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Topherdrew: Challenge #1


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So I have been neglecting the update on this challenge... though with a pretty good reason.


My grandmother passed away last week.  Her failing health was probably the single biggest reason I failed the reading component in my challenges.  Long late night talks with family members often won out over picking up a book for the last 30 minutes before bed.  Her funeral was today... I should start reading again.


On the bright side, I was successful in the other 3 components!  Games night happened on the 29th... which was much needed after learning about the passing the day before.  I have not had any soda in those 24 days and I don't even miss it!  The pushups became part of the pre-shower ritual.  So overall I consider it a win!


Now that life will let me, I hope to get back to being semi-active on the forums again.  I was having fun here and hope to do so again.  Appreciate all the support my challenge received.  You guys are truly awesome!  Thank you.

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April Challenge::Introduction

Level 7 Ranger (28/500)::Epic Quest Character (under construction)


Sam Wilson: "When do we start?"... Steve Rogers: "We just did." -- "Captain America: The Winter Soldier"


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