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On April 22, 2016 at 0:30 PM, Rurik Harrgath said:

We won't hit those goals every day or every week.  I just mentioned to another Ranger how this whole healthy living routine is a journey rather than a destination... keep working toward your goals so that even if you slip up a time or two, a day or two, or even a whole week at some point, that you feel the urge to get back in there and keep battling away.


Rurik Harrgath, I think that I replied to your wise words before but they are so relevant that I'm going to return to them again.


Rounding out this challenge I moved my yard sticks closer to where I want to be, even though I was not doing my activities every day for the entire 4 weeks. A big win for me is that I'm still here since I didn't finish the last two challenges. A large part of that is your advice and support. Thank you so much!


Final report card ...

1. Play outside - I did a great job of taking my little guy outside and trying new activities. He is a lot happier and we both enjoyed this month immensely.


2. Adventure -

Completed 1 adventure task each week. 1. wrote origin story 2. sketching class 3. book club - did reading, club meeting was cancelled by organizer 4. bird watching class


3. Pushups - made it through the early part of the week - will modify this goal next time IOT work on creating a sustainable habit


4. Food tracking and no restaurant challenge 6 days out of 7 - did a good job tracking for the early part of the challenge. Completed the 6/7 no restaurant challenge and feel really good about creating the habit of making snacks at home and taking them along on my outings. Will continue forming this habit in the next challenge. 


Overall I feel better (which is the whole point) and am ready to level up in the next challenge.  See you all there.

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Great job on the challenge. You are learning and growing. You are winning

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Well done on completing the challenge and your goals. Will look out for the next one!

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