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Thom Stépan

Thom changes tactics to beat that effing troll

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Hmm need to wrap this challenge up and write up a new one.

Not sure how to grade this one as I never got back to setting up a grading system for it. But then it wasn't really the sort of challenge which was easy to grade as such.

Every week I did something towards achieving my goals. I averaged about one and a half sessions per week with the broadsword. Better than nothing, but I need to improve my consistency here. This feeds into other parts of my goals, such as the re-enactment.

I meditated about an average of twice per week. Which I consider pretty poor. Better than not at all, but I was meditating five times per week earlier in the year so that is really my bench mark.

Doing stuff, yeah I killed this part. Two dates with Bec, several times brushing her hair and even watched a movie together at home. I did a couple of fix the house jobs, got to the local markets, kids soccer, school cross country run, some gardening done, reading for pleasure.

I think by a fair bit of persistence and some shear dumb luck I have managed to kill my first troll.

Woden uses ravens, I use an iphone.

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