overwatch!!! And Titanfall 2!   Both very fun games but I am not that great at FPS games. But still fun none the less. 


 I have been going to the track on the days where the weather is above 45*f.  And colder and I was afraid I would end up catching a cold or something.  Which I currently have.  I have not been out or exercising much the past 3 days.  I have a very sore throat. And very stuffy nose. I have been resting the past few days and I am hardly feeling any better. If I am not feeling better by tomorrow I will need to go to the walk in clinic.



 Job wise I STILL have not heard anything from my boss.  I have basically given up on him and am once again job searching full time since I have gotten back.  I was told to call tomorrow for a possible position.  So we will see where that goes. 


 Anyway.  I need to get back in the habit of writing in here again.   I will keep everyone updated better.


 New year resolutions;


 take better physical and mental Heath.  I want to start meditating and possibly yoga.


 Find a hobby.   ... other than video games! Haha! (Possibly drawing?) I do enjoy it.


 Read more.   Just read more books.


  Of course this comes after the job hunting. 



 Take care and I hope 2017 will be better   

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Work has officially started!!!!!!!


I am excited to finally be getting to the place I am supposed to be at. I met the people I will be working with on Friday and they all seem like good guys. Our project manager even bought everyone lunch!


The only bad part so far that I can tell is that drive…. Its almost an hour and a half one way.  Driving in the morning will not be so bad, but the drive back will be brutal!  So 3 hours out of my day are going to be spent behind the wheel.  That is going to suck.


We got frozen out of Saturday though. I had driven all the way to work, only to be told an hour later that they are sending everyone home because all the scaffold and such had ice all over then and they did not want anyone climbing in such slippery conditions. I was glad to get back home but at the same time, after being home for these many weeks, I wanted to put some hours in.


On another note, I had a good conversation with a other company that wants to take me in and is just waiting from some big jobs to be finalized so they can hire more people.  I just do not know when that will be.


I will probably not have time for exercise now that I have started this job. I will have maybe 2 hours free of my day after I get home, and I will have to eat, do laundry, visit with my family, and take care of the house in that free time before I have to get to bed and start the whole process over again.


I am just glad to be working again.

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Well I am already doing terrible at my resolutions.  


 I know I wanted to write in here but it is not happened very much.  The new job is taking up a LOT of my time.  So here is my schedule.


 3:45 wake up,

 4:15 am leave for work,

try to make it for 6 am (yea they want us there at least 30 minutes early)

 work starts at 6:30.

work till 5ish (sometimes leave at 5:15 or 5:30)

make it home around 7:00

eat dinner and shower it's now 8 pm.

visit with family and get my kid's bath ready so he is in bed at 9pm.


try to sleep around 9:30-10:00

get hopefully 6 hours sleep.



rinse and repeat.  


So so I only really see my family from 7-9 pmbefore bedtime. And there are other things to take care of in that time too.


but so far work is not that bad itself. Not too busy yet. And the people I am working with seem like good people. 


 I have not done much for exercise lately either.  All goes back to time.   




Anyway, I got in contact with the helicopter job (yes the same one from so long ago) and they are trying to get a spot open in February that I may be able

to take. But no promises.  I hope they can get it and I can get in.  Keeping my fingers crossed. 


About to to go grocery shopping.  And start prepping my lunches for work when I get back.

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I have been doing horribly!  


Since I have started working at this latest place at the beginning of January, I have been doing horribly.


Lack of sleep, fatigue from driving and working, not enough time for family or time off. This is the first time I have actually booted up my laptop in about a week, other than to pay bills. The work itself is not as bad as other places I have been to with this company, it is mainly that drive that is the worst.


I am still very grateful that I have a job, but I have noticed that I am a lot more easily aggravated and kind of bitter lately. I know I have said it before and I will try to not too, but I am so ready to find something better.


 I have not done any exercises lately either. Work keeps me up in that department. Climbing ladders, lifting heavy objects, crawling up and through pipe racks, squatting, so keeping up with that is ok, but I do miss going to the track and an actual gym.



Looks like I am not doing so good with my resolution so far. I just did not think I would have so little time.

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So I have been away for quite a while on this site and I feel terrible for it.     :(

So a bit has happened since I have last posted.


    I was working at the same area as my last post for a bit. But I  had to take some personal time and could not work due to a small outpatient surgery I had done. I informed work about this and that I would be back after my brief recovery period. I was out for 2 weeks. (recovering but still trying to keep busy.... I know I am a terrible patient and my wife had to constantly remind me to lay down and rest as the doctor ordered....) but I am stubborn and dont like to be kept down for very long. even when I should..... its something I need to work on. (during those 2 weeks I kept job hunting but could not really do anything really physical.... so I kind of got a little depressed about it)


   While I was out, more people were added to teh job and actually filled up all the spots so they could not add me back into the site. I WAS PISSED!   They knew I was coming back and filled my spot.....  As angry as I was there was nothing I could do but sit and wait.  So I continued my job hunt and waited to see what my company could do for me..... savings were getting really really low and I needed to work.   I was home an additional week when I got a call to go to a job in Houston. This would be a new spot, a new position they are trying out and since i had a strong Quality Control background, They had me get ready to fill it.  three days before I left they had me pack, set up a hotel, get names of people i needed when I got there.. the works.... Sunday night I started to drive out excited to finally work.... about 3 hours into the 4 hour drive, they say they need a copy of my TWIC card..... which I was never told I needed to get for this.  once again I WAS PISSED when they said that I would not be allowed on site if I did not have one... so I had to turn back around and drive back home!  


.... so the next day I went to sign up and fill out all the stuff I needed to get a TWIC Card... the card came in the mail a week later and i was still waiting for something to happen.


a few days after I got it, they finally had a job for me. Lucky it was across teh street from the place i was at when i had my surgery. So basically the exact same drive. I was put on the night shift and we are working 7/12's.   I have been at this job for 2 weeks now and may have another week and a half left before it ends.  I have no word on where I will be next... but pretty much I was home for a month and will work a month, with no schedule after that.  Very inconsistent job with bad communication. I am very tired and still ready to find something more steady and better.    I have had 2 interviews and several more applications, but no other offers yet. 


 Also in my month home, my best friend since i have known since i was 4 years old, His brother passed away suddenly at work. he went into the break room and someone found him unresponsive. Turns out that he had a very enlarged heart that caused his death. I didnt know him as well but i went to the funeral because I had known him for a long long time as the brother to my best friend.    I keep calling him every few days to talk and see how he and the rest of his family are doing. they are very sad and shocked but they are getting better.   Goes to show how sudden and short our life can be. He will be missed. 


The Helicopter job was supposed tohaev new job postings soon, but it got pushed back until June. so as much as i was hoping to be there in April, looks like i will have to wait a few more months. 


This is a really hectic time for me and i know things will get better.  I feel bad for not keping my resolutions, I think i have regressed a bit and i need to pull myself out of this stress, sadness, and feeling of helplessness.  I will work on it. 


  "Make that bed!!!!"  and take control.










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I Am back baby!!!!


 I got a new job!!!!! 



 No more travel, no more scaffolds, no more last minute phone calls, 3 hour daily drives!!!!  Just a consistent work schedule at a place not too much further than the place that was shut down!   



  This means I can actually have a life again, plan things, be more active on the site and just get back to normal!!!



 I am excited and can't wait to get my life back on track. 


 Here is to a better year!  

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So earlier this week I have started to focus more on doing my chin-ups. 


Since I got the new job I have been to the track 4 times this week. I have gotten to 6 chin ups again and have been focusing on my biceps a little more than normal. I feel like my arms are not as strong in the department as other guys. I know guys are supposed to love doing curls and such but I have never liked it. I never did find it enjoyable to do those exercises.  But lately after seeing all these clips and videos of people doing muscle ups and one arm pull-ups it has inspired me to try to get stronger in that area. 



After a week week or two of this new job and I start to feel out the routine, I will be joining the gym again and going in before work. I won't be able to go after since I will be getting out at 5.... unless, I go to the track immediately after.  But at that point I won't be getting home till 6 something so I will stick with my plan to go before.   Starting a new routine can be confusing. Haha!


 It's about time to get out of this funk I have been in for the past few months.  Here is to a new job. A new routine. A new normal. And a new me!!!!!

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So today I started the new job.  From why I can tell it is going to be pretty much just like the job I got laid off from. So something I am very familiar with but this place will probably have better growth potential for me. Is only a 20 minute drive from home with traffic.  I can certainly live with that!!!!  


It feels good.  I will probably wait a week or so till I get a feel of the place and the time it takes to get there before joining the gym again.  I have picked out some rubber fitness bands Togo along with my gymnastic rings. I am still trying to set something up at the house, or at least figure out a way to do it.  We do not have much space in the back yes and I like parking in the garage too much. Haha!


I am also going to get back into better meal prep. So many things now that I want to do!


 It is amazing how much your mood can affect your motivation. It's like a switch went off soon as I got the offer for the job!


normal schedule and normal life ahead!!!




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So the new job is good. Not the greatest but certainly a LOT better than the other job I had.  I am already learning a good bit about the products since they are a little different than what I am familiar with. 



 I am waiting till my first paycheck comes in to start up at the gym again. It's a little too early in the morning and not enough light to do the track thing.... plus I would have no place to change.   Anyway, this weekend will be a busy weekend with a graduation and a birthday. 


I will probably post more later on about all of that.  Right now I got to get to work!  

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This weekend has been a bit busy. 


First week of work went well. Friday night we had a graduation party to go to.  The graduation was Saturday, then that evening we went to eat with the family again.   Today is my step-son's birthday! The big 10!  Haha. He is growing so fast.  So today we spending the day with him.  At this moment he is building a LEGO set we got him.  (And he said he could do it alone so I am on "stand-by" just in case he needs help)



early this this morning before he woke up I went to the track, jogged 3/4 a mile straight, but had to slow down the last part.  Did chin-ups, lunges, push-ups, leg lifts hanging from the pull up bar.   And a LOT of stretching.  I am working on my flexibility as well.  



Anyway about bout to be finished with his LEGO build and he will probably want to ride his new bike before it rains. 



Done for today. I will try to post tomorrow. 

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So the pst few days have been wet.  Haha it has been raining so I have not really done anything to get some exercise in.  Does lifting some heavy objects at work count?  Haha.  


 I am planning on waking up early Saturday morning to check the lighting situation at the track super early in the morning. Then I can figure out my plan from there.  End of this week will make 2 weeks at the new job and I am liking it a lot better still!  Just got to see how these new paychecks will be once things get consistent. 


 Sorry I don't have too much to report but I am still getting settled into this new routine.  I plan to post Saturday and give an update. Let's see how this can work out for my work out! 

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So I ended up having to work Saturday morning. Good thing!  More hours for me is a bigger paycheck so I will take it.  I didn't get to go to the track early Saturday but my family and I went to a birthday party and ended up swimming for about 2 hours, so I made sure I did something to get a little burn going. Haha!   So I feel like I got in some time for me there.  


Since i I didn't go Saturday I decided to get up early this morning and head out. Since we were up late last night I got to the track about 6:30ish this morning.  I got in a groove and jogged a whole

mile without stopping!  I am very proud of myself!   After that I did sets of lunges, chin ups. Crunches, leg lifts, calf raises and felt pretty good about it. 


Just finished eating breakfast (4eggs and some milk)  and now going to wait for the sun to come up a little bit more so I can cut the grass.  After that... probably play outside for a bit with my step son and just have a good day. 


 Trying to be better in all aspects of my life now. Just got to take it one day at a time! 

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Good wise for breakfast I have been enjoying oatmeal with some cinnamon and honey.  Lunch has been a salad with a little turkey or tuna for some protein. Dinner has been hit or miss depending on what we have decided to eat for that day. 


Last night my my wife and I had the house to ourselves so we decided to get some of our favorite Chinese food and bring it home.  So yea not the healthiest, then after my wife wanted to go get a treat, so we went out again and got some ice cream sundaes. Yes it was good, I ate one. But not really worth it.  


 I have noticed lately when I eat some sugary treats or something that I know is unhealthy, I am starting to feel really guilty after and it takes away the enjoyment.  I am guessing this is a good thing?   Probably next time we decide to eat out it will make me think about my choices and make better decisions. 


Work is picking up and and it is getting hot and humid from all this rain.  Have not been to the track in the mornings yet from this weather. Yes it has been raining daily since Sunday. But work is keeping me active.  I am having to pick up 80+ pound parts up and down off of the inspection table I am working at.  I figured some light deadlifts are a good way to keep physically active. 


 Here is to a better week and a good weekend! 

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It has been a few days I know.  Not much has changed. I have been preparing myself to get up early and go work out in the mornings even though it has been raining here every day for the past several days. 


My wife and child are going on a little trip Thursday through Saturday, I have to stay and work. Couldn't get off of work because things are starting to get very busy and since I just started, I have not earned days off just yet. 


Little dude is going through this phase where he wakes up in the middle of the night and comes sleep on the sofa.  Normally this wouldn't be a problem but I get up very early in the morning and he will be woken up by me moving around and getting ready for work. Plus..... he has a bed.... he needs to sleep in it.   This is the third or forth time I have gotten up and had to bring him back to bed lately and we keep telling him he needs to not do this.  Hopefully he will be able to sleep in his own room soon. 


I have been doing some some reading on intermittent fasting again and I may give it a shot.  Thanks to Steve's email, haha!  I do know that I am always very hungry as soon as I wake up, and hungry after I work out. So this will be a very hard challenge to do. But once I get used to it I think my body can adapt. I can use this weekend to see how it will go. 



Getting ready for work now. Hope everyone is doing well! 

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Yesterday I spent 14 hours at work!  We had to come in early and ended up staying very late.  So yea I am tired and didn't get to do a workout. 


Today we we came in early again, but I hope we don't need to stay late again. My grass seriously needs to get cut.... with all this rain it has been too wet and it has been growing like crazy!


 Also I got some fitness bands to go along with my gymnastic rings! So I am excited to start using those too! I need to find some specific routines to use with them in combination. I tried them out on the tree in the backyard. I can do pull-ups and dips on them, just no Muscle up yet. :)  but I WILL get there! 



When I get out of work today, grass will get cut then a short workout will happen. And depending on if we work this weekend will determine if I can get a good work out in the morning too.


I have decided to start my fasting tomorrow.  No breakfast, eat at lunch,  small snack at 3or5, then eat dinner around 7:30. Then no more food after 8.


I will work out in the morning and see how it works out with not having food immediately after. I might be cranky or "Hangry" for the first few days... so it might be a good thing my family is not here to see me like that.  Haha!!!!


lunch break almost over. I will do my best to log everything here like I have been wanting since the beginning of the year.  Better late than never I guess! 

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So, yesterday I went to the track in the morning. Didn't jog around because I was a little late getting there and got right to my pull up bar work.  I brought along my rings and bands. I was the ONLY person there at 6am on a Saturday. I had to go in to work at 7 so it gave me a little time to get set up.  I didn't use the rings because I did not know how much I would be able to do.  But I did use the bands for the pull ups and chin ups. And I had never used them before but I can certainly tell a difference when I use them!  They haloed out a lot!


 I started out with unassisted chin ups, I got 6 of them, then used the smallest band, did 4 more, next size band, did 3 more, and the largest band I did 5 more!!! So it really helps to add reps and get more done. Then I went to work for 6 hours, came home and cleaned the whole house! I had a productive day. 



Then hen Sunday I woke up and was feeling really sore so I didn't go to the track, but I did make use of the rings on the tree in the back yard for a little bit.  I basically tried to see the fastest way to set them up and take them down.  Think I got it figured out and can get them up and down in maybe 2-3 minutes total.  Not too bad! 


 Also I have started my Fasting yesterday. Skipping breakfast was tough! But I was able to do it.  Actually this morning was worse because I didn't have work to distract me from how hungry I felt. But I did it and I just feel like this is something that I can do.  Two days in and ready to take it one day at a time.  I am drinking a lot of water to help make me feel "full" all throughout the day. It seems to help a little bit.   I feel sore and accomplished.  Let's try to keep this going! 

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Day 3 on my int. Fasting. 


 The days I work are actually better it seems.... keeps me busy and my mind off of food.   No breakfast again today but for lunch I had my usual salad, little bit of lunch meat, one egg, banana and some satsumas.  So all healthy stuff. I feel full right now which is good. Not sure how many calories but I figure at least 400-500 total? Maybe 600?  I don't know. I need to start logging my food better.  For dinner I am not sure what we will be eating but I will try to watch my portion control. 


 No exercise this morning but work has kept me steadily moving. I fee very sore from this weekend and am still recovering.  Tomorrow I plan to work out again. Might have to be after work because we have to be here early at 6am again the rest of the week. 


Three days and doing good....


 I should weigh myself when I get home today. .... mark a starting point. 

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Day 4 of my fasting.  Still doing good.  But I do notice that I tend to "give in" later at night.... example.  My wife made brownies.... soon as I got home I knew I could eat, so before I knew it I already had 2!  I know my problem is that when I see food I usually have a hard time controlling myself and I usually eat it... or if we have dinner and there is extra... I usually eat that too because I don't  want it to "go to waste". 


This is something of if an internal struggle I need to help myself work on. 



 Had to be at work at 6 am today. I planned on waking up early so I could go to the track and get a work out in but I slept in late.  I notice I am more tired from work so maybe trying to get a little more sleep will help. I may have to work out this afternoon. I just hope it does not rain again. 





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