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Revenge of the .gifs [Annabelle's Journey Pt. 2]


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April is here ladies and gents, and I didn’t even take a break :P so I’m late to the proverbial party, but not the actual party. Like seriously, this is me vs the party right now




There will be copious amounts of gifs and memes this challenge, because I have an unhealthy habit of finding a meme to answer everything. Always. I’m only gonna apologize once, and that was it. Right there. Just now.






I was also gonna do measurements today - but shark week showed up and bloated me up like a whale and I’m not eeeeeven gonna do that kind of damage to my self-esteem by taking measurements like that. Or worse, give myself an over-inflated sense of success when I measure later and its skewed like I puked up Veronica Mars.






Quest One: Eat This, Not That




[No, not the books y’all] I don’t have the aversion to healthy food that the poor cat above does.. But I do have an aversion to eating the same thing every day. I hate it. It bores me, and it makes trying to prep meals in advance no bueno. Like super no bueno. I prepped a weeks worth of breakfast burritos and lunches this past Sunday and I’m so OVER the chicken and veggies I made. Just.. no. Burritos I’m still holding strong to though, I think because they warmed up way better than the chicken ever did.


Nevertheless, I’m still going to try and prep my food ahead of time. I think instead of batch cooking, I might try to include lunch prep into dinner prep. I can still pre-make two or three lunches as ‘back ups’ but at least this way its more variety. Breakfasts I’m fine with, though I’ll probably do less kale this time. I hate it when I find a rogue stem in there. Blech.


Quest Two: Make My Miles Matter




Spoiler Alert: That’s a pretty accurate depiction of me running.


This is a continuation of my last quest where I’m slowly rangering my way through the states and down to my eventual goal of the Grand Cayman. Still super stoked. Still making it count. But I felt like by the end I was earning way too many miles for what felt like not enough effort. SO to combat that (I started feeling like a slacker) I’ve decided to amp up the workout schedule to really earn my distance.


Instead of 20 miles per completed workout, I’m only earning 10. I’m also changing it up from my Stronglifts program Monday/Friday and trainer on Wednesday to include 15 minutes of cardio at the end of each Stronglifts in addition to doing the WOD on my trainer’s website Monday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday (Tuesdays/Sundays are my rest days - due to other adult-y stuff I have to do). I still get credit for mileage on my Garmin, even though the bastardly device doesn’t log my cardio on the bike #HUFF


Quest Three: The Purge Pt. 2




At the end of my last challenge, I commented that my mother-in-law was doing a purge on all my kiddo’s clothes. I thought that was a genius idea this time of year so I’m TOTALLY stealing it. Last weekend I did our clothes and her closet (she won’t even notice all the missing stuff tbh, except she can see her closet floor now). This couple weeks I plan on getting lots of my home improvement stuff done around the house - which coincidentally includes getting rid of ALL the things.


Right now my goal is to complete the following:

Remove the doors on my above the sink cabinets to paint and add hardware (getting a feel for the paint before I commit to re-doing my entire kitchen)

Host two garage sales to clear out additional clutter

Clear the front left quadrant of my garage so I have ample gym space again

Repurpose the old swing set in the backyard into THIS


Considering I’ve got a camping event I’m coordinating and it’s happening in the middle of May… I’ve got quite a bit on my plate but I know my brother and his girlfriend are more than willing to help me tackle the house stuff because it benefits them too :P


Right now I just hope life goes like this




And not this


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"Even if you don't make it all the way, those last 10 seconds of trying and not getting anywhere - that's where you gain the most strength." - Jessie Graff


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"Day two" update:




So I busted my butt this weekend, did tons of adulting on Saturday and followed it up with the kiddo's first lacrosse game Sunday (and a trip to practice where I speared ALL the people!) and got a lovely 'its early April and I'm already red' sunburn all over my face. Couldn't sleep really Sunday (Wrestlemania, the opening night for the Royals, etc) Monday I did my Stronglifts 5x5 and tacked on the additional 15 minutes of cardio on the bike. We also tacked on about thirty minutes of lacrosse practice at my daughter's request. I think she's a little angry they lost on Sunday - their team got shafted SUPER hard. Like, the other team didn't even have their own goalie and they had to borrow one of ours kinda shafted. After all that, I passed out SO HARD last night. I usually wake up two or three times, I only woke up once when I got cold because I'm 90% sure the hubs turned off the heater at some point yesterday (or Sunday, I might not have noticed because I could feel the heat radiating off of my face).


This morning, my back and shoulders are on fiiiiire. Gonna do some light stretching this afternoon before I go home because I've got raid night tonight and lord knows I don't need to sit that long and not get my muscles worked out. Tomorrow is my trainer day and he's not gonna take it easy on me >.<

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"Even if you don't make it all the way, those last 10 seconds of trying and not getting anywhere - that's where you gain the most strength." - Jessie Graff


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So stretching definitely helped, I went into yesterday's session without any soreness. Of course, about halfway through I managed to tweak my back somehow and that sucked. But I worked it out on the treadmill afterward and I'm right as rain today. Still gonna call my chiropractor though, it's been WAY too long since I've been and it couldn't hurt to get a quick look at my alignment.


Meal prep this week has tanked so hard. Sunday was such a cluster-f that I didn't get anything pre-made and our dinners have been haphazard, so leftovers have been non-existent. I grabbed a salad last night and didn't even consider getting one for today. Lame. I haven't gone out and done anything crazy like fast food though, so it hasn't been a total failure.


Man... bent over rows and curls yesterday = my biceps and shoulders are feeling it today. Good thing all I have is - more lifting ;_; my mini-challenge means I need two extra strength training sessions this week. So tonight and Saturday are on deck. Hoping to knock it out on lunch so I can get home on time for the Wings game and raiding. We were soooooo close last night on Archimonde. 


Then tomorrow is D&D night - where my Paladin will likely balk at all of the other weird players. Again.


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"Even if you don't make it all the way, those last 10 seconds of trying and not getting anywhere - that's where you gain the most strength." - Jessie Graff


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Week One Update:

Quest One - Meal Prep


HAH! Yeah, no. I didn't eat terribly, but I definitely scraped by on the skin of my teeth too. This week is already shaping up MUCH better, as I've got all week's meals planned and a giant bowl of shredded chicken to tear up for the next few days.


Quest Two: Mileage


Well I hit my goals for the week (at least my three sessions), but I totally forgot to put my Garmin on after charging it until like... Thursday. So that was a pretty big fail. Today I've already hit my Stronglifts, and I'll knock out the WoD when I get home tonight before we do our classic raid. (We also totally downed heroic Archimonde last Thursday - woot!) So I've added 55 miles between completed workouts (including 'week zero') and the accessory miles I've logged.


Quest Three: The Purge


I bought the hardware for my cabinets on Saturday, but didn't get the cabinet doors taken off just yet. I also realized I set myself up for failure with the garage sale quest because I didn't consult my calendar first. I have part of this weekend free, but the weekend after is my daughter's 10th birthday and the weekend after THAT I'll be in Kentucky for a wedding. So... that is already getting scratched. Instead, I want to try and declutter by taking some things to Goodwill or something (I hate parting with books.. but I just have too many I'm not enjoying and could find themselves better homes). This past weekend was also a flub for trying to get the garage sale going as I spent half yesterday in a parking lot trying to get my car started >.<


Finding my focus for this week - gotta crush it to make up for a lackluster week one. 

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"Even if you don't make it all the way, those last 10 seconds of trying and not getting anywhere - that's where you gain the most strength." - Jessie Graff


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So, totally not physical fitness related - but mental health related.


My parents moved away about 7 years ago - shortly after I'd bought my first house. I thought I could handle it - but i was wrong. WAY wrong. I spent my first Christmas without them curled up in our bathroom crying while my husband took our daughter to Christmas with his family (though in the interest of fairness, he DID offer to stay home with me). I was a total wreck. It's gotten better, and I've learned to manage it much easier than I did before - to the point where it does make me upset at the holidays but not to the point of crippling depression. 


This past December, my parents were involved in a pretty nasty car accident. Completely totaled their truck, totaled the van they hit (who ran a stop sign on a county interstate) - but everyone walked away with just some bruises. My dad's PTSD has been flaring up from his time in the military & his time as a former firefighter/EMS responder, and they've decided that a lot of it has to do with being apart from the 'herd' so to speak. When they moved out there, my youngest brother & sister were still with them - and the first few years one of the older siblings would make it out for the holidays. Then my brother moved back here to KC with the rest of us - then my sister moved out - and it's gotten too hard on them so they're moving back to KC next summer!


I won't lie - I saw the news on Facebook at the tail end of my workout and it about derailed me from my cardio. When I went to change I spent a good 5 minutes crying I was so happy. I'm so excited! I know it sounds silly for someone my age to be so excited about being able to go see her parents every week if she wants - but I don't even care right now <3  It literally feels like a weight is being lifted off of me emotionally. I've dealt with horrible anxiety since they've been gone, constantly worried about if something happens and none of us are out there to take care of them, etc and they're not even THAT old...


Sorry for a mini ramble there, but I had to get that out of my system xD I already made my dad cry when I talked about how happy I was for them coming home and how hard them leaving was for me - and I didn't wanna make him feel any worse by getting ranty on Facebook. I just had to let it out somewhere ^.^

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"Even if you don't make it all the way, those last 10 seconds of trying and not getting anywhere - that's where you gain the most strength." - Jessie Graff


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So, totally not physical fitness related - but mental health related.


If there's one thing of paramount importance that I've learned through this journey we call life, it's that the two are neither mutually exclusive nor is one more important than the other.


Rant away as needed.  We're here to support your mental health as much as we are your physical. 

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[Level ??] Rurik, the Thunderer

Class: Stormborn War-Shaman (Path of Giants Barbarian/Conquest Paladin/Elemental Domain Cleric)


Equipment:  Studded leather armor, war club, plus adventurer's pack containing rations, rope, and nature-based potions. 


"Rangers have to at least give up on pants. It's a special rule we enacted after Rurik became a Guild Leader.” – DarK_RaideR

"Did I just get my ass kicked by a member of Metallica meets History Channel's Vikings?" - Wild Wolf

"By the Well-Oiled-and-Meticulously-Groomed Beard of Rurik!" - Tanktimus the Encourager

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This is going to be so much fun! Plus, so many memes and giffies, I dare say! Sub'dududududududdduuuuh

Oh! It seems that I have written a message! How nice of you, hands

Class and Profession: Rangers/Druid
Background: 27 year old Nerdling. Idk what to write anymore so imagine that this is a cool intro



The extraordinary is in what we do, not who we are--Lara Croft.




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Thanks you guys ^.^ 


Oh - right. Week two-ish update!


Quest One: Meal Prep

Totally. I ate great all week, super proud of myself. I did miss making my burritos last night, but since dinner is in the crock pot already I can totally make those tonight. I'm running low on veggies - thank goodness Friday is payday. I need to replenish my stock (as much as my husband is loathe to give me room for my veggies :P)


Quest Two: Mileage

So, I totally went space cadet and missed my WoDs. I still hit my Stronglifts & PT time though. My Garmin mileage is a little low for my tastes, but I forgot to charge it overnight on Saturday so I missed out on Sunday and probably lost some miles in the process. Le sigh. And I forgot to take it OFF charge this morning while I got ready so I'm losing today too. Super lame (and all my fault).


Quest Three: The Purge pt 2

Sadly this weekend was a bust on that front too. I spent most of Saturday doing errands and running to a friend's house to prep for our camping trip. I did use up some materials I'd had sitting around for AGES that were just taking up space though. So in a round about way, I did clear some clutter? I'd feel more bad about not catching up Sunday but the kiddo's lacrosse game took precedent. She wound up in goal for the first half and they finally got their first win! They were so excited, it was great.


This week I know my weekend is gonna be a whirlwind, so I'm amped! I gotta crush everything else between now and then to stay on track. Week three yo, let's do this!




"Even if you don't make it all the way, those last 10 seconds of trying and not getting anywhere - that's where you gain the most strength." - Jessie Graff


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Quest One: Meal Prep


While I stuck to a meal plan and we only ate out Friday (kiddo's birthday party), I feel like I've stalled out really hard on my nutrition. I'm still eating ridiculous amounts of veggies and protein, and virtually eliminated soda/chips/etc and I still feel... I dunno, like I'm lacking somewhere? I don't know. I'm gonna be using a lot of my spare time this week to evaluate my diet and gonna log everything I'm eating to see if I'm missing macros/falling into a rut/whatever. At least I'll be using my FitBook (which I love, and started to fill out daily as a journal until about five days in I couldn't think of any new 'why I love my body' answers).


Quest Two: Mileage

Hit all my workouts but my WoD on Monday only (Urgh). Garmin mileage saw a huge leap - even hitting my 'goal' mark twice in the week which was a rare occurrence. The lazy part of me wants to blame the rain last week ruining my mojo. The a-hole in me wants to kick lazy me in the junk for making excuses. Overall I gained 40 workout miles, plus 10 miles walked on my Garmin. So 50 to add onto my signature (I should probably start adding in when I've updated that >.>)


Quest Three: The Purge pt 2

I had four small children running about the house this weekend for the kiddos' birthday party - so major stuff didn't happen. Garage got nice and cleaned out though, which was a major bonus. Taking the doors off of the cabinets this week and hopefully painting them before I leave Friday for my friend's wedding in Kentucky. That way they'll have a few days to cure before I put the hardware on and hang them back up.

"Even if you don't make it all the way, those last 10 seconds of trying and not getting anywhere - that's where you gain the most strength." - Jessie Graff


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