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In the interest of forcing myself to be active around here:

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I'm a 24 year old girl who lives in Brisbane, Australia, and plays roller derby.

For background: I moved to the US about two and a half years ago to go to school and put on 20lbs in like a month. A MONTH. I know. I was never really overweight before, but I wasn't thin either, so in January 2010 when I realised I weighed about 175lbs (I'm 5'8") I knew something was wrong.

I started playing derby around that time and gradually lost the weight I'd gained over the next year. Until recently, the only exercise I did was skating 2 or 3 times a week, but I've decided this year I want to become much more competitive in derby - my dream is to skate at a Women's Flat Track Derby Association regional playoff. I'm not really interested in becoming skinny; I want to build muscle, become strong, improve my endurance and increase my agility. See idol: Suzy Hotrod. I'm kind of concerned that building up muscle will hinder my agility...they seem to require completely different things of the body. Can anyone comment on this?

I'm still pretty much a complete noob with most of this fitness stuff, and I'm almost completely unable to feed myself properly. I bought the Rebel Fitness Guide and I've learned already that trying to eat 1200 calories a day is doing me no good as an athlete, and that lifting will make me approximately 100 times more awesome.

Thank you, and good night!

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You can build muscle without becoming bulky and losing agility. There are a ton of functional strength exercises out there that can definitely up your derby game.

I am not the best at women's strength and fitness advice, but I am wishing you the best of luck!!!

PS- Your username is fantastic.

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Hey hey, from one Aussie to another, welcome aboard.

This site is full of useful info and great people sharing their success, and sometimes failures. But all are leaning experiences.

This is my weekly Blog, From Fat to Bat; one man's journey to be Batman...

This is my Intro thread...

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