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Beast training 2.0


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Hi guys I'm still pushing for my goal for the with the Reserves - I will earn my green beret :-D


Right so this month is going to be a lot more strength training focused along with more endurance runs. After completing a 10k obstacle course in march I'm looking at doing a 10 mile (16k) obstacle course in the summer.


I am still going to be swimming 3 times a week, still doing martial arts and military fitness, but really looking at building on my running this month and switching the focus from speed e.g. trying to increase the speed which I run a set distance to endurance e.g. increasing the time I can run without having to stop. I do have a fairly good level of cardio built up over the last 10 months since I started training but there is still plenty of room for improvement.


So the goal is to increase my runs from 2 a week to three but only do one run against time and use the other 2 to increase endurance.


Each of these runs will be without stopping or walking (must be non-stop running)


2 x 30 min run week 1

2 x 40 min runs week 2

2 x 50 min runs week 3 

2 x 60 min runs week 4


Second challenge is eat a paleo diet while doing intermittent fasting


And my 3rd challenge is to try to update you all following me on here with my daily progress.

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Hi Wolf!


Good to have ya back! You could prolly sub 1 run each week and do sprints instead? It builds up a whole new world of cardio hitting your anerobic and aerobic capacities. The best part about sprints, is you only need 15-20 min of sprinting and resting to see the full effects :)


A good example:


Set the timer for 15 minutes. Sprint 40 yards, rest 2-3 min. Rinse and repeat until time is up. DONE. 



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Hi wild yeah I did sprint training yesterday with one of the military fitness instructors, we did alot of hill work too and a few short distances jogging as recovery... It was only an hour long session but definitely felt like I was working the wholr time haha... may switch out one of the runs to do this session every week instead   :-D 

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