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New Brooklyn Boy here -- I have a Talent Agency Audition in 70 days. Going in.

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Hey there NerdFitness,

Date: Saturday , February 11, 2012

My name is George Kruchinina. I'm an aspiring comedian, writer, actor, singer, planet-enthusiast who's looking to make those real movements towards that sick body I've always dreamed of.

I've been overweight for a large portion of my life, and I'm on the chubby side as of now. But then I found this community, and I look forward to making this real now. I'll be posting here everyday. Images and the like. I suppose the most interesting challenge to me is making those meals.

I'm currently 5'5". Weight 145 lbs.

It's my dream to be an actor, especially in comedy. So I've got an audition at a Talent Agency in 73 days. On April 23rd.

So yeah, I'm new. But I'd love to share the adventure with some new comrades.

I'm especially trying to better my skills at Systema, a russian martial art.

-On that note, I'm going to share with you my stats on that =]. A lot of it consists of static holds and slow exercises. (holding push up stance on knuckles...my next goal is to comfortably hold it for 6 minutes)

So here's a few pictures. I'll put one up every friday/saturday.


pic 1



pic 2



Looking forward to hearing any tips on developing diets especially! I'm trying to have multiple meals throughout the day and maintain weight loss. But I notice that in order to do that, I have to maintain a pretty small diet-plan. I fear going under 1800 cals a day.

Off to exercise!

Can't wait to meet some Nerds. :victorious:


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welcome to the community! it really doesn't sound/look to me like you have much if any weight to lose. but the important thing is how you feel in your skin and whether you body is healthy...so as long as you look to those things (and maybe not focus on a specific number) you'll be good. i like the idea of eating throughout the day - that works for alot of people. the best advice i can give on that front is be prepared. i just finished school a fe months ago and i found that, if i didn't fill my bag with healthy snacks, i would end up eating crap from the vending machine. now i try and snack on veggies, fruit, nuts, and even meat. chicken is a great snack oddly enough. again welcome - glad you're here and good luck on your audition!

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Yo bro....flatbush representin! LOL on "the island" now, but i have lived all over kings county!

With a little tightening up and muscle building you will look great. You do not look chubby at all, just a bit loose. this place is awesome and I am sure you will fit right in! :) Alex

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