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Challenge 3 - Platzhalter spends some time in Free Haven

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Now that my life is almost at a turning point (brace yourselves... final exams are coming), it's time to prepare for the next part of my bigger journey somewhere else. And which place would be better to do so than the famous city of Free Haven, probably the largest settlement in Enroth with a huge variety of both weapon and armor shops, various other places of interest and, of course, magic guilds for almost every kind of magic. Therefore, the three parts of my recent challenge will each relate (at least in some way) to one of the three schools of self magic. Since these schools also teach their skills to everyone who is able and willed to learn them, they also mark the fact that most of all this comes from an external source (Darebee)and isn't even remotely created or modified by me. It's new territory, so the time for change will come... soon enough, but defintely not yet.


Part1 - Body... the magic of healing
As the name of this kind of magic indicates, it is all about healing, raising and maintaining your physical attributes and resistances. Aside from keeping my yoga routine (the surya namaskara is one of the best ways to wake up and get alert in every sense), I will be doing 2 Darebee programmes (since they don't interfere but instead should work well together)... more precisely, the ones called "Total Abs" and the "30 Days of HIIT". They also seem to be helpful for a long-time goal I wanted to have reached at the beginning of April 2016 which, sadly, didn't happen as planned.



Part 2 - Mind... the magic of knowledge
Since the finals (at least the written ones) are dated for the next 2 weeks, my first specialisation/goal is to get through them with acceptable results, giving my best for every single question in every single subject. Being prepared also counts as does preparing for the later oral exam and meditating to focus on what I know, need to know or hoepfully will know sooner or later. Depending on what day/week it is, there will be more specific examples of what I do or want to do for this.


Part 3 - Spirit... the magic of life
One of the main sources of life and survival is the food we eat. For the following ~4 weeks, my diet is based on the Darebee Ab Diet as far as possible. Our budget is a bit tight so we'll have to stick with what we have for at least until wednesday afternoon... though I will still try to make something mentioned by the cheat sheet out of what we have. After that, my rule of following said diet will be far more strict (except for birthdays/family celebrations of any kind... for obvious reasons)


Lifetime Goal - Determining the next steps on my path

While there will be a few more weeks of classes after the finals are done (for weird reasons no one understands), it would still be helpful to prepare for what is coming after that. Being almost 100% certain about studying at the Uni, the things that need to be determined are the subject (either History, Chemistry or Biology as major), the place and what those places want. Even though this seems to be most important, there are enough suitable emergency subjects that don't have any special requirements so, as far as my mates who are already studying or did so before have told, in case this gets screwed up completely, I can register for one of those.


As always... g'luck everyone :panda:

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Level 3 Lizardman Assassin


STR 3 | STA 2 | DEX 4 | CON 3 | WIS 1.5 | CHA 2



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Now... let's see how my first two days went.


Short resume of day 1: Did the daily workouts on the sheets (both the HIIT and Abs part). Breakfast consisted of a protein bar (made with the recipe on darebee, though I switched the vanilla protein powder for chocolate), lunch was whole-rye bread with various spreads (ikrette and teewurst, for example) and some creamy onion soup (using up leftovers). Not perfect, but still far from unhealthy. No learning, meditation or anything similar though... seems like I need to confine myself to "no gaming before the finals" or at least no gaming before learning.


Short resume of day 2: Did my workouts just as yesterday - and HIIT really seems like my thing... doesn't need much time but still makes you feel like you've trained hard. On food... breakfast was a green smoothie, lunch snack was a protein bar and mixed fruit and veggie juice with flaxseed oil and for dinner we had braised celery, baked onion (with cheese and bacon) and fried potatoes with capsicum and fenugreek sprouts. Not completely made of suggestions from the plan, but... again, healthy enough and great to use up leftovers. Same as before on the learning/meditation.


Have a great week everyone :panda:

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Level 3 Lizardman Assassin


STR 3 | STA 2 | DEX 4 | CON 3 | WIS 1.5 | CHA 2



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