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Ladylydia Sets a Pace


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**Disclaimer:  Challenge completely subject to change if I passed the bar and get a job this month**


I miss running.  i run in over a year; I'm going to change that.  The last challenge didn't go so great, i think i had my self to over scheduled. Despite not finishing any single goal during the last challenge, I did improve my strength and slowly started to lose weight.  This tells me i was doing good things, but I needed to slow down a bit and incorporate a few breaks for recovery, (and unforeseen distractions). 


Goal 1: Cardio

           Part 1:  15 miles a week --  Instead of trying to walk a certain amount every day, six days a week, I'm giving myself a little more leeway and aiming for a certain amount a week. 

           Part 2. Start running -- I want to start running again, just a few times a week to start, even if it's only for a minute at a time.  By the end of the month, I want to be able to run a mile again.


Goal 2. Strength and Endurance

          Part 1:  Body weight workouts 3x a week--  Upping the game a bit, aiming for 15-20 min. full body, interval, body weight workouts now.  I don't seem to take the shorter 12 min. workouts quite as seriously. I might as well just slow down a bit and do proper workouts. 

          Part 2:  50 Push ups and Squats (PL) 3x a week -- This is for maintenance, but it's also kind of boring; so bonus points for variations :)


Goal 3:  Water

          6 Glasses of water a day,-- I keep raising this goal and not quite managing it, I seem to regularly match the month before, so water is coming up; which is the point. So the goal goes up.


Goal 4. Low Carbs

         5 or less carbs a day--  Carbs are slowly getting managed, even with the complications of my living at home. I may engage in mild tracking to keep calories around 2000 a day, but the aim will be mostly to keep carbs low and eat mindfully.



Life goal: Find a lawyer job.




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                        Week 1:                                        Week 2:                                           Week 3:                                       Week 4:



      Miles               4/12                                              0/12                                                  0/12                                             0/12


    Running            No                                                Y/N                                                    Y/N                                               Y/N



   BW workouts      0/2                                                 0/2                                                     0/2                                               0/2

     PL                    0/2                                                 0/2                                                     0/3                                               0/3


Water                    4/7                                                 0/7                                                      0/7                                               0/7


Low carbs             4/7                                                 0/7                                                      0/7                                                0/7


Sleep                     1/7                                                0/7                                                      0/7                                                0/7


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I know, I've been MIA for a few days, but for good reason because I got a job!  I'll be working at a family law firm and of course, it's conditional on passing the bar, but i get to start next week doing paralegal stuff until i get my results (in 12 more days), and then i get my own cases.  !!!!!    I'm very excited, and thankful, and relieved, and wondering how i did on the bar because i really want to work there beyond just a week, and also wondering how I'm going to get enough sleep because now i need to be up three hours earlier then what I've done all year....but mostly excited. 


My goals are now completely subject to change because I have no idea how well I'll be able to fit things around my new schedule. I'm going to try the plan for the first week and just see how things go, this may be a play-it-by-ear challenge. The nice thing is after I get my first paycheck, (which i should probably ask about when i get that), i can join a gym and finally begin weight training again.  There is one right around the corner from my new workplace, which I'm considering.  


week wrap up. only 4 miles, no running, usually low water, moderate level carbs, no resistance workouts. 


I am super, super excited about this job and just praying that I passed the bar so I can keep this job. 

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Staying on target with the diet is way easier being out of the house and working all day. Only four carbs, only four waters as well, but I'll focus on the positive.  i stayed a bit too late to finish up a project, so i didn't get to walk or workout; it's day one, I'll adjust.


walk-no, run-no, water-4, carbs-4, PL-no, workout- no.

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So excited about the job! Sending very positive thoughts your way. I know you want to go farther a lot of the days, but keeping the habit by walking a mile when you are busy is still WAY better than the alternative.

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Well, as it turns out. I did need to adjust the challenge a bit to fit my new work schedule.  I get home late enough most days that I don't have time for a three mile walk.  nor do i have the energy to do a workout or a PL every day on top of that walk.   Carbs and water aren't perfect, but they're not bad either; and being at work all day with a prepared lunch seems to make both of those goals easier to manage.  i am however finding myself getting a lot less sleep that i would like. I went from nine hours a night, to five or six a night, and have struggled with the transition; so I'm adding in a goal of 8 hours a night to prompt me to observe a bedtime.

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Sunday: one mile walk, no run, no workout, no PL, five carbs, three waters, 6.5 hours sleep. 


It's confirmed it is way easier to get more water at work then at home.


today; no walk, no run, no workout, no Pl, seven carbs, four waters..sleep to come.

ran short of time, so didn't get much accomplished today.

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I'm having to make job adjustments my own self. It's a challenge in and of itself to make that transition. It's a necessary one, though. You don't want the job - what is supposed to enable your life - to derail your life or to otherwise consume it.

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