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Leiah Sky: Grounded in daily practice


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Hey all,


I've been lurking around NF, but haven't spent a lot of time with the forums. I'm looking to kick up my daily quests with some accountability.

For this challenge, I will be setting a series of dailies that I will need to complete, well, daily. I track my life in my blog, and my habits in HabitBull. I think this will add another layer of accountability because I know you're all watching!

  • Tracking my food daily, without exception - If I bite it, I write it (tracked in blog)
  • Stepping up my physical presence by committing to activity 6x per week (tracked in HabitBull):
    • 3x Strength Training (30-60 minutes) - Tracked in Leiah Sky's Epic Spreadsheet of Fitness (to measure +STR)
    • 3x Yoga Session (30 minutes) - Tracked in Leiah Sky's Epic Spreadsheet of Fitness (to measure +DEX)
  • Rise and Conquer - I will be waking up 5 minutes earlier, every day, for the next 12 days, and then will continue to wake up at 5:00 AM every morning so that I can conquer my quests early, while I still have the energy, because I am so not the type of gal with energy after 6:00 PM (tracked in HabitBull).


I will check in at minimum on a weekly  basis to talk about my challenge, what I have accomplished, and what barriers I discover.


Happy questing!

AGD2 (Aka Leiah Sky)


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Rule your mind or it will rule you. Being My Alter Ego: http://beingmyalterego.blogspot.ca/.

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Looks like some solid goals!  Good luck!  I have a pretty similar exercise goal of 3x/wk of strength & yoga.


I've had my job more than a year that requires me to wake up at 5am, and man, it's still tough, lol!

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