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This is my Legen -wait for it- dary introduction post!

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So.. ok fuck that title, first of all english isn't my native language so sorry if I made 1-2-89 big mistakes.

I've been reading NF since half year vacations of 2010 and it's really interesting, it's full of funy things (and nerdy too) and helps me with a lot of info&motivation like... everyday I want to "level up my life".

I remember how scared I was of becoming fat like my father (83kg) with not even twenty years on my back..

This help me for the little push i just needed, I started to do more serius tkd and train with bodyweight at my home like.. almost every day... I've got to admit that I went lazy because my pc and my bed were always like "come with us, we don't hurt, we make you feel better for hours, stop doing that".

Fortunately I manage to change my group of lazy friends, to a group of... well... lazy people who study more the things that they like and do workouts every other day with... an 4kg weight exercise that make your mouth taste like blood for 30 sec.

Now i'm going to start to "lisent" all the advice I've been reading for a year and a half and start to do reall heavy strenght straining, with short-hard-compound exercises (I have enough of biceps curls) and win this year ITF Taekwondo tournament in Argentina... (gotta love the moment when you realyze they'r going to kick your ass so bad).

PD: sorry for the wall of text and Have Fun leveling up your lives.

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