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Hike report - 26 miles in the Chiltern Hills (UK)

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So, some pals and I went for a 2-day bivi hike in the Chiltern Hills last weekend.

This is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty that you can access quickly & cheaply from Euston or Marylebone train stations in London.

Train fares cost about £25 ($40) in total.

It has a lot of footpaths & open access (National Trust) land, so there is tons of walking.
Furthermore it's got some great chalk hills, rivers, and interesting & pretty villages with nice pubs :)


We walked 16 miles on Saturday and 10mi on Sunday, for a total of 26 miles (42km).

Day 1 route was from Amersham Old Town, via Little Missenden, Prestwood, Great Missenden, The Lee, ending in Wendover.

Day 2 route was from Wendover via Coomb Hill and Pulpit Hill to Princes Risborough.

It definitely wasn't a pub crawl, but we visited lots of pubs and sampled the wares ;) 


Saturday night bivi was had within the Iron Age ramparts of Wendover Hill Fort.

We followed in the traditions of our ancient ancestors: by lighting a defensive fire and partaking of beer and biltong!


Three of us have a combination of bivi bag (mine is goretex, army surplus), sleeping bag, liner & thermarest.

One of us uses a military hammock & sleeping bag.


We didn't put down ground sheets or set up tarps, so it was super quick to pitch camp!

It rained for about an hour in the night, and got as low as 3C (37F), but our kit kept us relatively warm and dry.  

Goretex bags had the least condensation, as you'd expect. Hammock was apparently super comfortable.


Next day the camp went down just as quickly, and we covered our ashes and left nothing to show we'd been there, except patches of dry leaves.


In general it was a extremely successful weekend, with the right combination of fun and hardship :)

Can't wait for spring to come to England properly, so we can do a bit more!

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