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15 minutes ago, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

McGregor's Obi-wan is by far my favorite thing to come out of the prequels.

He's hilarious, and I identify with him so much.


I'm pretty sure that pre-Sith Anakin is my Fiance's spirit animal and Obi-Wan is mine



Obi-Wan: You know I don't like it when you do that. 
Anakin: Sorry, master. I forgot that you don't like flying. 
Obi-Wan: I don't mind flying, but what you're doing is suicide. 


^^^How I feel when he drives xD

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On 3/31/2016 at 10:45 PM, EricMN said:

Good luck! What part of town?


Our purchase offer was accepted.  Inspection next.  We will be just over the border of Lakeville ... so I'm telling everyone that we are moving (back) to Burnsville.  The other side of the highway from Buck Hill.  It will cut my commute in half!!!


13 hours ago, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

McGregor's Obi-wan is by far my favorite thing to come out of the prequels.


Aside of R2-D2, I think his Obi-Wan is my favorite character.  His heart break when Anakin betrays the Order is just gut-wrenching.  


First week of work was tiring, but I am so glad to not be bored anymore.  

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9 hours ago, Chris-Tien Jinn said:


Our purchase offer was accepted.  Inspection next.  We will be just over the border of Lakeville ... so I'm telling everyone that we are moving (back) to Burnsville.  The other side of the highway from Buck Hill.  It will cut my commute in half!!!

Nice neighborhood. Also, the view of your new 'hood from the top of the Hill is amazing. Do you have access to Crystal Lake?

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3 hours ago, EricMN said:

Nice. My kids lived in this general area the past five years and I have other friends that live that way. It's a good neighborhood.


Glad to hear it!!  It's hard to judge based on a couple of visits.  We lived near Buck Hill 30 years ago, and the place has changed a lot.


Weekend Prep (Every Weekend Items)

  • Clean out fridge
  • Clean out briefcase and purse
  • Plan menus
  • Grocery shopping
  • Prep snacks & lunches
  • Prep Monday breakfast
  • Make something in the crockpot
  • Make Monday’s to-do list
  • Make list of the big things to do during the following week
  • Take time for yourself
  • Spend time with friends & family (Play WoW or Ingress with Mr. Wizard)
  • Organize closet
  • Plan clothes for the week
  • Organize gym outfits for the week
  • Make playlists for the week
  • Clean out trash, recycling, and compost
  • Get outside
  • Pickup and clean house
  • Find motivation
  • Strength training at gym
  • Long cardio training

This Weekend

  • Gardening: dirt and mulch
  • Make benefits choices
  • NF story
  • Get salad lunch bowl
  • Straighten out online banking
  • Play SWTOR

During Week 0, I've discovered that it will be a challenge to stick within calorie limits - and that I'll need to bring food from home in order to eat well.  That was pretty much expected, but it is sad that eating healthy should be difficult on a college campus.  Most days, I've been close on the number of steps to goal, and once I get used to the change in schedule (and the drive), I should be able to crush that goal and get in good exercise after dinner.  


I've got plans for breakfasts and lunches and have made the weekly dinner plan.  Since Mr. Wizard is busy most evenings this week, I'll be eating light.  


And, I've laid out my workout clothes for the week.  So I can toss the day's set into the workout bag before I leave for work, put it on my dining room chair, and (hopefully) be two steps closer to going to the gym to workout.  Or at least be motivated to work out at home.  




But I'll just put this one here as a teaser for the story segment .....



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Not exactly a motivational image, but a conversation I had today.


Other Person: I'm scared of getting old.

Me: What do you mean?
Other Person: I turn 50 in four years.

Me: Well if you don't want to get old your other option is to go up to the tenth floor (we were on the 9th floor of a 10 floor building) and jump off. 

Other person:


Me: So which will it be, Old age or death?

Other Person: Old age, I want old age.

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“So, what will become of them?”  Chris asked softly.  She and Master Satele were strolling side by side through the Temple gardens, relaxing after Chris-Tien’s Council debriefing.  It had gone better than either of them had hoped, although several of the Council members had looked like they would rather be pulled backward through a sarlacc rather than admit that they had been wrong in interpreting Jomar’s visions.  


The Grandmaster took a deep breath and sighed before answering.  “Leeha will be taken to the retreat center in the hills to recover under the careful watch of several of the Masters more familiar with this sort of Dark Side overshadowing.  It will take time for us to be certain that she is completely free of the Emperor’s control … and for her to regain confidence in herself again.”  The dark-haired Jedi walked along for a few more moments, head bowed in thought.  Chris-Tien paced quietly beside her, footfalls muted by the fallen tree needles that gave off a pungent but familiar scent.  “Unfortunately,” Satele continued, “she does not remember much after she and Master Braga were captured.  We are fairly certain that he survived, probably also under control of the Emperor, but details were lost when she came to herself abruptly during the fight.”


“And Jomar?”  Chris asked as casually as she could.


“He did pick up several valuable pieces of information.”  Satele smiled. “He overheard that a Lord Fulminiss is on Voss to assist the Emperor with this dark ritual of his.”


“Voss?” Chris asked, puzzled.  

“A recently discovered planet.  Temperate … similar to Tython,”  Satele waved her hand to indicate their surroundings.  “And at least one of the sentient species on the planet has some Force-sensitives among its population.   I am sending Gnost-Dural to investigate and to learn more about the planet. But, that is not what you were asking about, I’m sure,” she glanced at Chris with a knowing smile.


“Well,”  the blonde Jedi huffed, discomforted at Master Shan’s perception.  She fell silent, waiting for Satele to decide whether or not to indulge Chris’ curiosity.  


After a few moments of awkward silence, during which the pair continued to walk down the forest-littered path, the Grandmaster relented.  “He has a choice to make - the same one that faces you.”  She stopped and looked at Chris-Tien with wise, knowing eyes.  “The life a a Jedi is a hard one.  Jomar let himself be lead astray by his feelings and attachments … as did you.”  She held up her hand as Chris-Tien started to protest.  “He needs to decide if he will set aside his attachment to Leeha.  You need to decide if you will set aside your search for your master and your padawan.  If they still live, they are out of our knowledge and our reach.  Both of you,” she emphasized, “need to decide if you will recommit to serving the Order …. And following both the Code and the directives of the Council.”  


Chris regarded Satele for a long moment before nodding slowly.  “Yes.  I was angry and felt betrayed …. And I thought that this justified setting aside my training and discipline.”  She sighed. “I was wrong …. very, very wrong.”  Pausing, her blue eyes swept over the grounds, finally resting on the peak of the Temple in the distance.  Satele waited patiently until Chris realized that she needed to answer the unasked question.  “I want to return to the Order.  I know I have a lot to re-learn, and my skills have definitely faded while I have been gone.  But I will commit to the Code and to obeying the Council.”


Satele nodded, smiling.  “Good.  I’m glad, Chris.  Truly I am.  And I hate to send you out again so soon, but the other piece of information Jomar overheard is that Corellia is in danger.”  Chris’ eyebrows raised surprise.  Corellia was a core world and essential to the Republic for many resources, not the least of which was its ability to manufacture exceptional space craft.  “A Darth Xaoc is leading an Imperial strike force there to capture as many of the manufacturing sectors as possible.  I want you to join the Republic forces and assist in defending these facilities.”

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It has been a good day.  I'm a little over on calories (1530/1367), but I have a nice salad packed already (!) for tomorrow's lunch.


I hauled dirt and got most of the raised beds filled and ready for planting seeds in a couple of weeks.  Did my strength workout (see below), got my steps, and I grilled a bunch of chicken breast for salads during the week.  Here's to a good Week 1!!!!


As my reward, I took time to play Star Wars The Old Republic, and new, we're watching Once Upon A Time.....


Workout A (Increases in RED!)

Goblet Squat: 3 x 10 x 8

Dumbbell Bench Press: 3 x 12 x 8

Pushups: 10 (incline)

Dumbbell step ups: 3 x 7.5 x 20

Tricep extensions: 3 x 7.5 x 10

Planks: elbow - 30 seconds

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