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"In an area this size....this many bad guys. I just don't like the idea of throwing you to the wolves."


"Captain...we are the wolves."




I bought The Division when it came out March 8th and have been hooked since day one! It's a really fun game despite some repetitiveness and I enjoy the challenge of the upper levels. I still daydream about playing it and getting some legendary SOCOM M1A marksman rifle one day... And, if you've been following me a while, you know this is my second run at a Division themed challenge. This time is going to be better because I'm involving YOU guys! On my last challenge thread, I asked everyone to "sign up" to participate in my challenge and here's how things are going to work: 




  1. Each day, I will be tasked to gain points throughout the day by performing my usual daily activities, but now, I’m keeping myself accountable for them all. Each activity or task will be worth 5 points with a potential of 75 points each day.
  2. The challenge will take place M-F where I have to accumulate at least 300 points by Friday evening. If I do not have a total of 300 total points then the fireteam for that week will help decide how I make up those missed points. This can basically be a little mini-challenge within the challenge. Or a PvP or something that can get me and my team the necessary points to take on that week's’ Boss/Rogue Agent. An example of this would be going for a 2 mile hike/walk/ruck in order to make up the lost points.

  3. Once 300 points is achieved, then I can write up the boss battle- I’m looking to have it posted by Sunday evening.

  4. Watch out though, throughout the week I may ask the team to participate with me on my own personal “team building” exercises. I will challenge my team to get in 5 total minutes spent in the squat or try hanging from a pull-up bar for more than :15 seconds. Little stuff like that to add towards points. Think bonus stuff but I need the fireteam in order to get those points.  I know I said that you guys didn’t have to participate except create an Agent….yeah, well I lied. So, sue me ;). This is not mandatory, of course, but I’m going to encourage the team for that week to get involved and have some fun!




Here is the cumulative list of “skills and abilities” My goal is to complete each of these daily. These will count towards my weekly point total and each goal is worth FIVE points.


  1. Clean eating-not paleo, but clean. Lots of veggies. Limit sweets to 2x a week.
  2. 100+ oz of water daily. No Soda’s
  3. Shoulder PT
  4. Conditioning-Gaelic practice, jump rope, sprints, speed drills, taking the stairs instead of elevator
  5. Cold showers-start with every other day-work up to daily.
  6. Rucking/Walking-shoot for 1 hour a day
  7. Squatting-aim for 30 min of accumulative squatting/ Move around and be active in my squat
  8. Urban Survival/Foraging study/mini-adventures
  9. Nail biting (you get 2 fuck ups a day-after that, third time's a charm and you get ZERO points)
  10. Reading/Listening/Writing
  11. Sleeping- minimum of 7 hours
  12. Hanging-aim for 5 min a day (accumulative)
  13. Crawling
  14. Meal Prep/bring lunch leftovers to save money
  15. Domestic Rangering



  1. Become the Perfect Agent- follow my daily routine as RX'd as possible. +3 WIS
  2. Start 21-day Cold Shower Routine-5 min cold shower each morning. +3 CON
  3. Continue aggressive shoulder rehab and strengthening-mobilze daily. +3 STR
  4. Learn to live Uncaged-find my wild-become primal in your daily movements and philosophies. +3 DEX
  5. Gather from the Land- learn the basics of foraging and find some stuff to eat (if possible). +3 CHA


The story so far…


Back when the First Wave of Division Agents and law enforcement were tasked in saving a pandemic ridden New York, the riots had just begun and the terror was spreading like wildfire. Agent Wild Wolf, an ex-Military marksman turned teacher and his task force of specialized agents were sent in with the rest of the First Wave to stop the outbreak and maintain government order. On a routine clean-up mission, Wild Wolf and his team were sent into the underbelly of New York, into the Subway stations to search for a man named Charles Bliss. Charles was responsible for the creation of the Last Man Battalion or LMB, a group of fascists elites bent on taking New York for themselves and establishing a new world order. It was up to Wild Wolf and his team of elite Division Agents to stop him…


...However, Wild Wolf was betrayed by his team. All four agents turned on their fireteam leader and friend and shot him in the back, leaving him to die down there. But, Agent Wild Wolf didn’t die. His strength and determination to live allowed him to hang on for almost a day before he was rescued. Now, as the Second Wave was preparing to be deployed, he was back to full health and sporting a new scar near his spine that had it been a fraction of a centimeter to the left..he would never be able to walk again. It now serves as a reminder of why he is still fighting. Wild Wolf was then tasked with his first assignment since the betrayal. He was to hunt down each one of his old teammates and stop them by any means necessary. They had not only betrayed Wild Wolf, but the Division itself, taking intel and knowledge that could be powerful in the wrong hands. They joined up with Charles Bliss and The Last Man Battalion.


This is the story of Wild Wolf’s bloody revenge and how he achieved it. Along the way, his trust will be tested as he would lead 4 separate group of Second Wave Agents to battle his former squad of elites. Each group has their own unique strengths and Wild Wolf planned to exploit every ounce of it. Welcome to the fireteam, soldier…





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*Changes made 03/31/16*

  • Switched Viking Two-Zero from DPS to Medic roll
  • Switched Stoney from Medic to DPS roll
  • Switched Agnarr to the last Tank roll
  • Added Nymeria as the last DPS
  • Added Sylvaa as our Base of Operations contact


*ALSO: I will be making a video each week and announcing the week's roster with a highlight of the all the team members. I'll try and use my best movie trailer voice for added dramatic effect ;)*




The Tank




The tank roll is filled by those brave agents that choose to be in the midst of a fight and relish in the fact. They take aggro from enemy hostiles and tend to favor heavier weapons and armor to take more hits and dish out equal amounts of damage. The tank roll is the frontline of defense and crucial to any fireteams success. Each tank roll comes equipped with a ballistic shield and other skill sets that make them worth of being a “bullet sponge badass”. This challenge, our tank roll will be filled by:


Tanktimus played by Tanktimus

El Jay played by Mr. Willes

Gyrfalcon played by SkiBlue

Vlad played by Agnarr


The DPS aka Damage Dealer




The DPS roll is filled by those individuals that want the best gun and gear to dish out maximum damage. They could care less about a riot shield or gearing up with lots of defense. All they want is to put the enemy down before defense becomes something to worry about. The a-typical glass cannon, firepower is life to the DPS roll. This challenge, our DPS roll will be filled by:


Volki played by Volki

Stoney played by Stonegirl78

The Bitch played by Marauder

Nightshade played by Nymeria


The Medic




What good is a fireteam without it’s designated support and medic unit? A dead fireteam. The medic roll may be the most crucial and important of all the rolls. They aren’t really focused on mass damage output or soaking up damage, but they do make sure the team is kept in tact by using healing stations, stimpacks and other skills to buff the team and allow them to operate at 110%. They also have supportive skills like grenadier and sniper, but their main focus is that of the fireteam and keeping them alive. This challenge, the medic roll will be filled by:


Viking Two-Zero played by Rurik

Raider played by Dark Raider

MotherEarth played by Terra

Foxtrot Eight-Niner played by Ruthie


Base of Operations Contact: Agent Sylvaa


And last but not least, your fire team leader and Designated Marksman (DM):







Wild Wolf or Wolf (DM-designated marksman)


Appearance: Mesh cap, black and grey modern windbreaker jacket with hood (think Arc'teryx style), black compression shirt (underneath body armor), dark grey pants and some black walking shoes. Tall and lean, long reddish blonde hair that’s slicked back underneath the mesh cap, sleeved out on his right arm with tattoos, left arm is tatted as well.

Weapons: Custom M44 (DMR), Vector .45 ACP (SMG), Military M9 (pistol)

Bio: Wild Wolf had been tasked as an operative during the 1st wave and was thought to be dead. However, he is alive and now with 4 teams at his disposal, he is tasked to hunt down some rogue agents who have betrayed The Division, and Wild Wolf himself.



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Points/Gear Score Needed: 300


Gear Score Achieved:




Tank Roll: El Jay

DPS Roll: Nightshade

Medic Roll: Viking Two-Zero


Boss: Man-Hunter

Specialty: Marksman

Primary Weapon: Custom M44 carbine (called White Death)

Location: TBD

Henchman: 25-30 hostiles *subject to change*


Boss Fight Writeup: N/A



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Points Needed: 400


Points Achieved: 435*




Tank: Gyrflacon

Medic: MotherEarth

DPS: The Bitch


Fury Unit vs Switchblade



“Shit Boss, they got me pinned!” The Bitch called out over the comm. She had gotten cocky and sped ahead of the group. She killed 4 hostiles on her way up the stairs but as soon as she hit the top of the staircase, many more awaited her.


“Maybe you’ll listen to me next time, B. I just sent out a pulse scan, there’s 10 baddies up there and you ran smack dab in the middle of them!” Wolf commented with some annoyance.


“Yeah, tell me something I don’t know, Boss!” Three shots rang out from The Bitch’s end and three more hostiles went down.


Wolf, MotherEarth and Gyrfalcon were at the opposite staircase making an attempt to bail out their glass cannon. Things had surprisingly gone smooth since they hit the abandoned apartment building...at least until this moment. Switchblade was waiting for them at the top with a plethora of bad guys and Fury Unit had just hit the roof.


“Stay where you are, B-we’re coming to you.” Wolf signaled Gyrfalcon to take lead with her shield and he and MotherEarth followed close behind. Gyrfalcon was smooth in her transitions. Much faster than his meaty friend, El-Jay, Falcon was as swift as her namesake. Wolf hugged at her hips with some degree of difficulty and MotherEarth on his as they squatted down and edged their way closer to the Bitch. The night air was cold and windy and the effects of the weather were just now hitting Fury Unit. Sixteen flights of bad guys and bullets.


“I won’t-” another couple shots fired off, “-hold my breath waiting for you three.” The Bitch said sarcastically.


“Ok, Falcon...MotherEarth... B is 20m to the other side of the roof. We have 7 hostiles on her position-let’s make them regret the day they fucked with a Fury!” A resounding ‘aye’ erupted from his other two female teammates and they hedged their way towards the Bitch.


“Hey, MotherEarth, you got one of those craft bombs you’ve been cooking up with you?” Wolf asked his medic and received with a devious smile in return. She had been working on home made pipe bombs and nail grenades all week long prepping for this fight and Wolf’s curiosity had finally gotten the better of him.


“Pipe bomb…” MotherEarth said without looking up and handing Wolf a crude looking PVC pipe with a fuse poking out the bottom end from her bag. “...and nail grenade at your service, Boss.” She cradled the odd looking nail grenade in her hand carefully. Wolf had a feeling that the bad guys wouldn’t like that one in particular.


Wolf peered around the corner and scanned the position of the hostiles. Two shotgunners slowly made their way towards the door where the Bitch had held off the attack. “Ok, here’s the plan ladies. I’m gonna throw the pipe bomb behind the shotgunners and as soon as I do that, MotherEarth, I need you to throw the nail grenade a few feet behind that. We’re gonna corner the sonsabitches and make sure every last one gets nailed! On my signal…” Wolf eyed his medic with the lit the pipe bomb. He waited for a brief second to let the fuse shrink down then tossed it over his shoulder. “B...you might wanna get back. There’s gonna be a loud boom.”


Shouting from the baddies ensued as the pipe bomb went off with a bigger bang than Wolf had expected. “Now, MotherEarth!” He yelled as she tossed her home made nail grenade into the fleeing pile of Last Man Battalion. “Shield up, Falcon!” Gyrfalcon was able to pull her ballistic shield up just as the grenade exploded, sending nails of all shapes and sizes in every directions. One nail burrowed into Falcon’s shield, scraping her cheek. Screams of gurgling pain echoed the rooftop as the remaining 7 hostiles were silenced. Wolf, Gyrfalcon and MotherEarth stepped from behind their cover to view the aftermath of the nail grenade. Some of the enemies still twitched, their faces and bodies embedded with nails.


“Deadly. Nicely done, MotherEarth.” Wolf exclaimed with some pride


“No problem, Boss. It’s the ole ‘nail in the coffin’ for these suckers.” Her cheesy one liner appropriately making its way into the conversation.


The Bitch emerged from the other door leading to the roof, her hair a mess and a smirk on her face. “ Sorry ladies, and Boss...I got over zealous. I thought I could gun these douchetools down and meet you guys up here..” Her smirk turning tight lipped with embarrassment.


“Forgiven. But next time, try and play nice with the team. There’s a reason we are ALL four here. What good are we if you go off and get yourself killed?”


“Understood, sir, and it won’t happen again.” Her head was down, knowing she had jeopardized herself and her team just moments before.


“Soldier, look at me.” Wolf commanded, standing nearly a foot over his female damage dealer. He grabbed her by the shoulders and met her gaze. “You’re right. It won’t happen again. And you know why?”


She didn’t answer but waited for Wolf to finish., almost expecting some form of punishment. “It’s because you’re the Bitch! You’re ex-CIA. You and the rest of Fury Unit are elite badass women-” Wolf looked back at the other two, “-And these dudes are scared of you ladies! They’ve never faced the wrath of 3 woman scorned before so show them what that’s like!”


“Hell yeah, boss! You know how to get a lady all hot and bothered, dontcha?” The Bitch winked and cracked her neck from left to right.


“I have three kids, what do you think?” Wolf winked back.


“OK, ladies, behind this barricade sits another 15-20 baddies plus Switchblade. Remember, he’s a medic and can heal. He’s also very mobile and likes to use throwing knives. Fair warning, he’s pretty deadly with them.” Wolf began to explain. He flipped his Go-Bag around and removed 4 stimpacks filled with an orange liquid.


“We call this Mach 7. It’s an energy booster made by the medic who resides with Alpha Unit, Viking Two-Zero. It taste like peaches, oranges, pineapple and dynamite. No shit, ladies, it’s awesome stuff. Take yours now or later, it’ll do the trick to finish off the Mad Doctor and getting him to do re-runs on Grey’s Anatomy.” MotherEarth snickered at that. He gave each Fury her own vial and then reloaded his newly acquired AK-47. It was the classic wooden stock version with burgundy color furniture that he had picked up in the Dark Zone earlier in the week.


Wolf slammed his Mach 7 into his thigh and felt the rush of energy swarm over him. He made a mental note to thank Harrgath again for the supply. Each Fury did the same.


“I have a shield bash that I promised you, sir, so let’s finish this!” Gyrfalcon said, the Mach 7 working its way through her system. She beat her fist against the shields front and grunted a little. Wolf smiled and knew if the tank was ready, they all were ready.


“Holy shit! Sir, how did you know I was a fan of cocaine?” The Bitch muttered as the effects of Mach 7 hit her like backfist to the chest.


“MotherEarth, keep your craft bombs ready to go whenever. Bitch, stay close to MotherEarth and reign down lead on these assholes. Falcon...I think you know what to do. Call us out!”


“With pleasure, boss.” Falcon smirked and called out at the top of her lungs. “FURY UNIT, ENGAGE!”


Falcon turned the corner and made her way across the giant rooftop with her team following close behind. It was an odd sight, one man and his band of Furies, but they were proving more than useful as a unit. Wolf turned on his pulse scanner and got a read on the remaining enemies.


“Twenty-one, ladies...Twenty-one more bad guys including Switchblade.” Wolf called out as the pulse came back with 21 heat signatures and heat beats. There was only one heart he wished to stop though and the Mad Doctor was the one on the surgical table now. All four of them sat crouched behind some air ducts on the roof when an incoming grenade landed next to Gyrfalcon.


“Disperse!” Gyrfalcon yelled as she dove out of the blast radius. The rest of Fury Unit did the same. They each recovered back to their original spot once the blast went off and then moved around, dodging gunfire and more grenades. The first wave of enemies advanced towards Fury Unit, trying to out-flank them. A heavy gunner set up about 30 yards out let loose his light machine gun and rained down suppression fire to keep the team's offense at bay. A rogue sniper set up about 15 yards behind him and begin his assault as well.

“Shit, what do we do, sir?” Gyrfalcon asked with some fear in her voice.


“Do you trust me, Falcon?” Wolf asked back.


“Yes, of course, sir.” Gyrfalcon replied.


“Good-use your speed and mobility to go take out that heavy gunner. I’ll follow behind and cover you. MotherEarth and B...stay here and try and take out that sniper. Watch our backs and don’t get flanked from the left. They’re gonna do all they can to overpower us. Oh… and MotherEarth..”


“I already got ya covered, Boss.” she said with a wink and handed him one of her craft bombs. This one was a little different than the other two but he took it without question. She had an unusual smile on her face as he did so.


Gyrfalcon rounded the wall and three hostiles were waiting. With quick succession, she popped them all in the head with her M9 pistol as she hid behind her shield. She was a woman possessed at the moment. A rifleman swung his gun on us as we worked our way around to the other side of the wall and into the open of the rooftop. He emptied off a whole clip, each round bouncing off Falcon’s shield before she reached him. Her first move was an aggressive swipe, knocking the M4 out the man’s trained hands. The second move was an unexpected one. She hit the man’s thigh with the butt of her pistol, sending him down to one knee with a grunt and then blasted him underneath his chin, spraying blood and brain matter on her face.


Wolf aimed down his sights and took down two more hostiles that were closing in on the duo. Both Wolf and Gyrfalcon nodded a thanks of appreciation to one another. Without taking time to wipe off her bloodied face, Gyrfalcon was on the move again with Wolf close behind.


“Five down, sixteen to go, ladies! How’s that suppression fire coming along you two?”


The Bitch dove and when she came out of her roll, she unloaded a couple rounds into the nearest hostile trying to flank them. “Fifteen to go now! We’re making do over here, boss, that suppression fire is coming….right...about...now!” The Bitch tossed a smoke grenade then pulled out her assault rifle with MotherEarth. They both unloaded a whole clip towards the heavy gunner and sniper and watched as Wolf and Gyrfalcon made their way across the open rooftop.


“Sir, they’re moving towards us as we speak. The other two are back behind the vents laying cover fire.”


“I don’t give a shit where they are, Jenkins! Kill them and bring me the male soldier alive!”


The Bitch eyed the dead rifleman’s radio and snatched it up. “Wolf, sir, I’m going to feed you into this radio frequency. Looks like the Mad Doctor wants you alive and us dead. How rude! Woman and children...they’re always spared.”


“Thanks, B. I hate to break it to you, but sparing lives isn’t Switchblades specialty..” Wolf said as he was linked into Switchblades frequency, hearing the all too familiar voice. “And remember, Fury Unit. Death is not an option for us. Death is inevitable for them. Why?”


“Cuz we are the Furies!” They all three repeated with extra venom dripping from their war cries. Wolf smiled slightly and peeked out of his cover to down 2 more enemies still caught up in the smoke. Agent Wolf linked in the radiofrequency with his own comm’s so the team could hear and he spoke with authority.


“Hello Conrad.”


Static remained on the other line and the hostile gunfire ceased. The night grew even colder as the wind chill picked up and whipped against Fury Unit. It had been a long day...but he could sense things were coming to an end as Wolf’s team tore through Switchblade’s one by one. Though vastly different from Alpha Unit, Team Fury was some of the best soldiers he’d worked with and they most certainly lived up to their name.


“Well don’t tell me now that the big, bad wolf is on your front door that you’re gonna cower back into your shithole, are you, Switchblade?


“You always talked too much shit to cover your own ass, haven’t you Ryan?” A methodical laugh followed the sophisticated voice of Switchblade. “I’ll tell you what... Disband your little tea party and come face me one on one. I’ll have my men stand down and we can settle this like gentlemen?”


Wolf laughed into the comm. “You’re fucking crazy if you think I’d trust you to tell your men to stand down. You shot me in the back last time I let my guard down, remember?”


“Oh no, dear boy, that was Man Hunter who did that. I voted to slice your throat, something more concrete and civilized, but they all decided that a round to the spine oughta make you suffer enough. It obviously wasn’t enough..the fools! You should be dead down in the substation, Wolf...” There was a moment of silence as both men reminisced that day. “...When I kill you, I’ll make sure you’re buried down there where you belong!” The last part came out as a snarl. Wolf had planned this all along. Switchblade was the cold, calculated killer on his old team. A damn fine medic but a ruthless killer that always had his wits about him. Disrupt the man’s thoughts and make him agitated..that’s where Agent Wolf won the battle.


“So what happens when you die then? Cuz I’m not dying tonight and I have three beautiful ladies here who agree with me.”


“Yeah, asshole! I’m stuffing your mouth with a dildo-grenade!” The Bitch voiced out over the comm. Wolf tried to hold back the smile, but he couldn’t.

“I would advise to keep your bitches on a leash, Agent Wolf or I’ll make sure and put them down one by one. I might even let you watch me carve them up. I am a surgeon after all…”


“Oh shut up! There’s only one bitch here and that’s me!” The Bitch yelled into the comm. “So come get me, big boy!” She unloaded each clip on her pistols and waited for Wolf to give the command.


“Well there you have it, Conrad. Come and get us!” Wolf switched frequencies back to his team and yelled out a command for The Bitch and MotherEarth to move from their position. They had to down the heavy gunner and sniper before they could get to Switchblade...

MotherEarth stuffed her SRS rifle with a fresh mag and peaked over the sandbag barrier where her and Wolf sat. Gyrfalcon and The Bitch were sneaking around to flank the heavy gunner and the sniper while she and Agent Wolf kept them occupied. He had his marksman rifle out as well, a newly acquired M1a and sent a well placed shot near the neckline of the gunner. His heavy padding took the lethality out of the bullet but it was powerful enough to send him backwards. A healing station was thrown over in the area of the gunner and Wolf caught a glimpse of Switchblade for the first time. He was hiding out with the sniper.


“Ladies, if you’ll look closely, you’ll notice that our pal Switchblade is camped up in the sniper's nest. Let’s destroy these remaining hostiles and get the hell off this roof!”


“Sir, that bomb I gave you earlier...now would be a good time to toss it.” MotherEarth stated.


“Oh yeah?” Wolf replied as he took out the grenade. It was cold to the touch and this intrigued him. “What is this thing?”


“If you have to ask sir, you aint got any business knowing. Just throw the damn thing and make sure you aim for the gunner.”


“Yes ma’am.” Wolf said as he continued to examine the cold grenade. “I’m going for another pulse scan, Furies, watch out for more heat signatures!” Wolf activated his pulse and pulled up the remaining hostiles including Switchblade.


“We got eight more plus the Doctor. Try and corral the remaining baddies near the heavy gunner. I have a new grenade to try, compliments of MotherEarth!”


All the Furies replied in unison and began to move the remaining enemies towards the center where the heavy gunner was setting up again.  Frag grenades came from Gyrfalcon and the Bitches end as well as heavy machine gun fire while Wolf and MotherEarth dropped a couple with headshots. Once the last couple of LMB soldiers were in position, Wolf tossed the grenade towards them and waited. After a 3 second delay the grenade went off and did something Agent Wolf had not expected. The explosion was similar to a tear gas grenade, but the fog was different.

“Damn, MotherEarth...is that liquid nitrogen?” Wolf said as he finally realized what made the grenade so cold.


“Why yes it is, Boss…” MotherEarth replied without looking at Wolf. She looked on as her creation started freezing the remaining LMB soldiers in place. Screams of agony filled their area and then another grenade was tossed in. The following explosion wiped out any remaining hostiles and left the sniper and Switchblade to deal with last.


“That was awesome, ME!” Gyrfalcon said over the comm. “Ok so what now boss? We have them outnumbered and flanked.”


“Let’s finish this, ladies!” Wolf motioned for MotherEarth to follow him around the corner as Falcon and the Bitch went the other way. Close quarters combat at its finest. A sniper round tore a chunk in the brick wall that Wolf and MotherEarth were crawling along and it sent them both in different directions. Then another shot rang out. Then a cry of pain. Not an LMB soldier, but one of his Furies. Wolf looked towards MotherEarth who was struggling to crawl out of the line of fire and painting a row of blood on the roof as she did so. The second sniper round managed to get MotherEarth in the knee as she attempted to roll into cover. The carnage of the gunshot made matters worse, but the round had completely shattered her knee.


“MotherEarth!” Wolf yelled over to her. He sprinted from his position and scooped her up on the run. Just before they managed to find cover, another blast rang out and Agent Wolf dove with MotherEarth, the sniper round barely missing him. “Shit! Bitch, Falcon, I need you two on my position like yesterday. Our medic is down and she’s not looking so hot.”


Wolf fidgeted around in his pack and pulled out a stimpack and slammed it into her thigh where the shattered knee was. She gasped in pain and then slowly took a deep breath. “You’re gonna be alright, MotherEarth...You’re gonna be alright.”


“Man, boss, that hurt a lot!” She winced in agony as she tried to sit up more on the wall.


“You’re gonna be fine...just take big deep breaths in and let them out slow and controlled. I need to tourniquet your wound to stop the bleeding.” Wolf unraveled his belt and cinched it around her leg to stop the blood flow. Just as he did so, the rest of Fury Unit arrived.


“Oh shit, ME…” the Bitch said looking down at her medic’s knee.


“I’ll be fine...but we can’t stay here. Go finish him off for me please!” The group nodded in reply.


“Can you still snipe?” Wolf asked.


“I’ll manage. Now go!”


“Got it. B, stay with MotherEarth. Falcon, let’s finish this!”


She moved quickly and Wolf was on her tail, hiding behind the ballistic shield. They both weaved in and out of what little cover remained on the rooftop. They were too fast for the sniper and when they got close enough the snipers nest, Wolf tossed another smoke grenade. He wheeled himself around Gyrfalcon and unsheathed his tactical ax. Using his athleticism, he climbed up inside the snipers nest, ignoring the smoke. Seconds later, Agent Wolf was sent flying backwards out of the nest and landed hard. In quick succession, three throwing knives emerged out of the smoke and raced towards Wolf. He kicked with his legs and rolled backwards but one managed to tear into his calf and he gritted with pain.


Switchblade jumped down one side and the sniper jumped down on the other. “Go after the sniper!” He yelled towards Gyrfalcon and she obeyed without a word.


Switchblade smiled as he circled Wolf. He was a handsome man, Switchblade. Blonde hair kept short and neat, his strong jaw line making his face chiseled and the aftershave. He always wore the same kind. “Looks like it’s you and me, Wolfie.” Switchblade said, flipping two throwing knives in his hands with dexterous skill. Agent Wolf pulled out the knife that protruded from his calf and reached for his tactical ax that lay just to the right of him.


As Wolf stood, he began to chuckle a little. “Quit the cliches, Conrad, and just FIGHT ME!” He lunged quickly, bringing down the ax on Switchblades head, but he was blocked and a couple quick slashes went across Wolf’s body armor. The two ex-teammates circled each other again and Wolf went for the same lunge but this time dropped his knee to swipe horizontally. Switchblade was just a hair faster and just missed his stomach opening up and spilling his guts out on the rooftop.


The back and forth went for another couple of seconds before a loud gunshot rang out. A sniper round. Wolf checked his persons and made sure he hadn’t been shot, then looked at Switchblade who was frozen in place. His eyes widened and blood poured from his mouth. A softball sized bullet wound appeared in the middle of his chest.


“Boy, I wish you could see the look of shock on your face, Switchblade. Surprised?” Wolf smiled as he strolled over to Switchblade. He was gasping for air and doing his best to stop the bleeding. “I dunno why you even try and cover the wound...it’s huge. And even for a doctor of your skill set, you can’t operate on death, now can you?”


“You…..mother….” And with that, Switchblade fell face first on the roof.


“Yes...MotherEarth, asshole!” MotherEarth called out over the comm. Wolf looked in her direction and gave her a stiff salute.


“Thank you for that. I dunno how much longer I coulda kept that up!”


“All in a day’s work, Boss.” She replied back.


“Hey Boss, we got this sniper pinned down over here.” Gyrfalcon said. “I busted his face up with my shield for ya!”


“Good. I’ll call the chopper in, ladies. Great work, Team Fury!”


“Wait, we’re done already? I was having so much fun, though!” The Bitch said in a whiney voice.


“Oh, no, you’re not done yet, B. We still have 2 more rogue agents to go through before we’re ‘done’.” He said remember Dreadnaught and Calypso.


“ Wolf to Chopper One, do you copy? Over.”


“This is Chopper One, Wolf. We read you loud and clear.”


“Excellent. We need immediate evac from my position. And bring Harrgath with you- our medic went down with a knee injury.”


“Yessir, we copy you. Be there in 10. Over.”


“Make it 5. Over.”


Wolf looked at his team. His Furies. They had been scratched up a little but Switchblade was dead and they had this sniper to confess anything else.


“What a night, Furies. I’m ready for that martini, Falcon!”


To be continued….

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Just now, Marauder said:



Eta:  I knew you weren't going to be able to wait.  haha!


LMAO! I waited a day.....


I wanted to at least give myself ONE day to catch up with you guys and see all your new shiny threads :)


You posted fast!! I'm glad I got all my placeholders down in time... WHEW!



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Following, of course!  The Tank role is totally not my thing, but if you still need an agent, I can fill in. :)  


Everything looks great, but I'm glad you have a zero week just to make sure that you aren't overdoing it a bit too much with the goals.  

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28 minutes ago, EricMN said:



I see you over there, Jedi Master!


26 minutes ago, SkiBlue said:

I'm officially excited! Glad that you're gonna have your fireteams actively participate and help you out. I can't wait. :)


I hope it works out and I get some involvement :). It's not gonna be anything too difficult, but it should be fun!


14 minutes ago, Tanktimus the Encourager said:



Hey brother!


12 minutes ago, Charlie_Quinn said:

Great looking challenge Agent Wolf. Agent Carter approves




Very nice. Thank you Agent Carter! Always happy to have ya, CQ :)


5 minutes ago, Marauder said:

Oh yeah, look out.  Here we come!



LMAO!! OMG, that's a great pic! Thanks for the laugh, Marauder!


16 minutes ago, Nymeria said:

Following, of course!  The Tank role is totally not my thing, but if you still need an agent, I can fill in. :)  


Everything looks great, but I'm glad you have a zero week just to make sure that you aren't overdoing it a bit too much with the goals.  


Well, there were a few folks who said they would be a Tank roll if needed, so maybe Agnarr would be OK with me moving him to the tank roll to free up a DPS roll?  We have all zero week to figure it out anyways :)


I'm giving myself more breathing room this time because the list of stuff is basically stuff I do routinely each day anyways, I just want to put emphasis on it a little more. But, I'm with you. This week is officially a trial and error week!


5 minutes ago, Sylvaa said:

I thought @Nymeria was going to fill the tank role!


Same, if you need another person, I'd be willing to take a bullet or two - I just bruise easily. :beaten:


Lol, well Nymeria never called the last spot so it's officially still open. Ok cool, well either one of you ladies are more than welcome to take that last tank spot. The tank roll is a crucial part of the team, but I understand Nymeria specifically would want a DPS roll ;). It's OK that you bruise easy, cuz you'll be dishing out more bruises then you take!


4 minutes ago, LadyShello said:

Love your challenge!  I really like the team aspect of this. 


Thanks, Shello! I'm hoping I can make this fun for everyone.



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Man so much excitement around the threads.  Everyone seems to be pulling everyone else into their challenges this go around and I am LOVING it!

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37 minutes ago, Raxie said:

Man so much excitement around the threads.  Everyone seems to be pulling everyone else into their challenges this go around and I am LOVING it!


I've been wanting to get the guild involved for a while now and this seemed like the perfect time to do that :)


28 minutes ago, Elastigirl said:

Fun challenge, looking forward to watching.


Hey EG! Glad you're aboard for some rogue agent hunting ;)


It's been a good morning so far (challenge is up and looking good so far). I haven't started on my cold shower deal yet, so I enjoyed a hot one this morning. I drank a coconut milk protein shake this morning with a banana then proceeded to eat 2 packages of chocolate donuts about an hour ago. I need to prepare for snacking better. I need my pistachios back!


We made those buffalo chicken muffins last night....HOLY CRAP. They were so freakin good! And so easy to make. I told heather that those will become a staple going forward. YUM! So I'm gonna eat a couple leftover muffins today with some broccoli to make up for the donuts. Damn my sweet tooth...


I played around on the pull-up bar yesterday and managed some dumbell shoulder work last night. My shoulder feels fine during the chin-ups...but still somewhat hurts doing shoulder presses with 10# DB's. So I backed off those a little and just did some shoulder mobility. I'm going to focus on primal movements and BW to help strengthen my shoulder opposed to weights because that seems to be working at the moment.


I just got a Superior Classic M1A in-game last night. It doesn't do as much DPS overall as my Covert SRS, but it packs more punch per bullet, i.e. it does more overall damage. I also got a skin modifier on it called "torn tape: red" that looks like this:




Torn Tape: Red-This is the M4 Assault Rifle, not my Classic M1A


This gun is awesome! It's not the High End SOCOM M1A I would like to have, but it's rate of fire (ROF) is better than the SRS and looks more like a designated marksman rifle (DMR), IMO.




Here's the Classic without any additional mods added: like scope, suppressor, extended mag, etc.




Image of the SOCOM M1A 


The cool new skin mod is compliments of unlocking the supply line at my Base of Operations aka Home Base. I think every day they update with new skin mods + the additional clothing I can purchase now. Man....I love this game!


I can't wait to hunt some rogue agents with you guys!



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50 minutes ago, DJtrippyT said:

also lurking! 


Awesome! Please to have ya either way, DJ :)


21 minutes ago, RuthixCube said:

YAAAASSS. I'm so excited for this I can barely contain myself...


You? Excited?! Noooooo! I mean...you changed your profile pic..there's NO WAY you're THAT excited :P. I had fun playing last night! I look forward to teaming up again, later this week! Maybe hit up the DZ? So long as we gear correctly and play smart, we should be OK....I think..





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23 minutes ago, Wild Wolf said:

You? Excited?! Noooooo! I mean...you changed your profile pic..there's NO WAY you're THAT excited :P. I had fun playing last night! I look forward to teaming up again, later this week! Maybe hit up the DZ? So long as we gear correctly and play smart, we should be OK....I think..






Haha there's a reason for the profile pic change. You'll see soon enough.


Yes, last night was awesome! I'll definitely be available later in the week - have to get as much game time in as I can before Monday.We should hit up the DZ, especially since once you hit lvl 30, everything NPC in the DZ increases to levels 30-32. If we hit it up now before we get to that point, the NPC enemies in the lower zones will still be in the 12-20something range. We're just going to have to be a bit more stealthy as far as other agents go.

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