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Vilkacis - Clawing my way back up


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Legend speaks of a beast, one of humble beginnings.


He began as a youngling, as most do, of simple behaviour and capacity.  Before his 18th year, he had progressed exponentially to a weight and abilities he'd never experienced nor expected.  By his 21st turn around the sun, however, he declined.  His weight went up by leaps and bounds, while his agility and abilities went down.  Now, half way thru his 31st year, he's found his mate, spawned two cubs, and taken a third into his pack.  He feels the call of the wild, and knows it's time to claw his way back up.


He WILL be the animal he knows is inside.


He WILL be the example his little ones need and aspire to emulate.






For this challenge, I'm taking it back to basic as I've been away from...well, everything, for so long.  


First things first is one I always struggle to maintain as I get complacent.  That is:

No Snacking After 8pm


I have a terrible time with this as that is when my wife and I typically snack when the kids are in bed.  I think it has to do with not wanting them to eat the junk we are, but what I need to realize is that if I don't want THEM eating it, then why the hell should be eating it.  



A: No snacking at all after 8pm for the entire duration of the challenge.  (25 pts)

B: Snacking no more than twice during the challenge.  (15 pts)

F: Snacking more than twice. (0 pts)


Workout (at least) 3x A Week


I have a workout routine that I'm trying to finalize, but it's esentially

3 minutes of shadow boxing/hitting my heavy bag

3 minutes of bench press/inverted rows with light weights to help work my shoulder back into exercise.

3 minutes of squats/walking lunges

3 minutes of core

5 minutes of stretching



A: Complete 3 workouts a week (25 pts)

B: Miss less than 1 workout a week (15 pts)

F: Miss more than 1 workout a week (0 pts)


Eat More Veggies


I have significantly increased my veggie intake, but I feel it could be better/more consistent. My plan of attack is to have veggies prepared and on hand for snacking, as I want to replace the chips and bad stuff I have been predominantly eating with veggies.  For example, I have a bag of chopped broccoli and some snow peas in my fridge to munch on, as well as some peppers that I can chop up when I need to.  



A: Eat one serving of veggies a day (25 pts)
B: Miss 2 servings a week (15 pts)

C: Miss 4 servings a week (5 pts)

F: Miss more than 4 servings a week.  (0 pts)


BONUS Life Goal - Promote my business.


My wife and I have signed up to sell both Herbalife as well as Scentsy, and up until now we have been predominantly just wholesale consumers (meaning buying for ourselves with the discount.)  As I have recently changed careers from a construction, hourly wage position to a commission based sales position, I have decided to try and supplement my income with sales of both products.  This will include parties for my wife with her Scentsy (and my helping to plan), as well as researching ways to increase business with both.



A: Make my first sale with either to non family (25 pts)

B: Make a first sale (either family or friends) (20 pts)

C: Simple research, no sales yet. (5 pts)

F: No research, no sale. (0 pts)


This feels ambitious, but I believe I have what it takes, and I have managed to maintain low goals to develop them into habits.


As always, please feel free to critique and make suggestions!  


Level 2 Lycan 

"A wetboy has a deader, an assassin has a target, because assassins sometimes miss." -Durzo Blint

Work in progress: https://www.nerdfitness.com/character/87730

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Told you I'd be here! ;)


Whooo hooo and awesome to see you back oh buddy of mine!!!:triumphant: :triumphant: :triumphant:


You have beenvery much missed. :)


Those are some excellent goals and a fantastic start to being what you want to be in all areas. AndI totally get you and understand the snacking and wanting the kids to eat better. You are sooooooo right. if they don't need it, neither do you......because THEY need you. ;)


I'll be sending you all my best, most productive, most successful vibes!


big hugs!!

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-We can't always change the things we've done, but we can change what we do next.

-I don't have a choice. I deserve a better life and this is what I have to do to get there.
-Whatever doesn't kill me....Had better start running.


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