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Hi strinkaj,


the usual is to start with the Rebels, which is the guild for newbies. It allows you to explore things you like, meet new people, get an idea of how the site works, and so.

Based on what I read on your page, you seem to like things from very different areas, so maybe you will switch guilds depending on which activities/goals you focuse for every challenge. Or maybe you'll find some activities you'll like more. Anyway, your guild won't be something set in stone, you can change every time you feel you need it.

By the way, next challenge doesn't start until april 4th (we're finishing one right now, this very week), so you can take this week and a half to explore the site, read others' challenge threads, open a battle log... Challenges are not mandatory, anyway (I waited 4 months myself before I took part in one; you can do as you feel right).


Good luck!

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Judging from the quests, I'd say a Ranger. Maybe an Adventurer, now that it is a class. But like zenLara said, You can switch guilds for each challenge. I choose to be an Assassin because I really like training Parkour, and most of my workouts involve bodyweight. But if I ever get a gym membership of sorts, I might take a few turns in the Warrior Guild, for that particular challenge. Poke around a bit, see which community resonates more with you, and that's pretty much it. But remember: no matter what our profession is, we are still all part of the Rebellion!

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Based on your goals, you want to do all of the things. Rangers do all of the things.


Yes, you can switch guilds each challenge, but people generally have one that they identify with. You seem like you'd fit in with the Rangers...though I may be slightly biased :D


But as ZL said, you only join a guild after you have completed your first challenge.

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