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Hi all! This is my second 4-week challenge ever, and I'm excited about it! Yesterday was my 26th birthday, and I attended my last class of my university degree! Woohoo!! Still got papers to write, but I will be totally done in 9 days. I hope those 9 days won't hinder my efforts here!


Main Quest

To get in better shape in order to feel physically and emotionally better overall, do my barista job better, and to slowly begin preparing for parenthood (in, like, the next 5 years...so not soon, but soon enough!).


I will work towards this in 3 ways:

1. Cut down on sugar. I will do this by substituting honey/brown sugar for fake syrups/white sugar in my coffee/tea, and cutting my desserts down to one per week. I will also make each beverage I get at work that has sweetener in it less sweet than the standard :)

2. Start exercising. This will look like running twice per week, (mostly) following a walk/run program I've been meaning to try for years now. I will also do a short yoga regimen 5 days a week. I got a new yoga mat for my birthday, so I'm pumped to start using it!

3. Sleeeeeep! This one is hard for me, but I also got a new Fitbit for my b-day, so I would like to be getting 8 hours of sleep per night and focus on the length of sleep first. Eventually I'd like to start getting to bed earlier, but I learned last challenge that my goals were too broad, so I'm sticking to length this time.


I will post weekly progress reports on Sunday nights.


Known Obstacles

1. I have been battling a sore foot for a couple of years, and in the past 6 months have finally gone through the process of seeing a specialist and diagnosing the issue as a stretched ligament. I am getting fitted for special orthotics next week. I am hoping this will only make my running goal easier to achieve, but it might also cause more pain as the issue resolves itself. I will keep you posted, and perhaps switch the running to walking uphill if necessary.

2. I think the goal that will be most affected by the end of school craziness will be sleep, so I am going to try and not get discouraged if after the first week my sleep track record seems off.




A = 0-1 desserts/wk

B = 2 desserts/wk

C = 3 desserts/wk

F = 4+ desserts /wk



A = 2/2 running & 5/5 yoga

B = 1/2 running & 4/5 yoga

C = 1/2 running & < 3 yoga

F = 0/2 running & < 3 yoga



A = avg. 8+ hrs/night

B = avg. 7-8 hrs/night

C = avg. 6-7 hrs/night

F = < 6 hrs/night


[Tally weekly for progress reports, and average for final grade.]



If I achieve a grade of B or higher, I will purchase one new clothing item for doing yoga in! If my grade is below a B, I do not get one. Simple as that.


Good luck, everyone! Let's do this!



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Welcome to the Rangers emineminator.

Woden uses ravens, I use an iphone.

Where to find me: Current Challenge : Battle Log Facebook : Instagram :

"Each day, just focus on getting 1% better in whatever it is you're trying to improve. That's it. Just 1%." ArtofManliness Article.

"That which is wise and holy helps the health and wholeness of the chain of generations." D. R. Miller. 

"We do not rise to our expectations. We fall to our level of training." Archilochus

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Heyoo, buddy, how we doing?


About your sugar; might I suggest pure maple (so much, incredibly tastier than the fake stuff, and only needs about a spoonful for magic) or coconut sugar as a replacement for white or brown? Raw, minimally processed sugar also has a nice taste to it. :)


Congratulations on completing your degree!

Matthew 25:34-40

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Weekly update (a little late)!


So running is a no-go this time around... I tried it once and my foot was killing me for days. :( I'm going to switch that goal to meeting both the 10,000 steps and 10 flights of stairs goals on my FitBit. I will be getting my orthotics in a month. Here's hoping that's a fix for this pain!


New grading for exercise:

A = both goals met 5+ days/week

B = both goals met 4 days/week

C = both goals met 3 days/week

F = both goals met > 3 days/week


Now for my weekly grades:

Sugar: 1 dessert = A  --> nailing it! :)

Exercise: both goals met 5 days = A  --> my record was 34 floors and 20,697 steps...I think that was the night I worked and then walked part of the way home!

Sleep: 6.75hrs avg = C  --> I was expecting this. Hope to settle in to a better sleep schedule now that I'm done school!! Woohoo!


I guess I'm focusing on sleep this week. Hope you all are doing well!

- E


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Heyoo, buddy, how we doing?


About your sugar; might I suggest pure maple (so much, incredibly tastier than the fake stuff, and only needs about a spoonful for magic) or coconut sugar as a replacement for white or brown? Raw, minimally processed sugar also has a nice taste to it. :)


Congratulations on completing your degree!

Thanks for the tip, Miaulin! I've been subbing maple syrup in oatmeal for sugar, and it's great! I know my husband looooves raw sugar...maybe we should price check and think about switching :)

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Week 2

Hi all!! Hope your quests are going well. Here's my progress report:


Sugar: 2 desserts = B  --> had some ingredients in the fridge to use up, so I made raspberry oat squares as dessert...lots of sugar, mmm...

Exercise: both steps and stairs goals met 5 days = A  --> yay! I have been feeling the effects of being more active - was able to carry groceries home easier yesterday!

Sleep: 6.5hrs avg. = C  --> Feeling disappointed with my efforts here...I've been staying up too late watching TV with my husband. My work schedule has been all over the map this week, so that might be contributing, but I don't want to make excuses. This week I am going to try to stick to the rule that I MUST be in bed, lights out, by 1am. This is earlier than usual, and still feels like enough time to wind down and get ready for bed after work (sometimes get home as late as 11pm).


I am liking the accountability of posting my progress on here. I am also really looking forward to when my work schedule switches to full time...hopefully it will be a more predictable schedule, and I will be able to plan better for sleep!

- E

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Week 3


Exercise: met my original step goal 5x and my stair goal 3x = B  --> I'm going to do some research into how my Fitbit tracks the stairs to make sure when I'm doing them, it's tracking it...noticing some irregularities in my results this week...

Sugar: 4 = F :( --> interestingly I noticed that once I caved on this, it was hard to stop. This was new info for me, and good to know!

Sleep: 6.8hrs = C --> Highest average yet! I get more sleep the earlier I get to bed. Funny how that works... made it to be right around 1 for the past 3 nights and feel so much better!


One more week guys - I REALLY want to get enough sleep to average at least a B this week! I've reset my dessert limitation and I am back on track (I'm fighting hard against the cravings after last week's slip...I can do this!) and I'm going to take a shower and get outside for a leisurely walk this afternoon even thought I am feeling under the weather with a cold today. Having a reward that I could lose at the end of this challenge is really motivating me today...


Don't give up, guys!! Finish strong!

- E

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Week 4 and Final Report


Firstly, I would like to celebrate that I completed the challenge - my first challenge was not so successful. Woohoo!


Secondly, here are my numbers for the final week:


Exercise: Step goal met 4x, stair goal met 3 times = C  --> had a cold this week...I did 26 flights of stairs today, though...doesn't that make up for my missed days? :)

Sugar: 3 = C  --> I caved at work today...it was a really busy day, and my caloric intake is still under even with the dessert... but it still counts against me :(

Sleep: 7.8hr avg = A!!!!! --> finally! Only took me 3 weeks.....


Thirdly: my totals!


Exercise: A + B + B + C = B

Sugar: A + A + F + C = B                                        -->  B average! Success!

Sleep: 6.75 + 6.5 + 6.8 + 7.8 = 6.96 = C+


Things I learned:

1. It's not hard to keep moving, and it feels better when I do. It's especially easy with a service industry job! I wasn't able to weigh myself so I don't have exact numbers, but I know I lost a few pounds...and it feels really good! My clothes fit better, I have more energy (when combined with good sleep, of course...) and I'm able to exist more easily - I can run to the bus if I'm late, for example. I can't wait for the next challenge to take this to the next level and build up more muscle strength as well as endurance! I also came to realize that the Physics law is true - a body at rest stays at rest. If I sit down to watch TV, I will stay there and not get anything done. Do first, watch second!

2. Once I cave on dessert, I'm dead meat. I have always been a dessert eater, so cutting it completely is difficult for me. Limiting was good; now I just need to continue the limitation and be strict with myself to stick to it. I feel pretty gross after cheating tonight, and I know it's from the huge apple fritter I ate... Related to this is the realization that I do stop craving sugar after a few days, but those first few days are the hardest!

3. The earlier to bed, the longer to sleep! Seems easy...I noticed a correlation between no TV programs after getting home from work and getting to bed on time. Setting a goal also helped; now getting to bed past 1am feels like I'm staying up last my bedtime :)

4. Pain is there for a reason. Deal with it properly, don't ignore it or put up with temporary solutions for too long. I have an appointment to pick up my orthotics next week, and I'm so pumped! I'm prepared for a period of adjustment where there might be even more pain than usual, but I'm hoping after that I can slowly start running again...yay!

5. Maybe I'm a Scout?? I took another look at the guild list, and I might try joining their forum next time. I might find it suits my interests better...

6. You get out what you put in. Next time, I'm going to read more entries from other people and try and make connections. I didn't comment on or follow many posts, so I didn't have many people comment on my topic either. I'm also hoping I can get my husband on board next challenge - even if it is unofficially. I could use a buddy!


Thank you all for your support. Take good care of yourselves!

- E

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