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Owlet returns from the mountain and dreams of more


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Doubt anyone will really read this now that the new challenge is up, but I'll feel unfinished if I don't so here goes heh.


Challenge Roundup:


Level Up Your Life

  • Painting: Finished one painting, started 2 more, and prepped another 5 canvases. Calling that a win.
  • Lights out before 11:45pm -> Kind of stopped caring about this goal so much, but having it there kept me mindful so I at least hit it some of the time. 
  • 2x meditation daily, 30mins morning and 15mins evening -> mostly good with this - always hard to maintain the habit on weekends when my schedule is different 
  • Plan next hike! -> Didn't really make any progress on this :( The only hikes that appeal are ages away/long, but I only want to do a daytrip for now since winter is closing in
  • challenge total: 47/72


  • Eat at least 3 carb-free meals a week -> This turned out to be easy, so I might ramp it up for next challenge
  • No ice cream for dessert, limit chocolate intake, try healthy alternatives -> Easier than last challenge but still get mad cravings for sweet treats sometimes
  • No bread -> This was surprisingly easy too. Apart from pizza and garlic bread one night, I think I pretty much nailed it!
  • challenge total: 55/68


  • Walk to and from work (2.2 km each way) 1x a week -> Was good with this initially but then tailed off, maybe because I kept leaving it til friday and then felt to lazy
  • Complete the NF bodyweight workout 2x a week -> Full marks most weeks yay. Might be time to mix it up a little.
  • Go for 2 lunchtime runs/walks per week -> Mostly good although got a bit uninspired towards the end.
  • challenge total: 32/40

Overall, I'm pretty happy with this challenge. Not so much for the meeting of goals (although that was good too) but for the unexpected obstacles and victories. Ie, getting really anxious and eventually dealing with it somewhat (see above for the gory details). In fact I just realised that I've actually been getting better all week and haven't even thought about it for a few days, sweet! Although I've been super grumpy the last couple of days, no idea why. The kind of grumpy where you glare at everyone at the supermarket cause they're in your way and moving so damn slow. Was getting pretty irritated with the flat mates too, but at least that forced me to hang out in the studio and paint. Finally feel a bit more normal today which is a relief. To be honest I'm anticipating more upheaval in the next challenge too, just cause I know I'll be busy and stressed for a lot of it. (please don't add to my woes hormones) Need to make a real effort to care for myself a bit and not get overwhelmed again. I did at least order myself a new motorcycle helmet last night 'cause mine is dying and driving me crazy. Looking forward to a big ol parcel arriving at my desk at work :) Alright, time to make a new challenge thread...

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