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OK so this is unrelated to fitness but...

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As in, I just finished a project.


And I did not cut corners.




Also, I achieved it by working on it regularly, every day, and not pumping in hours of work just before the deadline.


I cannot even explain how big an achievement this is for me.

Ok, it's not perfect. Not by far. However, I worked on it until the end and did not stop working on it until it reached a level I was satisfied with it. Despite a deadline approaching, I did not just stop working on it because "this has to be done", but really pushed every element to the limit of my abilities, until I had to admit that at this moment, I am just not skilled enough and do not have the tools to get a better result.

It has been ages since this happened. Most of the time, my work was done in a week, maybe two, started as late as possible before the deadline due to what I thought was laziness, until I realised that it was just a way to avoid my perfectionism, to be able to tell myself that if the results weren't that good, it wasn't my fault, it was because I had not had enough time...

The only reason I managed this, is because of NerdFitness. Getting more into sports, health and fitness made me realise how much daily effort, make a much greater impact than bursts of effort over one week. How sticking to the plan is important and how it will pay off.

I have become much more disciplined since I started this journey, much more responsible - in a general sense, but also towards my own action. I make a lot less excuses, accept criticism, and work on becoming a better person rather than reacting negatively.

All this because I decided to get fitter one day.

I still have a tough week ahead, there are still two more projects I need to finish by Friday. The battle is far from over. I actually nearly forgot to celebrate this but then realised I had to. I still have quite a few fights ahead, some much larger than this, but this is my first big victory over life and myself. And victories must be celebrated.

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YES. This is one of the hardest lessons to learn (one I'm still working on!), so that's awesome you got it done :D

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