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Implement balance on strength training days

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Have any of you ever thought about or implemented balance exercises as a Monk, during your strength training / fitness days?


After talking to a trainer at the (fitness) gym, I've been thinking about it. It sounds like a good idea to do so as a Monk (grappling/BJJ), but I was wondering if any of you had any experience with this and maybe some good tips on specific kind of balance exercises.


Balance is not something that is really explicitly trained at the dojo I used to go to, however I just moved to a new place and am still browsing new dojo options while I work on my strength/stamina. 

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I rarely program exercises specifically with balance in mind, but I'm a big fan of using single leg exercises for this purpose. Think single leg/split stance jumps (lunge jump, alternating lunge jump), more difficult stepping/split stance movements (bulgarian split squats), offset weight stepping/split stance movements. Just a few ideas!

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no. you go to the gym to implement strength. you don't get it if you are squatting on a medicine ball. you could be deadlifting 200 kg on two legs, but if you deadlift 60kg standing on a one leg, you don't get stronger, or get much better balance.. i do strength on gym, and then apply it into martial arts at the dojo.

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