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Digging For Redstone


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Meredith here! I decided it was time I found a good empowering name for myself. Now if only I could find some of that sweet sweet ore to live up to the title! There's bound to be a bit down here somewhere...


Okalie dokalie, the time has come to seek out some REDSTONE POWER!!!!


In the last challenge I did stuff I never expected to do. I joined a gym. I now know what a squat rack is (!!!) I picked up heavy stuff. And as it turns out, I really really like doing squats. Squats are my bros.




What I didn't do is loose any weight. After 6 months of steadily dropping 20#, (well, 23 back to 20), I've come to a screaming halt. No, I'm not all pissed about it, but I am ready to start fine tuning the process now that I'm a bit more comfortable with what I'm doing, and get a little academic about reaching my goals.


Here are some observations from ~the first night of survival mode~ (month 1 of stronglists 5X5)


1- What I thought was core strength is actually upper leg and glute strength - as in - I don't have as much core strength as I thought. This will be one of my primary focuses for the month, particularly as I've noticed that when my mid and lower core gives out, my upper back takes over and feels strained.


2- Even though I gained back a few pounds and have held there, my overall skin quality suggests that I'm continuing to lower my body fat% I'll be starting to rely more on measurements than weigh ins.


3 - My macros are for shit. I just don't know how to not eat too much while still eating enough.


4 - Using a beginner program is great for orientation, but if I'm going to reach my special snowflake goals, I'm gonna have to put in the leg work and research and fine tune the tools to suit my needs.


5 - I don't have a number 5, but I like the number 5.


~Since redstone ore only generates at the lowest levels of the world, it's going to be a deep dig to fetch some out, but I figure it's worth it, seeing as how it's such a tremendous source of power! So I'm gonna have to brave some nefarious characters along the way, and avoid the lava pits as best as possible, but it's gonna happen~




1. Continue 5X5 program. Don't try to make significant gains while still loosing weight, (is this cutting?), focus on form. Post form videos.


2. Focus on core and shoulder/back strength on off days. Take at least one pilates class a week since it's helping me learn to engage the deeper muscles.


3. Embrace tracking... warily. Tracking brings up some menacing tendencies in me, but considering the mental health breakthrough I had this past year, plus my reasons for what I'm doing (strength!), I'm going to give myself the chance to better understand what I'm doing in a more accurate way.


4. Maintenance during travel. I have three big trips coming up in April, and will need to find ways to lift around them and maintain circuits while on the road. I've done this before, but never with the lifting element. I think it will require some scheduling, but that's about it. I also hope that core work can be a big part of it.


5. Don't rely on whiskey to make calories. It's counterproductive.




1. Put more time into my studio. I freelance as an edutainment host at night, and while it pays great, I only have a few events every week, sometimes not at all. I'm a professional photographer and should be spending more time getting my new studio out there. It's been a year since we moved to the area, I don't know what's taking me so long, and the husband would appreciate it. 5 HOURS A WEEK!


2. Finish one craft project per week. This week - clean up the damn sewing room!


3. Get more engaged on the boards here. Come on girl, don't be shy!


4. Maintain podcast on the road. Be funny. Be uproariously funny.


5. Bracket more stuff with ~tildes~ it makes words look like they're wearing special tiny capes!




Technically my goal is 95-100#, but this is a loose number. I'd rather see less inches with more muscle than a number on a piece of glass.


Starting weight and measurements


(I come from dressmaking measurements, not sure if it works the same for fitness. I'll include a description of what I'm doing just this one time, any input is welcome!) 


HEIGHT: 4'10"

107.2# (I've been here on the DOT for weeks. LOL. Right down to the .2)


NW 28 (natural waist - where I bend)

W 33" (Waist - thickest part below the navel)

H 36" (Hips - thickest part around the butt)

T 19.5" (Thigh - thickest part)

B 10" (Bicep - thickest part)


An example of yesterday's macro fail:


Cal 1123

Carbs 42

Fat 41

Protein 66

Fiber 10


When I saw my totals at the end of the day, (and this was a lifting day), I added 3 dates so my numbers would jump at least a little bit. (1053Cal and 23Carb before that.) I clearly need to be getting more protein in. I have a lot of research to do, but in the end, my circuits will be 





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35 minutes ago, Emerald_Dragonfly said:

Following!  You'll find that ore!


19 minutes ago, aerisand said:

Happy new challenge daaay!!! :P 


YAAY! I've been overly excited since Friday to get this new one started! Tomorrow is a shorter flexibility day so I'll get into the details then, in the meantime I'll just keep looking...




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Goals moved to top spot. Here's a little info on RedStone and a picture of a goat.





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45 minutes ago, SpecialSundae said:

Wheeeeee! New challenge!


16 minutes ago, fitjulia said:

Stone giant, checking in!


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Adding Minecraft to your Google might help!

Otherwise I don't know what you'll get lol

Ah. I could ask daughter #1. She is the author of the Agrarian Skies mod pack

wildross on the tablet

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Warriors don't count reps and sets. They count tons.

My psychologist weighs 45 pounds, has an iron soul and sits on the end of a bar

Tally Sheet for 2019

Encouragement for older members: Chronologically Blessed Group;

Encouragement for newbie lifters: When we were weaker


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4 hours ago, wildross said:


Runs off to Google redstone


Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk


It's basically electricity for minecraft, the only power source - you use it to build mechanical things that run on circuits. It's just super hard to find and only exists in really deep, dark, difficult places to reach. Kinda like my core muscles... in need of uncovering and put to an enormous task!




I'm not huge in the mod community, but that looks like an awesome quest! If she's up for it - RAILCRAFT for the win!!! That's a mod I wouldn't think twice about.

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Alrighty. I'm too tired to get into details. Here's the TLDR summary:


Pilates kicked my butt today. Roller and frozen water bottle.


I worked on the sewing room. Progress photos to follow.


Macros are okayish, still too low in carb and cal, a touch too high in fat.


I covered for one of the other girls at work last minute and didn't have the chance to cook dinner, pooched my veggie intake for the day. I had an apple at lunch, but no veggies all day. Weird and unusual, but I did get ribs after the event and came home with an 21+ wrist band for some reason, but there's the plate of ~breakfast ribs~ for later in the week :D So that's something to look forward to.


But for now, I need to sleep.



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32 minutes ago, Granny Nogg said:

Podcast -dets so we can follow?

Spea king of following. ..hihihi.

sent from my tiny particle accelerator


HIhihi m'lady! sure, it's ThinkSink - the brainstorm podcast! (we just did one on weight loss programs lol wonder why that's been on my mind!) There's an RSS so it's on whatever podcast channels. too.

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I am so absurdly tired this week! My bag has been all packed for the gym for at least an hour, and yet, here I sit. I trust that I'll go momentarily (too much to do this afternoon to keep procrastinating), but I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around everything I need to do. 


I added a few core oriented TRX moves for my circuit this morning, and considering how tired I've been, will probably let tomorrow be a full rest day, other than perhaps a long walk into town. I'm also working events tomorrow and Friday night, both about an hours commute from here, so that all will help wipe me out completely just in time to sleep all day Saturday. (Yeah right, as if I could sleep past 8am max...)



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17 minutes ago, SevenofSeven said:



Hope your day gets better. The above is one of my favourites!


Haha, well, I'm doing great then! Thanks for that, I'm sure I'll perk up once I finally start moving! 

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1 hour ago, Granny Nogg said:



Haha, yeah, that's probably what I should do... but then I get that whole - you're useless! - feeling creeping back in! Tomorrow I'll rest, do some yoga at most. I have a meeting in the morning and leaving for an event around 5... maybe I can sneak in a nap!


I'm still tired, but at least I did the stuff:


~Circuit X3~


30X Jumping Jacks

20X Lunges

10X Burpees with alternating jumps

10X Clean and press KB at 10# 

10X TRX Rollouts super slow

10X TRX Anti rotation super slow

(Thanks @GymlessRanger!! More research = more to follow.)



2X5 Bar

2X5 55#

5X5 65#



1X2 65#

1X2 75#

1X2 85#

1X5 95# 


~Overhead Press AKA my nemesis~

2X5 20# super slow

3X5 30# super slow (started to fail on the third)

1X5 30# moderate speed (cuz failing)

1X5 30# super slow


Maybe not totally ample stretching after, but some... More to come now that I'm home.


full disclosure, while I was doing warm up squats I saw the inner seam of my legging was worn down. Ugh. This is why I need new pants. I really didn't want to bir splits or have my knees on my forehead and such with my skivvies hanging out! LOL/OY.


I was feeling pretty shaky on everything but deadlifts today, and almost failed my 4th set of squats. I think @SpecialSundae mentioned something about expecting to not be able to make lifts at certain (stabby) times, I think this may be going on. Also maybe why I'm so tired and blah.


Next up, look at my pins for dinner inspiration. Days like this I can't think straight about making up a recipe!

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