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I am looking for one or more someones to help me stay on track. I have a tendency to slip if I don't have the accountability that comes with talking to someone. 

My current challenge is with the rangers and I think that is where I'll stay for a while, but being the same class is no must. After all a group of more than one class tends to do best. 

The things I am currently working on include: weightloss, training for a triathlon, starting with some body weight training, focusing at work, focusing at home to do the things I want to do, walking the dog more, survival skills (like learning edible plants), trusting myself and my ability to do things more. 


I'd love to stay in contact either here or on some form of chat service, I use skype quite a lot for chats. 

Character sheet

Discord: Craftyviking#1460

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hey guy, I'm also in need of a sidekick.

I'm an adventurer and I'm not participating in any challenge right now. I think the same as you, I like to do a few of everything.

I started running, and I'm about to start bodyweight training.


so, let's be together in this quest of getting better in everything we do??!!

Level 5 Dwarf Ranger

STR 7.50 - DEX 5.75 - STA 7.75 - CON 9.50 - WIS 9.50 - CHA 3.50

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I can be a sidekick too. Right now I am at the beginning of a body transformation that I like to call FA2BA (Fat Ass 2 Bad Ass in case you didn't get it). I haven't completed any of the NF challenges yet and really have more of a desire to set my own/small group challenges. My challenges would revolve around nutrition and daily exercise but I have an open mind. Let me know if either of you are interested in an online workout buddy.

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