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Monk Introductory Thread!

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I think I need a bit more time before I try group class! The very mention of high-pressure and ugly martial arts practice sends my blood pressure soaring!

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Hey everybody, new member here.


I've been doing martial arts on and off for about 3 years.  My school's main focus is Siu-Lum Hung Kuen (Hung-Ga Kung Fu), though we also practice some kickboxing and grappling as it applies to more real world self defense situations. I'm currently on my yellow sash (Second level, third if you include introductory students) and am really trying to get back into a regular routine of going to class and advance myself.  I've had issues in the past of missing classes, and those absences chaining together so that I'm suddenly realizing I haven't attended a class in over a month, which is the main thing I'm focusing on correcting right now.  As anyone who takes martial arts classes can attest, those long periods of absence stunt your growth, and make it that much harder when you try to return to class, only to realize you're flexibility and conditioning are all gone lol.


Looking forward to getting to know everyone here and exchanging some training ideas and knowledge.



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