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ShadowLion keeps her stake planted in the ground...


Shadow Lion Walks the Circle

(Whaddya expect when you've tied your foot to a rope

attached to a stake in the ground?)



Transforming from the Fool...




To the Magician...




(This card I chose, rather than drew, to use

as a meditation device in the coming weeks.)


Last challenge - when I drew The Fool for my theme - was definitely an adventure, full of fresh starts, false starts, exploration, new ideas, taking chances and chasing dreams. A leap of faith.


Now, it's time to focus that energy and balance it. To utilize will and discipline to become the Magician, specifically a Technomancer.


This continues my year theme of "planting my stake in the ground" - focus, commitment, determination - in a general way. It is also directly linked to what I perceive as a great need to balance out the various "elemental energies" in my life, the very things that the Magician has mastered. I have have been out of balance with too much work and stress lately and need to correct that.


From there, I am using the element of chance and drawing cards to guide my "walk around the circle" and determine my challenge goals. I thought it was pretty cool how there are circles in every card I drew, especially Wheel of Fortune, given the challenge title I chose a week ago!


I used my Druidcraft Tarot deck to draw from,

but used the internet for digital versions.

Time is at a premium, these days.





VII The Chariot





Queen of Cups


Oddly enough, I drew all female cards, though the deck is evenly balanced. And I am struggling as to how to fit a couple of these with my challenge goals.



Challenge Focus & Schedule

This is a transitional challenge, where the Fool begins to transform into the Magician. I want to keep and continue to enhance the positive qualities of the Fool - the creativity, joy, fresh outlook, and positivity - but mitigate some of the more chaotic ones with the discipline and focus of the Magician. I learned a lot from last challenge, where the Fool showed me that I have been over-emphasizing work at the expense of fun and just about everything else in life. I found out just how much I need more balance. 


It has taken me the first week of the challenge to get my act together enough to get my goals lined out, even with having the zero week this time. I expect to use the remaining 3 weeks, plus the next zero week, as transition time and pick up with a full-fledged Magician challenge in May.


My focus will be in balancing out the various activities in my life as I clear some long-standing projects and create a (somewhat) less hectic schedule for myself. I have been over-working, under-playing, and neglecting relationships and personal growth in favor of getting my business off the ground. That only works for a short time and I have pushed it pretty far. This is the month where I get balance back, as symbolized by the circle motif in my challenge title, avatar, and mirrored in the cards.


I am applying the cards to the weeks of the challenge:

Week 1 is Two of Pentacles - I have been shifting my focus to the things I can control and where I can make a difference, rather than dwelling on those things that stress me out. Making plans as to how to better address the stressors and take concrete action over the next few weeks to make those more manageable. And, I have actually taken up juggling... :) It's a good break at work, works my hands and eyes and gets me away from the computer with something completely different. Staying foolish. 

Week 2 is The Chariot - Here is where I get down to earnest on the plans made in Week 1. Schedule changes. Drawing clearer boundaries on time and energy use. Adding new exercises. Dynamic balance. 

Week 3 is The Wheel of Fortune - Even more balancing and adjustment. More about internal balance, reflection on cycles of life, getting my inner house in order. 

Week 4 is the Queen of Cups -  This is another card of internal adjustment, and of tapping into emotions and the unconscious. I expect that it will start to set the tone of the next challenge. A card with strong associations with nurturing home life, relationships and creativity. 




1. Ward Off the EVIL EYE
My posture and my eyes are suffering from constantly being under the gaze of the EVIL EYE (being in front of a computer for so many hours of the day). Stretching, using my adjustable/standing desk, breaks, eye yoga are my defenses. The sedentary nature of my work is another concern.
Daily stretch/squat/stand sessions and eye yoga. No more than 45 minutes without getting up and walking around or switching to at least 15 minutes of standing work. Eyes - 20 sec breaks every 20 minutes, a longer eye yoga session (5 mins) for every four hours on the computer. Specific checks of my posture, and especially head and neck positions on the same schedule as eyes and do a few quick stretches as needed at the same time. Hand/wrist stretches included, too. Daily (or more frequent) walks of at least 1K, to break up the sitting. 





2. Create Sacred Space

My minimalism progress from the fall has not held up to the chaos of the last few months. The Fool does not seem to do well with the structure required with home maintenance! 

Clear the clutter. The 15 minutes a day clutter patrol returns. I also have several short projects of:

  1. Rearranging furniture
  2. Office spring cleaning
  3. Work on a better setup for my drawing area, so I can sit down and do short sessions easily, without taking a bunch of time to set up each time


3. Make Time for Foolishness

Last challenge's fun/relaxation/creativity goal helped me see how little time I was myself for play and recreation. It was a struggle most days to carve out 30 minutes for that.

I am continuing that goal, but with upgrades this time. More art and writing, less reading and internet in that time. And more time overall. 45 minutes. 


4. Sleep

I need more sleep and a better sleep schedule. (And a lot of other things that aren't going to make it into this challenge.) I will start with sleep. 

6 hours bare minimum, 7 hours goal. Log it, and see how I can make this work better. Once I have that in better shape, I plan to re-introduce lucid dreaming experiments again. 


5. Whole Brain Balance

I am experimenting with physical activities that will help me increase physical and mental balance in my life. 

Juggling on breaks at work, non-dominant hand mirror writing, using my non-dominant hand for everyday tasks, bi-lateral strength and agility training to increase muscle symmetry and help with Goal 1. I am using the parts of "Whole Brain Power" by Michael Lavery that make sense to me and ignoring what doesn't. :)


I have a lot of other goals that I wanted to add, but I am restricting myself to the above to establish a stronger base to my balancing. I am leaving room for adjustments and possible additions upon each week's finish, as needed.


Let the intuition and the cats (and the circles!) begin...



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Apologies for the huge image, but it is the only way to clearly see what the Fool has over his shoulder.


How could I not stick with the Fool just a little bit longer once I found a card where the Fool has an electric guitar shaped like a butterfly on his shoulder instead of the traditional knapsack?


I love the modern interpretation of the traditional symbolism, and find it very apropos, given I started my career journey as a musician. Then, like the Fool, I wandered around through many different adventures. I came back to music to reach where I am now. I still have nine students, even though I am moving further into coding. 


Where does the Fool go next?

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9 hours ago, DarK_RaideR said:

Following, of course


8 hours ago, Miw_Sher said:

Also following. :)


4 hours ago, Marauder said:

oooh Foolishness. :D



4 hours ago, Tanktimus the Encourager said:



Haha! Tank, that was the perfect morning laugh as I settled into a day of coding to meet a looming deadline! The Death Star has its sights trained on me today... :)



1 hour ago, Raxie said:

Hooray! Following :)


Thanks, all! And welcome to all the foolishness and what comes after...which I expect will still retain plenty of Fool energy.


This challenge looks like it will be a very transformational/transitional one - groundwork between "the Fool" and "What Comes Next."

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While I was laughing about fools following fools, I realized what I have spent the past month of stress and coding doing.


What have I been working on so diligently? The signage widget I am under the gun to finish by Thursday? Trivia. Yes, a Trivia app.


Which was preceded in the last month by Horoscopes, and before that five stock market widgets. I have spent the last month making seven different signage widgets that I have come to call Trivia (well-named), Hokum (horoscopes), and Voodoo (financials)! Hardly the stuff of social change and of little benefit beyond entertainment. It leaves me wondering at the value of all of the effort I have put into the project, though it has kept my business afloat for another month.


Hopefully, though, the Fool isn't as silly as she seems and is leveraging those for things of more substance. We shall see... Back to work. Diggy Diggy Hole.

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18 minutes ago, elizevdmerwe said:

Foolishing along. Did your music guy step out of a black hole onto a sea wall?


Sort of looks that way. I've been trying to figure that out, too. Guessing it is symbolizing "depths of the unconscious." Another twist from the more usual mountains and cliffs. Lighthouse behind, perhaps? All the better to trigger one's intuition?

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1 hour ago, ShadowLion said:


Sort of looks that way. I've been trying to figure that out, too. Guessing it is symbolizing "depths of the unconscious." Another twist from the more usual mountains and cliffs. Lighthouse behind, perhaps? All the better to trigger one's intuition?

Lighthouse on the cliff at the top, but the black ends too abruptly behind him to be part of the cliffs, so I get the idea he is from somewhere else, bringing light or a "lighter tone" with him ;) but I'm basically falling asleep at the moment, so I'll go mull over it tomorrow.

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You're right, there would be more light behind him otherwise. And, I noticed if the light behind his head was from a light house it would not align quite right. So, it does look as if he is coming out of a black hole or abyss and bringing light with him, along with a highly mischievous air. :)

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I missed the last challenge so I am very curious as to what the fool entail. :) I still have great memories of discussions on horoscopes, paganism and general spirituality two challenges ago.

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Foolishness of the day. (As if the above wasn't enough...)




Question of the Day

What has been the theme of this thread for the last two days?

1) Cats

2) Pickles

3) Cats and Pickles

4) Space Exploration

5) Foolishness

6) Cats in Space

7) All of the above

8) None of the above

9) I don't know

10) I don't care

11) I'm going to wait and see tomorrow's foolishness to see if I can see the pattern

12) Other _______________________________



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