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I've created a 3-day DUP excel spreadsheet that utalises both block & linear periodisation for progression

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Hi everyone, I've created a free 3-day intermediate DUP template that utilises weekly linear progression along with a 3-week block periodisation schedule so you can continue to make strength gains. The template does not include a deload week, but it can easily be included at the end of any 3 week cycle when you're body is feeling banged up by utalising the 531 3-day a week deload protocol.


Simply, you will train in multiple rep ranges & intensities. The average intensity & volume will rise over a 3 week period before coming back down. Think of each week as a wave that gradually gets bigger before crashing down and starting slightly bigger than before. This should allow for more consistent gains over a lengthy period with less deloads for intermediate lifters. Whilst this program was designed with the intermediate in mind it can easily be used by a novice, preferably with 3-6 weeks of SS/SL under their belt first.


Assistance is up to the individual, but personally I'd recommend using a PPL assistance template or 3 day WS4SB assistance.


Any questions feel free to PM me.


Download link; https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-MQeOAON_onRTRMS1U4TzFhaDg/view

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