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Exercise and Paleo Diet! (does this go here ?)

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Hello there!

I'm starting my parents on a new diet and I'm sure a lot of you have heard of the paleo diet. (this site is how I have learned about it!)

But I have a few starting questions about it.

Most of the recipes seem to call for a lot of food. My mother and I aren't tall or big at all. (I'm starting this diet for Parkour) I'm starting my mother on it because she's a type 1 diabetic and I want her to be as healthy as possible.

We are both 5'2 and petite. (I am 98 lbs. And my mother weighs just a little bit more.)

My dad on the other hand is 6' and not the....most fit. He's got a bit of a belly (; but it's nothing that some exercise and this Caveman Diet can't handle.

I would just like to know how much we should be eating during breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Also should I eat more for my Parkour training? I plan to have half an hour on Wednesday's and Saturday's (cardio and strength) for 6 weeks and then bump it up to an hour for the next 6 weeks. After that at least three hours a week dedicated to fitness and training.

Okay, thanks for reading C:

And thanks in advance for advice/suggestions !

(we are all going to start this together once we move from Boston to Ft. Bragg in a couple of weeks. I think this is a good opportunity to clear out all junk food)

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Thanks! Lots and lots of eating, got it :)

Oh gosh, I'm not all that great, honestly. I can barely do a vault as it is! I think I will post a video after my 6 week goal though, even that might be a little long for the wait.

You should practice with her and YouTube some great Parkour videos. That's what inspired me the most :)

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sometimes paleo food looks like too much food but you have to remember that when you're cooking veggies and meat, things tend to "cook down." if you wilt spinach, you'll see whati mean...handfuls of the stuff turns into like 2-3 servings. so don't worry too much. since you're so small as it is, you might want to track your calories (include your cooking oils and things) to make sure you're eating enough at first...until you get the hang of it. but, in general, just eat til your'e full and stop like anything else. and if it's too much food, you have meals for the next day!

welcome aboard and that's great that your family is joining you!

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On paleo you'll be more full on less calories. Figure out the BMI for each of you and eat that many calories to maintain weight, more to gain, less to lose. You'll have to eat above your BMI if you are working out a bit to maintain weight.

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Sounds like great plans so far, with the help of the community I feel like you'll be able to make some great changes for your family.

Since I want to start practicing parkour as soon as the weather gets warmer this spring, I'm also interested in following everything knowledgeable about your parkour learning.. because reading stuff / watching videos and actual practice feedback from a starter is something really different.

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Thanks for the paleo advice !(: its going to be a big help(:

Sven: I really hope so(: as for parkour, I think starting is going to be the hardest part, like with anything new. I'll be sure to post as many blogs about it as possible when I start my training in a couple of weeks. I have lived in the Boston area for about three years and the winter just stops me from going outside to train or do any exercise. My family and I are moving to NC so the weather is going to really be great! Warm weather and parkour just go hand in hand(:

I can't wait to see how far you get in practicing and I'll keep you updated

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Welcome to the Rebellion. One of the most difficult things to do with Paleo is overeat (though your and your mother's small statures probably make that easier). I've been doing it for two months as part of weight loss, and most days I still don't get to 1,500 calories while thinking "If I eat another bite, I'm gonna explode."

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Haha thanks, i am very glad to be apart of the rebellion :D!

Even though I'm little I swear I eat twice my body weight in food. I honestly don't understand why I'm still so small,

As for my parents, they eat in normal "human" amounts. I've warned them that I am getting rid of soda and junk food in the next two weeks, and we are all going to take more walks together. (they usually take their walks in the morning after I leave for school)

(: glad to be apart of such a lovely community now!

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