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Greetings from the Gerbil Wheel!

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Places to start... well, how about the origin of my username? I was eating dinner, watching my Dad play CoD 4 and we saw one guy in particular kicking butt. His moniker... ThunderChicken! So, I went with the contradictory theme and grabbed gerbilOFdoom, which happens to be great for the amusing references.

Some details on me: I'm 17, whiter than sour cream, Libertarian, underweight (115 pounds @ 5'9"), dominating college classes and I'm only a high school junior... basically, I'm very intellectually inclined. Trouble is, I don't eat enough and I don't do enough physically. Sure, I study Tang Soo Do and Japanese Kendo every week, but they leave me feeling drained for several days. My goal is to bulk up before summer vacation hits.

I'll post this in Base Camp later, but does anyone have cursory suggestions for a gluten-free diet or a reference to a place that has a good, high calorie gluten-free diet? I can consume nuts, dairy, all of that... just no gluten.

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Welcome. As for diet to gain weight: eat good fatty meat,add more fat (olive oil,buter,coconut oil) to your meals and snacks, and if your gut can handlle it, drink more milk

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Paleo is popular here and is pretty gluten free. It is no grain based carbs and no dairy. I lean toward paleo but refuse to drop dairy, though I have it in moderation. It's nota diet meant to gain/lose weight, just a diet meant to have you eating how humans evolved to eat.

As for gaining weight, see my sig.

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Going along with the others, I would suggest:

Diet: Primal + GOMAD diet (or something similar).

Exercise: a lot of strength training and HIIT.

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